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COSPLAY celebrities is a circle of friends to language (C) on the basis of social software, is currently the world’s first role play as the main line of chat software.

C language refers to the use of network platform, with the background of the text to express set, movement, language and psychological activities, interactive online word play games with other players. Create a second yuan virtual worlds, reuse text deduce. Including deduce the role of physical description and psychological description, action description methods such as a virtual world, in the plot, scene and character. C language need to partner with other players, the hero also don’t know partner will have what kind of behavior, and the things for a sense of the unknown, as another dimensional existence reality, only are most of the space by self control.

celebrity friends circle is based on the C language of a social software, founder Zhu Yi said: “at first we just making fun of purpose to develop such a product, then very lucky hit the language C such a group of users, and meet their needs, the culture of the C language is a very new, before them primarily in post bar and play in the QQ group, now have a celebrity after a circle of friends, can play with C language.” C language enthusiasts and often focused on the star powder and secondary yuan group, so the star powder and secondary yuan group is made up of a celebrity friends main users.

“if so-and-so has a circle of friends” Internet memes believe everybody saw, if someone want to and friends to create such a scenario, celebrity circle of friends can be more convenient to do it. In the celebrity circle of friends, the user can choose to play the celebrity, then can reply to other friends, “celebrity” circle of friends, chat with other “celebrities”, establish the virtual relationship. Click on the switch section can entered the circle to the user interest, such as historical zone, anime zone. In addition, users can also set up and upload what you want to play, to ensure the user’s autonomy and comprehensiveness of the product. Because of the role is the only, in order to distinguish between different user, different users of the selected character will have different unique serial number.

hunting cloud network learned that celebrity friends since launched in March, in the case of not doing promotion, the natural growth to more than 100000 users, day live in a more than 10000, have friends content of more than 1400 ten thousand. Data is very considerable. Zhu Yi tell hunting cloud network, at present had not consider profit, mainly is the iterated products as well as the accumulation of users, quickly occupy the market. Celebrity friends strong stickiness, star powder and secondary yuan crowd that some users have strong ability to pay and the good consumption habits, so the celebrity friends earnings value very confident about the future. Zhu Yi said that celebrity friends circle will reshape the future of a virtual social scenario, the user can fall in love inside, telling stories, business, can increase the virtual friends relationship, and consider the open zone.

now social software emerge in endlessly, industry leading products are maturing, micro letter acquaintances on social, devoted to devoted to strangers on the social, no secret emphasizes social anonymous, affectionately workplace social is a niche market. The software in terms of market segmentation and the satisfaction of user utility also has done relatively mature. Reference the WeChat celebrity friends of friends form, is a combining social and anonymous user segmentation, enough creative products. Due to user information hiding with C language user’s creativity, make the celebrity into a circle of friends both equality and interest of the social stage. “We say that social software, important is not the software, but social. Because even if there is no software, people are still in social. And software is only for social provides a stage, and improve the efficiency of the just.” Zhu Yi said. Celebrity circle of friends, however, the most strong competitors, I’m afraid is baidu post bar and each big BBS common places of these star powder and secondary yuan. How can you make them as much as possible walks to the celebrity friends circle, is the direction of celebrity friends circle team effort.

cloud network hunting, founder Zhu Yi is reading doctoral student, huazhong university of science and technology of China in the Microsoft “innovation cup software design competition first, the central China, founder and CEO. Co-founder COO ShiYao responsible for market management. Team currently 11 people, mainly composed of product research and development. Zhu Yi tell hunting cloud network, celebrity friends circle has won millions of angel investment, is now planning A round of funding.