Abandon your resume embrace label, see “see” how to deal with problem in college students’ lack of professional endorsement


another year graduation season, the senior learn elder sister off the shelves in succession, in addition to a big Bob is near the little fresh good vision, it is urgent to find a job more stressed out. Statistics show that in 2015, our country has 7.49 million university graduates, growth in 220000 than in 2014, each year, called “the most difficult employment season has become old terrier, facts prove that” there is no the hardest only harder “. Black suit, thick resume, around the sea became the standard of the graduates, each big recruitment website and hot.

however, seen from the trend of development in recent years, chinahr losses, 51 job net profit fell, zhaopin difficult, retractor net second anniversary of the 800 million valuation but questioned the audio of the bubble, cooperated network to carry out the decentralized strategy adjustment, the Internet recruitment has ChengGongHai. The giant is struggling, the Internet recruitment business is not good. At the same time, the market segment of the vertical recruitment platform but have mushroomed constantly emerging, including street network, fresh graduates, monk, pockets of part-time internship, etc. Also pay close attention to campus recruitment. This suggests that the traditional pattern of recruitment website in crisis, markets expect niche subsoil.

to resume pattern can be broken


is a focus on college students and full-time internship recruitment platform, COO Ren Dongbai said product not profit center of gravity on the “resume”, this is mainly based on two reasons: on the one hand, see recruit hope through the depth of mining user data and the demand of the enterprise employer branding, by improving the efficiency of school recruit profitable. Students, on the other hand, the value of the resume itself with work experience is resume.

compared with competing products, the product has three highly differentiation:
1, to resume to apply for a job, locate tag. Job seekers don’t resume here, but to label position themselves, so that HR make fast accurate judgment. Tabbed self-image + big data intelligent matching position for delivery is no longer bother brain.

2, client + job recruitment client on-demand customization. App for mobile client, the effective use of fragmented time can be convenient for the user. Web version for client to facilitate processing of large amounts of fast input, considering that the PC is still the mainstream in the field of office, together with the school recruit large workload, companies use web version is undoubtedly the most economical solution.

3, feedback process tracking. the user can see the “delivery”, “view”, “appropriate” feedback process, such as a resume for a long time not see, can press “hurry” to remind the HR, so you don’t have to worry about Jane went out.

asked whether tabbed can achieve satisfactory accuracy, Ren Dongbai tell hunting cloud network, existing resume reading habit is actually HR with experience in your resume, screening of contents they are interested in, will see recruit effective information of the label, can greatly improve the efficiency of unit of choose and employ persons is screening, at the same time to show the advantage of students more clearly.

college students employment difficult

the traditional model of job way for students not friendly, deep pain points are the following several aspects: first, the school recruit costs. Enterprise is more and more campus recruitment as brand promotion behavior, rather than hiring behavior. Second, students lack of understanding of the needs of choose and employ persons. Students don’t know when you organize your resume which advantages to show itself. Again, the selection mechanism against job seekers. Due to a lack of students personalized display, enterprises only through schools, academic, professional, and even photo screening. Finally, the enterprise limited resources. Enterprise can in the limited space and time in the school, students move only according to the students gather together to apply for a job.

in general, college students faces several big weakness in job:

1, the lack of professional information precipitation

2, lack of professional endorsement

3, can’t write resume

4, limited access to information channels

since the value of a college students resume is relatively low, why see also focus on campus recruitment? Ren Dongbai think for the author of this problem: 1, the students obtain employment domain is a solution to the least, largest problems existed at the same time opportunity and huge space to grow up. 2 the number of fresh graduates, the future is still increasing year by year, every year 7 million rigid employment is the huge market demand, combined with the students employment demand is the strongest, it contains huge business opportunities. 3, in the reform action mode into the “view of” high low yield, pattern innovation to move markets “solution” for the enterprise, will undoubtedly have a huge commercial value.

cloud network hunting, see recruit IOS/android on July 15, and end at the same time online, existing companies registered users, 5000 registered users to nearly 10000 students. During the summer vacation to see recruit promotion activities are mainly concentrated in the online, will fall to the ground after school. The first phase of the ground for north shenzhen city, then to chengdu, hangzhou, xi ‘an, tianjin, xiamen, Qingdao and other major cities. Based on Internet companies for the acceptance of the new model and fitness is higher, the early position is focused on the Internet, will cover the whole industry in the future.

traditional recruitment do coolie work, free is a panacea for the market, and led Britain officially entered the Chinese market, based on the network business social or economic map into future trends, to meet you over the next five years without micro letter, add a professional IP is also not clear. Compared with the life circle, business networking can get more valuable information to precipitate, also facilitate unit of choose and employ persons is more solid understanding of the job seekers, this may be a direction for future development.

team, see recruit company was established in April this year, the team a total of 20 people. CEO Li Ziang was devoted to devoted to the VP technology, other core members mainly from baidu, netease, devoted to the stranger.

it is understood that the current see recruit has completed the angel round. Ren Dongbai tell hunting cloud network, the team’s current work focuses on product operation, no concrete plans A round of funding.

