education O2O is a valuation of trillions of big cake, study abroad market is undoubtedly a piece of gold content is higher. Pick up outside, rent and other services are just needs, each student is not open around the ring. Study abroad service market pain points on price confusion, conduction cycle is long, low selectivity, high security hidden danger that a few questions. After students abroad as strangers face of transportation, accommodations, a series of problems, such as credit CARDS, school registration are often confused about. There is no lack of domestic service website, such as foolish, oranges, 51 offer, runoff, etc. But it’s not hard to find, these sites will focus on the examination and the school application. Change of joint founder haohappy when studying in France, also face the same problem. Be to releasing doves, expensive and bad student apartment, let him experience to international students for high quality service is the urgent demand of overseas.

change of pick is a O2O vertically to the service platform, provide students with airport transportation, rent, handle card, one-stop service, buy insurance has covered hot study in milan city, Los Angeles, Paris, Melbourne, Toronto, Tokyo, etc. After registration, users can choose their own like to meet and see his information, according to their own needs to choose “rent”, “service life”, various services plain code marks a price, and finally the two sides through alipay platform to complete the transaction. Can be found that the change of the business model is simple, in general is to make money hand delivery service. With the development of the platform with perfect, derivative products, value-added services, advertising revenue to achieve.

hunting cloud network, to meet people mainly from students, finish school work in the local Chinese, overseas Chinese, colleges and universities teacher for Asian students affairs. Housing there are two main sources, one is the local housing intermediary, the second is the local landlord. Compared with students individual, change of have stronger bargaining power. Rent way is flexible, the user can choose online reservation homes directly, can also choose to arrive for the checking, can also make to choose good house abroad, through the video and answer the real-time interactive.

in the past, to find there are two ways:
One, the students themselves through BBS. This approach is often spend a lot of energy. At the same time, the user to pick a lack of understanding, has certain security hidden danger, to be releasing doves also happen from time to tome.
Second, through agents. Due to the asymmetric information, this method often cost is higher, students have no choice.

haohappy tell hunting cloud network, not only want to do to meet the change, what do you want to be more international students in the first friend of ocean the other shore. Change of exemptions by hoping for students of the teacher elder sister care, to share their own experience studying, accompany the students through the overseas to meet difficulties, at the beginning of the study better experience wonderful career. This is the change of ideas.

service of word of mouth is very important, a good services tend to be going the rounds ten word. Students circle is small, acquaintances pro measurement experience products tend to be more to get. O2O opportunity lies in the integration of resources, in the market competition is not fierce period quickly seize market share. Students generally belongs to the upper family economic conditions, generally high spending power, higher requirement for the quality of life. Provide a series of value-added services has become a development direction.

change of team a total of 10 people, the core team of 4 people, responsible for product, technology, market, respectively. Founder haohappy graduated from Paris high, after graduation, a former French high-end custom travel company customer manager, after returning in guohua huijin in senior investment manager, is responsible for the change of the overall project and financing. Market operation poplars, has served in China telecom, group of America, the United States dollar rent a car, who co-founded “feet travel network”, 6 years experience in market operation. Product development bo hao days, graduated from the university of Bristol, study computer and cryptography, successively in the thunderstone and cica. Chief architect Zou Wen, former cica, have 3 years experience in research and development of the technical architecture.

hunting cloud network learned that change of pick are seeking millions Per – A round of funding.