YC hatching StyleBee launch on-demand application beauty salons, never leave home, about to the stylist

note: people often say: “the head can be broken, the hair cannot random.” But now, hair wrong, even if go to the barber shop trim line for a long time, and make an appointment to also want to wait a long time. Want to let stylist door-to-door service for you? Want a one-time modelling, makeup and massage services? Just try StyleBee introduced on-demand beauty services! Never leave home can make an appointment to suit your stylist.

all kinds of on-demand services is frantically to enter the public line of sight, and on-demand economy began to thrive. Most of us are busy with two point one line of life, from home to office, pick up the kids, or drive to a meeting. Now the auto industry appeared Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Postmates Shyp, help us to solve the traffic problem in such applications, that for our beauty makeup or modelling, what’s the application can help us?

maybe you can choose to go to the barber’s to be a beauty, trim hair, however, usually the appointment for the average person is too inconvenient. The appearance of this kind of question why StyleBee launch. The company by the famous American business incubator Y Combinator support, as a Uber, modelling industry StyleBee defines itself as a salon services as needed. The user can use the app on iOS platform. Users only need to set a time to let stylist to door service, then the application will be for the user to find the right modelling division and contact with the two sides.

StyleBee can offer service for men and women, and the service usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Stylist will be to your home, ask you to the requirement of design. In addition, if you have a need, they will also give you some beauty tips, etc. Every service, include to stylist tips, you only need to pay StyleBee $50. And this charge, StyleBee tend to charge 20% to 33% commission.

at present the company in Los Angeles and San Francisco area operations for nearly a year, but overall is still in the internal test mode. Company plans to open two other areas as operating market this fall, but so far StyleBee also don’t want to specify which two areas.

Anna Santeramo is the co-founder of the company. When she served in a company’s agent, StyleBee will help her solve the problem for modelling. At that time, she needs to be a change of hairstyle and she can’t make an appointment to the stylist. And then when there’s a barber shop when booking space, stylist is asked for higher costs or from her some additional conditions. Santeramo said in an interview: “this is very unfair to me.”

Santeramo considered let stylist for door to door service, but the traditional barbershop tend not to provide such services. This kind of service includes more than just a haircut, also include cosmetic, massage and so on. Santeramo said StyleBee appear not only can meet these requirements, also can increase the income of stylist, and this is also one of on-demand economic benefits.

with Uber, Lyft, Postmates services provided by the company, StyleBee will let stylist and client score each other, the higher the rating, the greater the risk of their mutual cooperation.

Santeramo are other ways to expand her business, and no longer limited to the door-to-door service. She has been in and some companies to cooperate, through her products provided to the company’s stores to cooperate with them through the marketing activity. One thing special is worth questioning, in New York and San Francisco Nordstorm (hunting cloud network note: Nordstorm, the upscale department store chain), StyleBee been “white label” is used to define its services. (hunting cloud network note: Whitelabel that wo, refers to people who don’t pay attention to brand promotion product. Design concept is to ensure that consumers to spend money to buy the white mark is high-tech and high quality products, and does not need to pay for the brand publicity and fashion stunt, consumers should enjoy the most affordable price.

Santeramo said in an interview: “when women when shopping, they need most is efficient. In recent years, the trend is very accord with this, many companies are trying to make women more simple, let them in one place can do all things.”

and other companies, including StyleBee cooperation Neiman Marcus, the Gap and Athleta, etc. In other similar areas, StyleBee also provide the corresponding services, for example, they can provide needed for wedding related services.

StyleBee now have the wind of the value of $one million investment in gold, including financing from the famous incubator Y Combinator, and other prestigious silicon valley investors. Now the company is a total of 600 professional stylist in the database, and ordinary users at least once a week will use StyleBee services.


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Hubby football: vertical, new media, let the football is not just interest


hubby football is a focus on football industry vertical new media, the direction of the content mainly covers the football the industry ecosystem, including juvenile football, coach, diet, rehabilitation, science and technology, business, etc.

founding team are all football fans. Founder Pan Chun, Hong Kong Baptist university master of IT management, worked as an author, at 36 kr stand after culture as a product manager, founded in 2014, leaving the shire sports (hubby football). Engineer gestured, buaa, management science, worked in Chinese academy of sciences system as a research assistant, during the Beijing university master of zhongyou hardware engineer. Engineer Cui Rui, master of the university of Illinois institute of technology, information technology management, having worked for MOTOROLA and sears IT back-end development department. Designers take great, original shire sports design director, in charge of online product UI design and offline business as a whole. Product operation Zhang Cong, Japan Hokkaido university master of Japanese history. Football tactics board author, a former netease sports column as Arsenal fans weibo circle of KOL (key opinion leaders), and is rich in content and operating experience.