Valley of guizhou agriculture: after 90 entrepreneurship for college students to return, to think in the Internet to do the new farmers

(word/Zhang Yankang)

once, to go to college, live in cities with urban hukou is each rural students aspire to. But in recent years the employment situation, the part of rural students chose to return home. Some of them choose to work as “village officials”, while others choose roots rural entrepreneurship. At the same time, countries have introduced many policies to encourage and support students back looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Guizhou agriculture valley is an example of the college students home business.

beginning of agriculture valley in guizhou people Xie Xiong should tell hunting cloud network, guizhou agriculture valley is local ecological agriculture in guizhou brand, belongs to the mountains outside the mountain in guizhou network technology co., LTD. It relies on a “natural greenhouse” luodian unique geography, climate advantages, with modern standard production luodian characteristic agriculture farming methods

Bump car rental Chen Wei to entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 : xiao-ping xu why platform to us

(text/jing-jing fan)

as Shanghai P2P Cocar stop service, car rental company in the field of P2P car rental first leg has begun, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry. Throughout the P2P car rental market, the north has PP car rental, treasure a rental car, a friend, friend rent a car, but only bump south the renting dominance. But also started the bump in Shanghai’s car rental in recently declared to enter the Beijing market, the entire territory expansion across the country.

bump car rental exactly what charm not only obtain xiao-ping xu angel investment, can all the way from south to north, continue to expand, hunting cloud network according to the interview of concave and convex, founder and CEO Chen Wei to renting a car, share the concave and convex rental differentiation competition, the Shared economic and forecast the future development of P2P car rental areas.

xiao-ping xu platform differentiation competition where

19 bump car rental in October last year that gain matrix partners nearly $10 m A round of funding, and disclose the angel investment person very serious fund xiao-ping xu, xiao-ping xu also come up with their own BMW and tesla to join to the concave and convex Shared car rental. Since May 2014 launch, with millions of online users registered vehicles 50000, more than 7000 kinds of cover models. Such achievements, Chen Wei to competition will be the main credit differentiation.

1, the differences between the brand positioning and target user

bump car rental target user group mainly aimed at the 80 and 90 after the main “a whole new way of life and personalized service”. Compared with the traditional car rental platform for functional notice, concave and convex rental paid more attention to personality and experience, not only have a buick platform currently registered vehicles, Honda and other public class models, and luxury cars like ferrari, maserati, even including the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper global edition, the domestic first fiat 500 c limited, “bumblebee” (Chevrolet camaro), high class, and many other character models.

2 , high service barriers CheGuan home ” 24 hour on-call

is very important as it is the first time you try to experience, experience will continue to use, good bad experience will lose platform constantly new users. Bump car rental has been set up barriers to competition in the operation services, for more extreme personalization rental services.

bump car rental for owners and tenants provide one-on-one CheGuan home services, open “24 X 7” customer support and roads to aid channel, will offer attentive service around the clock, in any accident or accident, ensure that resonate with many CheGuan home. As long as one day in advance orders, you can choose to use 24 hours free pick up car business city, concave and convex rental home full-time CheGuan will pick it up instead of the tenant to the appointed place, and the door for tenants to send car; Car after using, tenants can be car to CheGuan home again, by its the car back to the owner. In addition, and the Pacific insurance reached a strategic investment, ensure the safety of the user security.

bump car rental will regularly invite users to participate in the “rental experience sharing”, listen to the most timely feedback from users, in the first place to improve product design and service efficiency. Regularly invite users to participate in the activities of offline interaction, user experience as the core value of products, build brand barriers.

3 , regional differences , different strategic layout

in almost all car rental platform in the fast developing Beijing market, concave and convex car rental is by Shanghai gradually radiation to connect and jiangsu region, forming region linkage from south to north of the city. At present, concave and convex sharing rental has successively entered including Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou, guangzhou, Beijing and other cities.

planning for the future, Chen Wei grant said: “will be opened in more cities, next month have 13 of the layout of the city. In each city by using different differentiation competition to obtain a higher market share. Differences in the Yangtze river delta, south China, Beijing, but the most important thing is to play through a city.”

the graph is concave and convex car rental, founder and CEO Chen Wei to

P2P car hire more O2O

Chen Wei to wen-jian zhang is founder and another 10 years of friends, in front of the concave and convex rental online preparation stage, PP car rental had beat online, followed by a rental car, a friend, treasure friends car rental, Cocar successively joined, the door is fundamental to the field of capital to close the window.

to enter the market relatively late can occupy the advantageous resources, Chen Wei to point out that, rather than a pure P2P car rental platform mobile Internet platform, it is more of non-standard products, take longer to offline, so operation involving the link more, be more O2O platform. From this perspective, Chen Wei to think that the core is the supply of private cars and platform compatibility, this is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, so in the early operation and product level to do long time of growth and improvement.

platform on the health of the platform is also matching degrees, coupled with the private owners do not have to earn money to give priority to, therefore, how to let the owners are willing to share for a long time out of their car, makes the extent of the platform to achieve a healthy is very important. Bump car rental through offline operations and services up to dispel the concerns of the owner. Chen Wei to point out that subsidies may cause owners brush single blindly, it will raise the cost of tenant to rent the car, bump car rental advocate “does not have a” type of car sharing rental model.

