this summer, will belong to Doppler Labs. Company has been established for more than two years of wearable equipment technology company, focus on “headphones equipment” innovative research and development.

Doppler Labs recently on Kickstarter successfully completed a month of the raise. Then, the company announced a completed by the Acequia Capital, Chernin Group and Wildcat Capital Management joint investment of us $17 million B round, previous investors lane Entertainment (Live Nation Entertainment), Universal Music (Universal Music Group) and Hollywood brokerage WME also participate in this round of financing activities.

Doppler Labs is one of the main product Here Active Listening System, this System is composed of wireless headphones and smart APP that allows users to customize the voice of the world around them anytime and anywhere. Through the raise on Kickstarter campaign, the company from more than 2855 supporters hands raised more than $635000 for the new system. The company had goals is 250000.

what is unique about the earphones, it can record the user heard voices around and play again, which delay no more than 30 microseconds. User can open the system at a conference in music, can add some music effects to daily activities, or filter out the noise of the subway. Doppler Labs is the first product of DUBS & Fliters, can not reduce the quality to reduce the volume of cases.

in the finance conference, co-founder and Noah kraft said: “we envision a smartphone for the future of the world, in this world everyone’s ear has a set of intelligent devices, including computers, speakers and microphone, and so on, through these devices to improve daily communication activities between people, improve the living environment around. We have been working towards this direction development, every product research and development has made us closer to the future.”

the company wants to borrow the money to do further technical research and development, speed up the process design and launch new products, and to hire more people.


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