this year on March 16, officially issued by the general office of the state council of the reform and development of Chinese football overall plan of the football industry policy dividends. Provinces and cities developed specific policy, construction of football field, prosperous campus football, football development of society, to promote the development of youth football and amateur football has very big effect. China does not lack of fans, the fans culture is also very strong. With the development of football industry, the demand for professionals will increase. But the industry information flows slowly, information asymmetry, lack of proper communication platform.

hubby football will play their core audience positioning in regular football fans (2000 ~ 30 million) and football industry practitioners. Compared to the large “fans” group, this is actually a relatively small group. Based on the Content as a Service (CaaS) mode, hubby reference football industry development mature national football training, rehabilitation, diet and a series of mechanism, through website, set up correct concept of fans. At the same time, the introduction of foreign related resources (practitioners and international summits, etc.), offline events, let more domestic audience understand learning foreign soccer development present situation, also provide a communication platform for them. Media industry is the ceiling, the forming way of revenue is the advertising revenue. As a vertical media in the field of development is relatively weak, Pan Chun think can use early popularity through content industry mode and user cognition, late in-depth pattern in the direction of Internet products and services. The 36 kr borrowed from 3 years ago in the field of venture capital development.

when asked will carry out recently very fire fight about booking business, Pan Chun told hunting cloud network: “football + Internet play method is not limited to about war, booking, a team. Play this method looks like it should be, but in practice depends greatly on the construction of infrastructure.” At the same time, in order to avoid the heavy business, hubby will not carry out youth offline courses at present.

in addition to the content of operation, hubby football also did an interesting attempt: has opened up a section in the APP do vertical of the football industry recruitment, job include coach, football media editing, translation, etc. Fans also fall within the scope of hubby football radiation, Pan Chun hope when fans find it there is a “find career interest translate into” the entrance of the surprise, this also more in line with the original intention of founding hubby football.

is the present domestic famous football media “emperor”. Just as its name, understand the ball emperor of the audience is more focused on senior fans, to “judges” is an access to information and communication platform. Also, “tiger robot soccer” the content focused on the football league matches at home and abroad information, data transfer, lace, events, etc., meet the information demand of domestic fans. hubby is trying to do the difference of the content and audience positioning, content foreign football ecosystem in mining operation mode as the breakthrough point, guide the domestic love football fellow-travellers of more in-depth understanding of football the whole ecosystem.

hunting cloud network learned that hubby football is seeking angel financing, expected value of 1 million.

Q wave intelligent security socket: wire under the Internet of things is wise

(article/zhao heart source)

in January 2014, Google heavily to buy smart home company Nest Labs, sparked a frenzy giant international technology in smart home. Internet companies in China with the user experience and ecosystem occupied a place. In all kinds of smart home, intelligent socket, in particular, have sprung up, most of the intelligent electrical outlet to transmit data using wi-fi, know to hunt cloud network Q wave intelligent security socket, “wisdom” is a socket with wire transfer data, with the Internet of things thinking into intelligent socket.

Q wave intelligent security strips will be introduced, and the wall socket outlet in two forms, there are no remote control for end user type, and for high-end users with remote control type. Products will be launched simultaneously. It adopted the design, and other smart socket different ways, co-founder of general according to the market the current industry status, see smart socket on safety and signal transmission on the spot, through a unique technology to solve these problems. Wall type intelligent socket at the same time, make smart socket a product for a long time, also solve the intelligent electrical outlet on the lug plate, a volume to take up the problem of multiple socket outlet.

a part of the intelligent electrical outlet currently on the market only 3 c digital certification, not through the national certification standard of socket, and only simple child safety locks, there is no other security features. Q wave intelligent security socket has passed the certification of the national standard of socket, outlet it can intelligent recognition, do people use two needle is inserted into the socket will not get an electric shock at the same time, the plug is not inserted into the socket will not get an electric shock. And also have leakage protection and overload protection function, detecting leakage current than leakage protection standard test is more strict to the national family, for isolation procedures, time is short, the circuit breaker cut off before cut off, and shall not affect the other electric equipment normal use, to protect the safety of intelligent equipment such as computers, and can detect the location of the fault.