Cocar fall make P2P car rental began to reshuffle after two years of development, for new into the company, Chen Wei to convective cloud network said, “no chance, time window and the Windows are closed.” She predicted that, through continuous accumulation of offline, P2P car rental industry by the end of the industry will usher in a larger point. Along with the continuous development of industry, also can derive some new patterns, such as the date to rent a car, drive a car rental, etc.

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Bi sheng, founder of the Internet to a startup, necessary to C2M mode into the cost consumption age

(text/dong also)

for two years, trial operation for 100 days. Today, baidu early entrepreneurial patriarch, le tao network founder bi sheng finally after they save his strength, with his “necessary” products conference held in 798.

is a necessary C2M model online electricity, to help customers directly to manufacturers, save intermediate process, open cost consumption age. The age of the Internet all the products in to the middle, a product from production to make the hands of consumers exactly how many links?

in the conference, bi sheng, from among manufacturers, brands, dealers, and so on a total cost factors, contains about 20 layers of middlemen add every so, make a luxury handbag cost is 100 yuan, make consumer prices had risen to more than 100 times.

bi sheng in the middle of the conference stressed that his C2M mode, and the layers of the intermediate links to seven, or even less. C2M mode to “consumer demand” as the beginning, use the Internet user data driven manufacturing, connect directly to consumers and manufacturers, abort all the circulation, inventory, order to production, reduce the product cost to a great extent.

bi sheng in the conference have been saying one word – cost performance. Necessary to attract consumers with cost-effective products and retain consumers, however, it must have a strict investment policy:

1. Producers and consumers is a necessary connection platform, select the top manufacturers in the production of high quality products, but companies must follow the principle of the necessary pricing, allow producers on the basis of the original cost price 20%, controls the price of the product from the source, with high cost performance to retain customers.

2. With manufacturer cooperation, the cooperation of the manufacturers to establish a flexible manufacturing chain. Compared with traditional batch processing production of electricity necessary choice C2M on-demand production, reduce the cost and the intermediate links.

bi sheng C2M seemingly is a function of the platform, warranty on the product quality or to actually depends on the level of producer, necessary to select the top manufacturers, have their own flexible manufacturing chain, and ensure quality of the manufacturer, so has been emphasized “cost-effective” is also reasonable.

then choose the top manufacturers, manufacturers: why do you want to work with necessary platform? This is based on the following: the traditional manufacturers squeezed a long time, while handing consumers don’t know how many times the product price, but manufacturer still don’t have profit; Manufacturers cut orders for delivery of decline of cash flow is not smooth, cause arrears drag paragraph length. However necessary on-demand production platform, flexible manufacturing chain manufacturers are willing to cooperate.

Internet people don’t understand retail, but also have a gap between manufacturing and offline retail. Traditional manufacturers are all 2 b, only know if do the product, but don’t know how to sell. Now on the necessary platform, in the face of the is C side, it must guarantee the quality of produce the products, or “necessary” also will screen out inferior manufacturers in order to achieve credibility.

at present, the necessary platform, contains the women’s shoes, bags, accessories, sports, glasses, men’s shoes six categories. In the conference, bi sheng emphasizes that it is necessary to platform on the glasses. 1.74 high refractive index lens, true blue uv resistance, pure titanium frame, personalized lens I breathe the signature and so on craft together make the glasses standard only sell 169 yuan, the top configuration is only 499 yuan, of course, on the platform for consumers to choose from a variety of glasses.

necessary platform with C2M model to sell the products with high cost performance, it is reported that over the next year, will be necessary to add 4-5 category, the necessary platform product category will be more than 10.

summary in a word, it is a necessary similar Tmall investment promotion platform, the ownership of the product manufacturers, necessary trademarks are selling channels.

bi sheng said from baidu to le tao “necessary” is not necessary to do, but real influence on the mode of “necessary” is millet. Well known millet is cost-effective products, cost-effective + Internet hunger marketing let millet was successful. “Necessary” also chose the Internet short circuit between cost + like millet method of reverse order pattern to eliminate inventory. Bi sheng said; “In the future there are two parts consumption, a kind of consumer groups is a delegate with apple, another kind is represented by millet to pursue cost-effective consumer. All I do is will be millet reform from every industry.”

bi sheng, said C2M model will become the world’s fourth kind of e-business model. Go out after the conference would have caught the torrential rain, this is the baptism of C2M mode of electronic commerce?

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530 million yuan of investment, financing evening news: friends treasure making $250 million B round of funding

July 30 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

friends treasure 530 million yuan investment, the investor to the Carlyle group. Treasure is a vending machine operators.

winebibber net 500 million yuan G round people, wealth and other institutions and individuals jointly, jiuxian network has gradually formed the layout of the five major business sectors, respectively is alcoholic goods online retail, branding integrated services, instant service, Internet custom brand building, as well as online sale.

O2O yue bao car after car cool for 60 million yuan A round of funding. Yue bao car cool now set free car wash, car door maintenance, on-line maintenance fee, preferential car insurance, auto mall, illegal queries, etc.

Interface of

35 million RMB financing, investors in blue cursor. Interface is by the Shanghai newspaper to hony, guotai junan securities, haitong securities, millet made science and technology, qihoo 360, drow media’s original news website.

clean laundry angel investment 10 million yuan, the investor electricity for the people’s livelihood. Net net of the laundry is an online platform, users can through the net, online order WeChat laundry service.


right angel investment ten million yuan, the investor for geek vc and xishan angel will bond investors. Master right is one of the main “Internet + intellectual property” intellectual property service platform.

set for network grade must B rounds of financing, investment by CST and its chairman, Mr Shan double led. Set for network is a large agricultural e-commerce platform in China.

best raise remit back to angel investors’ capital. The raise hui is a China based on the “new three board” hatch type stakes in the raised platform.

new stocks by Pre – A round of funding, the amount of released temporarily not convenient, single investment from the sea. For it is a social platform of finance and economics.

foreign article:

code management web site making $250 million B round, including a number of well-known silicon valley venture capital investment. Lot was founded in 2008, Forrester called “Facebook” for developers.

Kareo won $55 million in financing, by the Montreux Equity Partners led, Silver Lake and Waterman, etc. Kareo is one of America’s for small clinics or medical institutions providing digital management tool.

AltspaceVR $10.3 million for A round of funding, investors including tencent, Dolby * Family Ventures such as investors, original and Comcast Ventures, the new investors. AltspaceVR headquarters is located in the California Redwood City, its goal is to carry the people in the social experience in the real world to virtual reality environment.

Foody C round of financing, from Tiger Global Management led. Investment will be used for Foody Foody in Indonesia, a new website. The construction of the id, and onePOS POS system development. Foody Vietnamese version of Yelp.

Livespace for investment, investors in silicon valley angel investors Gokul Rajaram. Livespace is a platform of home design and decoration from bangalore, India.

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Eye, SnapShopr let you rely on images can easily shopping

after a day’s work, Navneet Sharma, sitting on a home electric tricycle. On the road, he noticed a beautiful skirt, now can’t help fantasy girl friend put on it. So on the electric tricycle through the streets of bangalore, he used a smartphone took this skirt, hope home can find similar models on the Internet. However, the reality is cruel, he didn’t find anything, because he is difficult to describe the to find exactly what kind of dress.

this is contributed to the Sharma and his friend Debashish Pattnaik cooperation. Last June, they created in bangalore Aincubate Innovations company, want to design a product, fashions and collocation of visual search.

last September, the start-up launched SnapShopr this app. Later, Sharma and Pattnaik want to find other Indian visual search related services. “After several months of test, we realized that rather than continue to do a client app, is inferior to step forward to create a visual search platform.” Sharma said in an interview.

for five consecutive months after the test of SnapShopr finally took off the application of “shell”, to be a platform to provide technical tool for the online shoppers.

“initially, we just want to provide visual search service for fashion clothes. Now, we are gradually into fashion accessories and household act the role ofing is tasted.” Sharma said.

click and start shopping

I tried once SnapShopr launch on Google Play application. I click a like design, and then search on the application of other similar color design of dress or jacket. The app immediately to find out a lot of similar models, and can buy these clothes website links is given.

B2B model is the focus of SnapShopr company, make clothing, collocation and home decoration search in cooperation on the website and app.

at first, the start-up companies find it hard to explain to a potential customer use of this technology. As a new technology, there is no reference case make customers understand this technology help to their business. Sharma said with offline retailer’s retail technology companies, explain to them SnapShopr platform function is a more difficult matter.

however, in India’s largest electricity it announced the visual search after introducing its mobile app, SnapShopr promotion have appeared in the transit. It ViSenze partners is a Singapore company.

“it is very good for us, there are two main reasons. First, there is a big brand in using the same techniques; Second, we firmly believe that our technology is better than it.” Sharma said. Now the company can use it for reference, will SnapShopr selling to businesses. “We will now say, it do is this, but we do a better job.”

users when using it, you also need to choose products. Sharma said the step some trival, declared SnapShopr can immediately read image information, identify is this dress, jewelry or furniture. Sharma said: “our goal is to create a product, it can be like people’s understanding of the image.”

rival article

Mad Street Den is SnapShopr rival. The company founded in 2013, is a artificial intelligence, a startup has MADStack cloud computing platform. This platform can not only image recognition clothing, but also provide online shopping, mobile phone games, smiling face recognition and 3 d facial reconstruction, and many other functions. Earlier this year, the start-up has raised $1.5 million. Electrical business including Voonik and Craftvilla it cooperation.

SnapShopr current configuration on the online platform boot, preliminary experiment was carried out. The next development depends on the feedback and requirements of each platform.

in the Google Launchpad Week, SnapShopr was chosen as one of the 16 outstanding start-ups. Although the company is mainly provide technology stack for electricity company, by the end of this year, it still plans to launch SnapShopr client app.