Q wave intelligent security socket also use with other socket different way can solve the problem of transmission, the mainstream market is conducted via wi-fi module control, wi-fi signal cannot be avoided in transit will be on the walls, distance, interference and communication security problems, can only be solved by increasing the power, there must be some problems such as fever and increased power consumption, when families have more than one mobile phones, computers and other intelligent device, the ordinary router to handle dozens of a device to transmit data at the same time. Products using the power carrier technology, the data through wires to control the outlet, so as to ensure the stability and security of the signal. Wall socket can be directly replaced, without change, wiring, is a long-term use, not smart socket footprint size problems. On the way to control the outlet, can two ways through the app and panel control, master control can control 64 socket at the same time.

in addition, intelligence and security team also joined the humanized design in the product, such as USB charging port can insert, forward and reverse device without online, scanning can be activated. Automatic power can be controlled by mobile phone and plug plug in two forms to restore power. Even if not very accept the people of science and technology, can also ease of use. Power socket and regular, fixed function, can control a child’s use of time. Users can configure all of the switch.

general, once the huawei senior software engineer, in addition to other team members have many years of experience in electronic industry. With a number of U.S. patent. Q wave intelligent security socket at present have been successfully applied for the five national patents, there are two applications. Patents are difficult to imitation products, the core technological competitiveness. team in the process of product development, technology and the concept of parallel, to ensure that each module has a mature technology can be used, does not exist on the assembly line production is difficult to solve the problem, even if the production error inevitably exist in the process, also won’t affect the product quality and performance.

in August 2015 launched the raise small batch trial production, mass production is expected in October 2015, expand the form of offline and online purchase experience. Outside the current team have cooperation with distributors, the core team have experience in distribution, through the early offline sales and electrical business channels to predict and control the inventory . Products will be electric business online and offline channels to expand, through the example room, high-end hardware terminals, such as electric and preschool education institutions for refinement of marketing. Founder general thought, millet and other Internet company resources is not wiring board, mainly depends on the product, more lies in the cooperation and competition. Facing strips and socket manufacturers at home and abroad, the products have advantages in technology, more flexible sales methods, will be set up online, occupy the market by word of mouth marketing.

the team to plan the first round of financing, need 8 million money, transfer of equity negotiable.

The house can also play musical list? Do you want to be “the home of the house property world Uber

(text/Yin Zixuan)

with success in the domestic promotion, uber mode fields appear a lot with the help of uber model products. Hunting cloud network today to introduce you to “the home of the house”, is a practice of uber mode of real estate trading platform.

easy to house a family of how to use the uber model? Released when the user use the home of the house after the housing demand, through yi agent can house a family of certification for single service to provide users with selected room to buy a house. Talk about why do you want to use this mode, the founder Zhang Hong tell hunting cloud network, “the pattern has been taken for granted at home, it efficiently, concise, and easy to operate. I hope the home of the house by means of the uber mode, can let users convenient to purchase to a fitting property.”

in 2010, Zhang Hong created group long group network, web site closed to join good house in China. Only took three years to become good house new division assistant President of China, he may leave early. On May 16, Zhang Hong built easily house home is launched.

Zhang Hong tell hunting cloud network, the home of the house is founded to solve the following ones:

1. Purchase information asymmetry. For customers, the checking is very limited, when they identified a region is basically confined to choose among several buildings, there is no trade screening and professionals to help them.

2. The agent profit space is compressed. As the decline in the housing market boom and rising cost of management, corporate profits are low, which directly affect the agent profit, its professional degrees and services also decreases.

3. Developers high marketing cost. The land costs rise, the national policy changes, 购房量 decreases. Between Scylla and Charybdis developers also need to invest a lot of marketing cost, marketing channel is not accurate.

For each of these weaknesses,

easy house home of how to solve?

the home of the house in agent for certification, ensure each professional agent. At the same time, the home of the house from the developer to provide preferential housing information to the broker.

when a user use App after order, the home of the house in accordance with the user area, the region’s certification agent for rob, steal sheet after a successful, agent will provide users with preferential housing in the choose and buy. From with the checking to completed, will be in the home of the house follow the whole process.

competing goods, “” by the developer, the field management and information flow through agent management, brokerage and universal agent guide guest docking with the developers building directly through the system, to realize social marketing; “” it is a real estate group O2O platform, focused to provide high qualified users online real estate deals and property evaluation service.