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YC’s startup GO1, challenges the traditional corporate compliance training

leading company in the summer of 2015 American business incubator Y Combinator GO1, a staff training enterprise was established in North America, aimed at more effective new way education and training employees.

must have worked in a big company should be experienced the frustration of complete annual compliance training. Normally, the so-called compliance training is to make you look at a few hours of network conference, the content of the meeting is to teach you how to become a member of a team of the company, such as to avoid corruption and so on. A simple example, you want to browse the information of each slide, even if the content of the slide is very simple.

GO1 training teachers team composed of Oxford University, Australian, GO1 using some of the idea of the training is through education, science and technology enterprise certification (such as Coursera and Udemy) practice.

GO1 founder Andrew Barnes is a rhodes scholar (hunting cloud network note: rhodes scholarship is a world-class scholarship, there are “global undergraduate Nobel Prize,” said the reputation, the winner of the awards, known as “rhodes scholars”.) That is a master of education technology at the university of Oxford. “For many companies, and compliance training is specific.” Barnes said in an interview, “but formal compliance training is literally in the abuse of staff’s time, caused to the company employees; Real staff training should be to let the employees to become more powerful.”

GO1 can customize for different organizations of different training programs, either it according to the market demand to increase training courses in your organization, or according to each company’s own material planning; Rather than literally put 50 pages PPT, just a matter of GO1 training courses will be successful speech, for you, please invite one general, for example, he will leave you two have a multiple choice question, question is about the content of the story he told me if you have any help for your work.

company can upload any powerpoint presentation and web page files to GO1 on, it will automatically upload your data into a super text markup language (HTML) format, for employees to download. No matter you are using a laptop computer, tablet or other mobile devices to upload, employees can see these files; But they will see while taking notes, for future reference.

“employee training is a very fragmented market, there are many small providers; Human resource managers and staff very headache.” Barnes said, “our goal is to help managers and staff to solve this problem, meet the company’s training and learning needs.”

in many cases, the employee’s compliance training is required for law. California, for example, companies of all employees of more than 50, according to the legal requirements, to provide training on sexual harassment. Barnes said in an interview: “now there are a lot of companies don’t act in accordance with the law, or because they don’t realize the consequences of illegal, or because they think according to the law office is a bit difficult.”

a year ago, GO1 established in Australia, from then on, it provides a training plan, a total of 150000 users services for nearly hundred enterprises.

GO1 for Australia one of the big Banks to provide first aid training, emergency first aid education was carried out on the bank staff and customers.

GO1 plan in YC project during the open market in North America, it is for those who are only 10 the following employee of the company to provide free services, per user for big company only $1/month.


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Perpendicular to the special assets investment platform, runescape gold club “points”


the bowlful, besides meat, large scale gold, jianghu culture is a stranger, when financial and jianghu culture collide with each other, derived are community financial services. And, of course, because of the Internet financial penetration, entrepreneurs to natural won’t miss the special asset this cake, hunting cloud network to points of gold club today is perpendicular to the special assets investment platform.

when it comes to special assets, it is to point to be hold or be disposal due to special reasons to liquidate assets, such as financial institutions to toxic assets, assets, involving lawsuit to liquidate assets in the process of enterprise restructuring or bankruptcy liquidation, commercial assets, special opportunities to sell assets, marketing gimmick assets, other need seven classes of assets disposal of assets, etc. Special asset has great investment value, however, it is very important part of financial institutions to toxic assets, there is a huge market space in the future, and pioneers such as taobao auction platform development, the market has been basic mature.

points gold club founder & amp; CEO Mr Tang said: “we hope to do a product, can make up for the inadequacy of P2P business model is too single, at the same time, can use higher yields to attract popularity. Accidental exposure to some special assets business investors, found that they cannot solve the capital requirements to solve the problem we can through the Internet way, so I plan to do such a special assets investment platform “.

cloud network hunting, gold club to a price advantage to attract users, and charge a service fee, is committed to solve the special asset disposal difficult pain points, also Internet banking groups to solve financial products for the high yield, low risk, short cycle and other demands, for users to participate in the past more unable to participate in the project, also let users with P2P investment experience get more opportunities in financial investment, in the end people want to achieve in asset disposal, ordinary investors, such as asset in the end the buyer multilateral win-win.

at this stage, the gold club is recruiting a founding member, the member besides can enjoy the right of priority investment benefits, gradually after building trust can also participate in the construction of the platform, including opinion suggestion, provide clues and assets sales channels and so on.

planning for the future, Mr Tang told cloud network, hunting gold club points scheme established or the introduction of a private equity fund, better serve the investment capacity of fewer but larger qualified investors, through a fund of extended repurchase to bring down the ordinary investors investment risk.

competing goods aspects mainly has two kinds, one kind is the housing the raise products, such as baby, soufun, they cooperate with real estate developers do special price room or late sales; The second type is some of bad assets disposal platform, such as “happy family” special assets, mainly for bank platform to build a set of risk evaluation model, for issuing asset class product qualification and credit investigation company. Points, in contrast, gold club product risk is relatively small, can meet the needs of most users and the market demand.

it is known that July gold club has won the angel investment, and the product will be launched in September.

Caller id app Truecaller valued at $1 billion, the ongoing round of $100 million in financing

the app can move the user’s communications has become the demand of the market, maybe one of these apps is about to enter the so-called “unicorn club ()”. A caller id app, now has 150 million users, valued at $1 billion, the ongoing round of $100 million in financing.

, reportedly Truecaller hired Morgan Stanley to be responsible for the process, the existing investment terms. The new and old investors could vote.

so far, the developer of the Truecaller True Software, has raised $80 million. Before investors including sequoia capital,,, and. The company plans to increase the amount of the financing for perfect products. Truecaller founded in Sweden, has a number of market, including the main market in India, had 80 million users. Now, the company plans to expand into other places, such as the United States, and plans to office building in the Bay Area (the Bay Area). Truecaller users this year is expected to reach 300 million people.

Truecaller use white page directory book (white pages) and Yelp platform to collect contacts, reoccupy crowdsourcing information gathered from the platform users added database (this includes access to your address book, but you can refuse), in order to conduct business. Individual users can refuse to be input.

the next, the system will through the data analysis and machine learning, in addition to its caller id to provide you with other businesses, such as: based on your environment, recommend to you time you might want to dial the number, or a tag number you waste area reported the most times. Other features include: garbage number intercept, directory services and intelligent messaging service.

the company through other advanced features within the app to purchase items and advertising to get profits. India’s regional manager claims that Truecaller conference line paid version at the end of this year.

Truecaller was founded in 2009, the global market of mobile phone usage growth opened up new opportunities for the company. That means that can use it to raise more capital, but also means to spend more. Sweden in 2014, the company accounts data show that Truecaller net sales 670 kroner ($780000), a net loss of 846.46 kroner ($9.8 million), year-on-year growth of 400%.

it is said that this round of funding, Twitter and Google have seen investment plans, Twitter might be involved in investment and investment at the same time.

this is not a surprise. Twitter since 2013 in cooperation with Truecaller. And Twitter also founded in private investment cooperation with the company.

Twitter and Truecaller cooperation, let users can through the phone number in the Twitter search, and then through the Truecaller app attention and send messages. This can improve the usage of Twitter, old and new users. User growth is Twitter’s current top priority: according to the quarterly report released yesterday, Twitter only added 2 million monthly active users.

Truecaller early version is mainly to provide customers with telephone directory, and caller id. The concept and its striking, caused such as service and Google in the android platform competition. Truecaller, meanwhile, rapid growth, expansion of features and functions, to develop a series of related apps, including SMS application app (currently only available in India) and a dial android applications.

this app in some countries with calls for the mobile main use of popular, others use phone number to contact people app (such as WhatsApp) is well too.

Truecaller and Google Ventures spokesman declined to respond to the investment speculation, Twitter also don’t comment.


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If there are seats available on Google introduced new features, tell you the store

Google in the search part of the new added a function, can help people avoid long queues in the shop and restaurant.

to use this function to search the store first, then click the store name, can appear a chart, showing flow of average every hour in the day.

take Madison square garden Shake Shack (New York), one of the busiest sites, for example, around 7 PM on Wednesday afternoon, around three o ‘clock in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday peaked around two o ‘clock.

Google’s article also wrote: “are you also tried to avoid the long queues or thinking when is go to the supermarket shopping, the best time to buy a cup of coffee or go to the gym (e.g., to avoid the rush hour on Monday)? Now you can no longer wait for, only need to use Google search can see millions of sites or the height of the merchants, for example, search “Blue Bottle Williamsburg”, then click can see the businessman busy that day.”

if you can be widely used, this function can be by encouraging customers to visit to help businesses in off-peak.


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Sand teacher younger brother van special navigation: not only do navigation, want to do the driver all-around little helper


there is a group of people, their car as the “home”, years of life on the road, in addition to facing the high risk, the pain is self-evident. They – van driver is running around, in China, the number of this group reached more than 3000.

in this context, niche market capacity remit team, as a truck driver to make a free navigation software – sand teacher younger brother van special navigation, and on the basis of navigation, add the function of social attributes and service information recommendation, dedicated to solving lorry drivers work cycle of eat, live, line, repair, and other related driving difficult. On June 13 this year, “the sand teacher younger brother” van special navigation Android version is launched, at present, the number of users has reached more than 30.