Zhang Hong, by contrast, thought, on the basis of the mobile Internet, the home of the house will be the real estate from the personal to the client to developers, will be online to perform all through. He told hunting cloud network, “we have our own service projects, developers of cooperation, this is a very big advantage. Launched the first month, the company has been able to normal profit. By the end of the year, we expect in 20 cities.”

at present, the home of the house through the service charge to the developers to profit, in future user use the home of the house after successful purchase, service charge to the user.

here, Zhang Hong also puts forward an interesting idea, “we are going to do a don’t burn the Internet product, done through the user experience and the media marketing promotion, when we have money, we will be more used to improve the model, rather than spending money to expand the market.”

it is understood that the home of the house to start by Zhang Hong individual contribution, in preparing A round of funding.

Ya m: kitchen food version of reality, let the white-collar every meal with the taste of home

(text/dong also)

the takeout industry has developed rapidly, but there has always been health, price, taste, etc. Ya m Ding Jijun, founder of the kitchen just in order to solve the problem of their lunch at the beginning, as a result, the same in order to meet the demand of lunch, a bunch of struggling in the big Internet companies together, founded the ya meters in the kitchen. Products designed to help young white-collar workers now solve the problem of eating out, let the white-collar where can eat meals at home. Product has won the IDG angel investment level.

by ya m kitchen App, users can find nearby private kitchen services family cook, browse each chef’s specialty, directly placing order, delivery after 30 minutes. It is worth mentioning platform is real chef, in their own home cooked food, let those who struggle out white-collar workers can eat to the taste of home.

in order to ensure food safety, the ya m kitchen ask each home kitchen launched to provide health certificate and id card, and then through the platform of “inspector” on-site checking, confirm the kitchen hygiene standards before you can open a shop. Late platform staff will door to door return visit regularly, to meet the sanitary quality of the source. After private kitchen in ya meters will be in accordance with the actual conditions of a private kitchen to provide the corresponding marketing and take photos, store operations “1 of 1” services, and provide logistics services. The house rent, platform and professional services are free, while 100% income owned by private kitchens.

about how ya m kitchen for IDG must level of angel investment, Ding Jijun tell hunting cloud network, on the one hand because the team has the mobile Internet and O2O stronger talents, on the other hand, people would agree with share economic way to solve the high frequency just need food industry inherent problems. The funding will be mainly used for product development and market development.

is also a private food delivery to your door for App, which focuses mainly on manual snacks, and ya m kitchen is solving the problem of white-collar work lunch. Although are sharing economy, under the food this big topic, each have larger development space. Ya m kitchen provides a better food choices, white-collar workers and at the same time help the community crowd idle for its own value, especially just retired.

“live share, under the tide of economic reality, row has Uber, and we think in China, ya m is suitable for the situation of China food kitchen version of reality.” Ding Jijun said.

when it comes to sharing the future development of economy, Ding Jijun told hunting cloud network, sharing economy can satisfy the personalized needs of consumers, promote social resource allocation more reasonable, “as the development trend of mobile Internet, it will become a new blue ocean.”

at this stage, the ya m kitchen from week after purchase rate, obtained the very high user acceptance, users and orders are in steady growth, the development of house hutch has entered the stage of rapid development. Team the most main is the optimization of products and home kitchen recruitment, the future will widen to more area, and also can be extended to more beautiful food.

Dog: campus communication enterprises, campus visualization of campus part-time platform

(text/Zhang Yankang)

“can trust others, but can’t rely on others.” This is a guy for your life in their early 20 s advice. QuQing engineering college, henan junior, always wanted to do some great things in the university, or he will think university is white. He had a part-time job, but he is a part-time job intermediary cheated, side and there are many students also has been tricked, and associated with the severe employment situation for college students, in recent years simply “touch stone across the river” entrepreneurial team as a part-time service platform, campus dog.

due to the experience have been part-time intermediary cheated, QuQing feel interpersonal trust although there, but can’t long-term preservation. But also good, is still on campus is a piece of pure land. QuQing told hunting cloud network: “campus is like a dog dog faithfully service as qualified college students, college students to do nanny.” as a result, in study, life, part-time college students is closely related to the campus dog business. So far, the campus dog platform opening main business are: supermarket, express delivery, campus part-time, talent training, technical support, etc., but the core business is still a part-time job on campus.