“truck drivers like” journey to the west “in the image of sand teacher younger brother, diligent, bears hardships and stands hard work, all the way so we gave the name of the product”, the chairman wulf tell hunting cloud network. In January of this year, wulf and several other shareholders jointly funded capacity of shenzhen hui network technology companies, aimed at large freight logistics market. Capacity remit CEO liu tao, has rich experience in brand marketing; COO Shao Zhicheng, position in LBS service domain has nearly 10 years of operation. And chairman wulf, a driver of chongqing science and technology, chairman of himself with many years of experience for this car GPS operation and networking, master rich vehicle information. At present, the company scale has reached more than 100 people.

trucker exclusive navigation

at present, the navigation App on the market a lot, but the basic is on the car, before the sand teacher younger brother, and not a truck specifically for navigation. Sand teacher younger brother van special navigation cooperate with Scott map, covering 100% of main road, the road coverage rate of 90%, and weekly data update. Considering the special properties, such as tonnage truck size, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation on the basis of common navigation, using professional truck map algorithm, can effectively help the driver avoid limit height, weight, limit line such as static risk, avoid detours and illegal. In addition, considering the driver driving process, may go into the wild or not label the map such as the new development zone, sand teacher younger brother at every point set up a unique code, the other figure code sent to the driver, you only need to destination navigation can guide the driver to the destination. “The use of this figure code position lock function, can realize the road without blind spots”, wulf tell hunting cloud network. In addition, the sand teacher younger brother also has a live-action navigation function, make more intuitive navigation.

driver driving little helper

truck driver go out in the outside, will inevitably encounter “where to go, where is the car tire, where to eat, where is the hotel” and other basic driving life problems. Therefore, sand teacher younger brother freight exclusive navigation in the “near” function, provides the lorry drivers such as gas stations, water stations, auto repair, parking lot, recommended service area and other related information, is committed to solve the truck driver to eat, live, line, repair, and other related vehicle trajectory of rigid demand, become a little helper driver driving on the road. In addition, also provides evaluation platform, recommended by the driver for the feedback.

social navigation

“in addition to navigation, in sand teacher younger brother truck drivers can also chat on special navigation”, wulf tell hunting cloud network.

sand teacher younger brother van special navigation “chat rooms” and “the first car, the manager of the” support text, voice and video chat. Driver after landing, friends may at any time to receive information and real-time traffic information sharing, timely communication accident appear in front of the road, traffic jam, moving speed, touch porcelain, vehicle accident situation such as temporary inspection, to predict early and avoid dynamic risk effectively, still can share the joys and sorrows of the journey, relieve the fatigue of driving.

freight cloud business platform

when it comes to the future planning, wulf to hunt cloud network, said: “after attract more owners to register, we will establish a first-hand freight big data, to join the sources of information, solve the problems of the logistics information asymmetry, the cargo industry e-commerce, do freight cloud platform.” And, according to wulf, the current capacity remit team has also developed launched in view of the logistics of the “capacity housekeeper” App, through both ends of concurrent, for accurate matching of source and drivers. Later, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation will be real-name authentication, make the owner and the truck driver can be traded through the platform.

due to transport is need some time, late as a third party trading platform, sand teacher younger brother’s payment platform can be through precipitation pool to make a profit. Wulf also tell hunting cloud network “through the large data analysis, we can also give the future good lorry drivers do financial credit.” Now, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation profit mainly comes from the truck machine life cycle to eat, live, line, repairing and maintaining the cash income and merchants advertising resources import income.

with the development of mobile Internet and e-commerce, many enterprises have also entered the freight logistics industry, but at present mainly concentrated on the “cargo and car” resources matching, such as cars, blue rhino, called express fast, full, mule trail logistics, etc. Visible, freight logistics market will become increasingly fierce competition in the future.

“China road, the urban construction change quickly, the sand teacher younger brother navigation update speed, we are not satisfied”, wulf tell hunting cloud network, “the next stage, we will let the truck driver is both the user and information gatherer, through the driver timely feedback of roads, to update our data.”

at present, the capacity to remit is looking for A round of financing, project financing, 30 million for product research and development, promotion, and team building.

FoPo turn waste into treasure: improve the utilization rate of food to reduce world hunger

this seems like a very easy to solve the problem: the grocery store every day to waste a lot of food is about to expire, but at the same time millions of people are starving, why don’t relate the two? The mellow but to put a banana in a timely manner to the food soup kitchens for people to dine, its process is not as easy as you imagine. Britain’s biggest retailer, Tesco has to charity last year, also waste more than 100 million pounds of food.

Sweden’s a startup path, they will not is going to carry out the fruit, but dehydration and making them into powder, rich in nutrition can be washed with water or mix in yogurt and ice cream to eat, this is the product they are promoting FoPo.

is one of the founders of FoPo Kent Ngo, he said: “the fruit dehydration can extend shelf life from two weeks to two years.” This process can keep the original 30% to 80% of the nutritive value, but also to make the transportation more simple. This way, can the food is not only to a local soup kitchen, but can be sent to all over the world in the hungry.

ngos added: “in this way, we have reduced the demand for refrigerator. It is very important in developing countries, because there often power failure, don’t even have a refrigerator.

fruit as long as no bad are for dehydration. “As long as it is before the fruit broken that moment we can all take advantage of them.” , “he said.” we collect those considered out of fruits and vegetables, such as those of ripe, ugly, grotesque, color is not right, but in addition they taste no problem at all.” They to pick the fruit, any moldy or inedible will be thrown away.

this summer, the company established by Sweden’s lund university students will test their products in the Philippines. Due to bad storage and transport links, the Philippines has a lot of food is wasted. At the same time, the country is extremely need cheap food.

“a lot of people here do not have enough money to pay for the food a day.” Ngo said, “so we ask ourselves, in the world where the people most in need of cheap fruit powder?” Countries with the disasters often suffer from typhoon, earthquake and flood, the company believes in the disaster occurs, the powder is a kind of cheap and rich nutrition of humanitarian aid.

they are communicating with the local market and farm, collecting lemon, pineapple and mango, and to test the production process. Once confirmed the safety, they will to non-profit sell this product in the shop.

“, in fact, one third of the production of the world’s food is wasted and the food was enough to feed all of humanity.” Ngo said, “sometimes fruits are put to be thrown away is bad, or just because it is ugly, or too much food. We don’t tube what others do, but we can handle for other reasons fruit be thrown away.”


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Big fish: F2F + O2O fresh, health is the guarantee of delicious


pick an apple from the tree, fruit waxing, packing to it, wholesalers take it sitting on a train and by trucks, was finally store owners on the fruit stand, wait for a long time was finally customer pick, to complete their mission. This long process, detract from the quality of the apple has raised its worth. big fish to do, is to eliminate redundant ripening preservation process, avoid all wholesalers and retailers of the intermediate links, saving fruit a third of the half of the sales cycle and reduce the cost.

big fish established jointly by the three partners are respectively YuHanMing food lovers, women mentors Chen li and wu, head of the flood. At first, Chen li YuHanMing and years partners in order to give children find quality healthy eggs, ran to a chicken farm to pay a more than 20 to find satisfaction of eggs. Around back, there are a lot of people to let them help to take some eggs, they discovered that the market demand, decided to adopt F2F (Farm to Family), the new concept of marketing mode, to create a focus on health and safety of fresh O2O platform.

big fish directly cooperation with orchards, farms, the main selling fruit, dried fruit, such as agricultural products, including fruit accounted for about 80%. Big fish team close to origin, select, and regularly review and examination, each goods pass strict screening, inspection, sampling. From October 2014 to begin operations, to now received extensive attention of wuhan family, big fish’s business model has undergone many times of adjustment, improve step by step.

at the beginning of its establishment, the orchard and a farm as big fish and ties between families, sale service, the simple sales model has not been very good returns. YuHanMing tell hunting cloud network, “we found that the usual to buy fruit basic it is mother in the home, they are the main customer base, big fish between mothers often communicate together at the same time, so we thought of let mothers become our distributor.” Big fish in micro letter end sales system is developed, mothers can zero cost to register their own shops, also do not need to spend too much time to do, every one can get 10% to 10% commission.

in the big fish distributors, about 10% of people with disabilities. For them, to open a shop of my own will be difficult, but on a mobile phone shop management is very simple. Big fish want to be able to make this part of the special people rely on their own ability to get income, be confident, let their social value. Big fish will regularly for distributors to develop “entrepreneurial training group”, marketing for them in the aspects of knowledge.

the distributor ACTS as the role of the transmission part, big fish will be entirely responsible for distribution and after-sales. In the logistics sector, big fish decided to adopt the way of combining long and short logistics. Long logistics will be the goods shipped to shops or distributors home of cooperation, as a transit point; Short of logistics which delivery way to send fruit to customers at home. This way to avoid the loss of goods in a express sorting, fully covering the scope of business, and improve the user experience.

is expected in September or October this year, big fish and cartoon film “rush hall” rabbit, chain beverage enterprises “I drink good parts,” charity “to fish charity fund” cooperation, to create “Internet +” on the wuhan local distinctive cultural theme experience store and support programs for the disabled. Experience store “love shop”, located in the core of wuhan city circle, the waiter for people with disabilities, earnings will be part of the funds into supporting the plan.

actually, in the region and even the whole country, and many large and small fresh O2O platform, there are a few fruit and fruit store cooperation, have a one-stop service with good parts, is homemade fruit platter of fruit, even cats electricity jingdong mall, days also has a special fresh plates. But big fish original F2F mode, focus on doing “mother’s fruit”, the main health card, make customers can rest assured. In YuHanMing view, the “niche market” is a key point, make the brand in addition to the competitive and other electrical contractor, closer to the audience from the fruit store also has a part of the market, only pinpoint the direction of the big fish, do their own advantage, to win in the competition.

big fish team currently has 10 people, you also need to know more about the fruit market, understand the product research and development talents to join us. YuHanMing is wuhan point refers to the media co., LTD., and some advertising company CEO, at the same time also in hubei province electricity association vice-chairman, vice President of the school of commerce, and hubei province electricity, he said he saw the Internet change of 20 years in hubei province. For decades, he gained partners, accumulated the entrepreneurial experience, but his most important is the role of “father”. He love food, more love to give her daughter to do food, circle of friends in the sun on her daughter do pineapple rice and her daughter’s smiling face, is full of happiness. YuHanMing told hunting cloud network, “I want my children to eat healthy, delicious and big fish can let more family in health, so I like to do it.

big fish in June this year won the angel investment about ten million yuan, the money will be used in the App, team expansion, source for research and development, and urban expansion in business and so on. It is understood that in 2013 the annual income of the fruit market in wuhan have been million, YuHanMing expressed the hope that can get 50 million yuan of investment to develop the market.

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