rather than wait for conditions, conditions occur, or better is to create conditions. The operation mode of the campus the dog is to create conditions occur, it and enterprise cooperation, face-to-face fully develop campus surrounding resources, provide part-time jobs. Through and around the campus or school supermarket, dry cleaners, printing shop, Courier station cooperation, provide free business platform for the merchants, customers through the campus dog order, part-time students do errands and distribution. QuQing said, for business ability of students, they can to explore resources, campus dogs provide a platform, let them do taobao type of retailer, even running my own part-time team. Technical support is the campus the dog take the initiative to contact some entrepreneurs cooperation: part-time students and entrepreneurs to build website will technology, and fully participate in the website construction.

seemingly dog is a campus life shopping service platform, with the ordinary electric business platform. And actually, it is a campus part-time service platform. But unlike holds the part-time, part-time cat this kind of platform. Part-time jobs from enterprises and information to ensure the accuracy of the rights and interests of part-time students; Part-time cat from technological innovation information algorithm to allow the user to find out the black intermediary. campus is a real dog in depend on oneself to get part-time jobs, and the service objects are their classmates and alumni, such as QuQing said, dog is a visual campus part-time service platform.

at present, the campus dog can accept personal application for registration application for registration and groups, but can only register with student id. Register user scope has covered engineering college of south campus of henan. From long-term data for, north of zhengzhou university town 4 100000 students at colleges and universities, south university town seven universities in 135000 students, 145000 students of three universities west town, east town six universities of 156000 students, these students are dog campus service object. QuQing said, however, the campus next dog henan college of engineering is to first do business, south university city to do business. Campus dogs to go down one step a footprint, can not, after all, a bite to eat a big fat man.

today, campus dog team was founded in early 2014 to December 2014 web site online, to the App launched in May this year, has gradually began to form scale. Tilting of the campus was replaced by the qing of campus e-commerce co., LTD., QuQing also wish to become a CEO. Members of the company is composed of 11 students, and are members of the campus, they will continue to stay in the company after graduation.

at present, the campus dogs are seeking financing, mainly used for the platform to promote and labor costs.

The fresh distribution for introduction, do you want to be fresh with the restaurant’s one-stop service

(text/Zhao Zixiao)

high quality, fresh, timely delivery, the name is not hard to see fresh with the characteristics of optimal. best fresh match is one-stop shopping for food and beverage industry distribution platform, using B2B + O2O mode, procurement and distribution services for restaurant offers a variety of products.

for bridge, fook lam moon, lotus and other major brand, excellent fresh deserves to dock with the regional agents, cooperation and build a brand; Local brands, such as flour, edible oil, such as category, field examination on manufacturers of the products division, from the perspective of food safety ultimately choose qualified suppliers. Excellent fresh for restaurant supplies spices, food ingredients, the north-south dry, eggs, meat and other products.

best fresh with founder and CEO xin-yong zhou in an interview with hunting cloud network is introduced, the traditional catering life cycle is short, food safety is not guaranteed, fresh match to solve the optimal problem is from the supply chain to control food safety, the compression traditional ingredients procurement process, reduce the restaurant purchasing cost. So fresh with optimal self-built large centralized storage, perfect logistics system, heavy model makes the supply chain. In this way, the ingredients from the source to the distribution, link layer upon layer opened and integrate the traditional marketing and wholesale, not only ensure the quality of ingredients, the compression cost, also guarantees the distribution efficiency.

fresh with online about a month, just go on average amount is less than one hundred yuan, now has increased to the guest unit price more than $four hundred. At present there are more than 2300 registered customer, order more than 1900 customers, place an order for more than two times a week more than more than 1500 fixed customers, the occupation of xuzhou city restaurant by more than 30% coverage.

for many types of products on the market, such as the chain of agriculture, chefs network, beauty dish network procurement platform, such as hunting cloud network also reported, etc. These product development more quickly, also won the financing amount is not small. Chef and beauty for small catering enterprises, for the moment, optimal fresh match and they have a lot in common, but in the back of the stage of development, optimal fresh with fresh distribution, not only to do best with fresh is committed to provide digital services for catering enterprises, focus more on the medium catering enterprises, for the restaurant guide services and value-added services.

xin-yong zhou said that in the future, in order to better integration and catering industry, excellent fresh with not only should do warehousing, distribution, and turned to the restaurant to provide more value-added services. Fresh from the expansion of the scale, optimal match of August to cover three other large cities in jiangsu, will in the end of the ten bases one, two cities online and set up the operations center.

fresh with optimal O2O platform is jiangsu pirate software inc., headquartered in xuzhou. The company was established in June this year. Online team a total of 35 people, online have integrated security, back-office operations, technology research and development department, etc., offline logistics warehousing department, offline operations. Logistics outsourcing is way, every day, pick up the car driver fixed-point distribution; Warehouse stock up for the company, can achieve zero storage warehouse, late in factory stock way to achieve distribution more conveniently.

the optimal match can place the order on the WeChat end fresh, recent conference line App. In August, fresh match will be officially launched the financing plan.

Amazon, the five vertical electric business also in promoting e-commerce innovation revolution

note: the author Ilya Pozin is a serial entrepreneur, author and investor, founded the Pluto TV, Coplex and Open to Me.

it is well known that the age of the Internet is one of the most people make online shopping. Move the mouse sat on the couch can buy what they want to make shopping unprecedented convenience.

as eBay and Amazon the electricity business giants continue to promote the early Internet innovation revolution, has long been considered the greatest destroyer e-commerce is the Internet age.

but large e-commerce sites like Amazon has been trying to explore a way to apply to all sales, yet this universal way cannot meet the demand of some special products and consumer experience. So today, more and more vertical electricity created all kinds of fresh and unique shopping experience, every day in changing people’s way of shopping. Here we list the five most representative and worthy of reference to study vertical electrical contractor:

Brayola: use crowdsourcing and algorithm by changing to buy underwear

this website mainly help women users friends to find the most suitable for their bra. Women’s underwear market revenue at more than $30 billion, obviously this is a great market potential. But in this market are rarely designed to improve the female underwear shopping experience of e-commerce sites.

Brayola hopes the crowdsourcing model and intelligent algorithm to help women find the perfect bra. As start-ups Pandora music field to bring change, Brayola for lingerie electricity field brings a revolutionary breakthrough.

The operation mode of the

Brayola: first of all let a female friend to share their favorite bra, and then compare with other people on the platform of preference. And most recommended platform similar, if just have two users of the bra taste the same: not only the style, more important is the size of the model, then according to their preferences, Brayola will recommend them to try the new bra brand.

Brayola special attention is not just about a small part of the audience, but also a very private and hidden products. The unique feature of this site is that it helps women with technology to find the right bra. They can search on the website and buy all kinds of brand underwear. And in this particular website recommended to the user might be good for new underwear brand, also help the user to eliminate the many concerns of online shopping. Users of online shopping often without enough confidence is a big factor in the development of limit electric business platform.

Warby Parker: never leave home can buy the right sunglasses

the monopoly of sunglasses e-commerce sites is facing a huge problem: because each people demand for the sun glasses each are not identical, most people before buying sunglasses will try to wear it. So how do we overcome this problem? Warby Parker of the solution is: users first to send a bunch of sun glasses let them pick at home, and then leave them so that a pair of, the remaining returned to the company again.

this special way to perfectly fit the demand of the company, also represents the future trend in the field of electricity, rather than to cater to a specialize in the market, not as good as another sales’ path.

Harry ‘s: skip the middleman and save money for consumers

to highlight their own advantages, the monopoly of men razor and shaving tool online sellers are focused on sellers has more competitive advantage than other traditional cost efficiency.

Harry ‘s secret is unique through lean supply chain and reduce the additional cost of retailers and wholesalers, to provide users with good and cheap products. This is a very typical way of selling, but Harry ‘s using the Internet to provide broad platform will traditional way of selling into a major bright spot in the field of electronic commerce.

in addition, focus on a particular market makes the company have enough time and energy to provide the best shopping experience.

ThinkGeek: designed for customer service to see

on ThinkGeek website, you can find all kinds of gadgets, everything has a special audience. ThinkGeek can be a classic case to explore alternative commodity market.

website, such as the ThinkGeek product of interest is the key to its success. In fact, the company’s most popular products are related to April fool’s day.

“focus” is because these sites have in common – focus on a particular area and a special consumer group, these small e-commerce sites to compete with the “omnipotent” electricity giant. This experience can be applied to all walks of life.

Jet: reshaping consumer club

the startup has won $225 million in financing, and in 2015 officially released online on July 21. The user after a whole year membership fee paid to the Jet can buy goods to cut the lowest price. Jet has its own special warehouse used to store brand goods, but also provide users with the local network of stores information so that they know best price.

the online shopping club’s unique experience lies in the real-time dynamic price. Based on the number of users shopping car goods, Jet engineer will continue to update the most efficient, most cost-effective vendors. As much as possible so the user can easily find the most economical combination of consumption.

although Jet may not vertical electrical contractor, but Jet change the way of e-commerce experience is still worthy of our attention.


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