Shadow: to discover and explore good movie, for the fans of “good bole, movies killer”

(text/Zhang Yankang)

the Russian director andrei tower can be said, let a person in the endless environment changes, let him with countless or far or near the fault and characters, to his relationship with the whole world, this is the meaning of the film. Good movies make people think, bad movies is fun. The problem is, what movie is worth watching a good movie? Refers to the shadow is in order to solve this problem.

means the shadow is refers to the shadow of shenzhen technology co., LTD., its products, focus on vertical new media in the field of film. Its founder zhao tell cloud network hunting knife, refers to the shadow is committed to discover and explore good film, for the fans of “good bole, rotten piece of killer.” Refers to the shadow film interesting reading, authoritative list, project planning, celebrity refers to shadow such as cuts, combined with the audience demand, polymerization and professional film scores, building film gene pool, with intelligent calculation method for the audience to provide authoritative, professional, comprehensive, efficient and systematic view shade guide. refers to the shadow to solve what is good, how to choose a good movie, what movie is worth to see problems, from actors, directors, production, marketing and other aspects to interpret film.

as an Internet company, refers to the operation mode of the shadow also could not escape the circle of the Internet. It as a guide viewing platform, has its own users and traffic, advertising revenue is the basic way of profit. Refers to the shadow has built up his own customers and customer base, they are being charged is also not impossible. On the one hand, cash flow, ticket into, film distribution marketing can be as a way of charging to the customer. Charge to the user, on the other hand, in addition to the movie derivatives, O2O private cinema is also a direction. however, commercial operation will impact refers to the shadow quality, therefore, in product quality and commercial, refers to the film must be a balance.

there are many ways to film the audience get the recommended, such as douban and optical network is one way. Film in douban, however, is one of the channels, recommended film from users reputation, ratings and heat to provide ratings or reviews, enable the user to judge movie actively. Optical network is the website of the movie theme, recommended film is dozen information, through the box office, heat, allows users to judge the film from the vast reading information. The rise of the Internet ghostwriters, “mobile time is fragmented, douban and optical network depends on the user production content, lack of vocational guidance, score and quality reviews recent decline. Refers to shadow high visibility without first two, but the film by using professional knowledge mining, the steadfast to provide users with interesting, high quality and valuable film.

refers to the creative team behind the shadow from the thunderbolt, these people in the thunderbolt, work long, ten years short also have 3 years, was in charge of operations, product, design, marketing, and work together to build a thunderbolt. founder zhao a knife is a thunderbolt the first person to look at operation and planning, participate in the thunderbolt look at the creation, development and expansion. Have deep inside them a movie ideal, in the national policy to support the film industry today, they chose to do this movie career.

now, tencent, netease news, today’s news headlines, youku, potatoes, thunderbolt look at such a media is in shadow. By means YingWang station, various media platforms to subscribe to a shadow of the accumulation of more than 150000 users, at the end of August and is expected to exceed 250000. At the same time, newspapers, books, films and cinema, the content of the authority in August will be a comprehensive online.

finance, refers to the financing of shadow team hopes to get around 5 million, will be used for market development and team building.

Willing: funeral planning, bequests, help you solve things behind

note: the physical is really a headache problem. No one wants to spend time to thinking what to do after death, let alone to their funeral arrangements, really think all sad. However, if the “behind” plan and schedule as long as can be easily done in just a few minutes, you will also be annoyed for this? Willing , is a let you “behind” easy application.

when you are busy living, rarely willing to consider about the death. According to the survey, among people of 55 to 64 – year – old American 51% without a will. Even if some people are ready for the real estate adoption file, also won’t let children, after their one hundred, children can’t find good rummage is often the case. Y Combinator (hunting cloud network note: a famous American business incubator, hereinafter referred to as the YC) latest batch incubation project, have a gen, called the Willing is eyeing the opportunity, want to go to points in the funeral industry $20.7 billion a year in the cake. The significance of its existence is as far as possible to reduce the difficulty of the loss and pain (or at least not more pain than you think of the fate of the die).

in addition to YC, there are 500 Startups are Willing for the investment, investors also includes Hollywood actor ashton kutcher and famous agent Neil oce rui founded by vc Sound Ventures, Gary Vaynerchuk and celebrities. Willing website officially launched on June 1, the two founders Eliam Medina and Rob Dyson said in the next few months will help 10000 users to complete the will.

after a sudden departure relatives, Medina the difficulty of the experience to handle the affairs for the first time.

“is really too painful, this may be the worst period of my life, I will try to grope for to deal with all kinds of things, to deal with three different aspects of people: lawyers, the cemetery and funeral home. In this process, I found that everyone is trying to seek their own interests to maximize, and regardless of my interests.” Medina said: “at the time of my life was completely disrupted, at that time I have is a family man, had two baby daughter to take care of her, my wife and I hope that life can be back on track. The whole process of handle affairs can let a person crazy, so I want to do something to change the status quo.”

there are two main Willing

In decorating a design problem? Try Furdo preview 3 d drawings

on your new home interior decoration could be a tough job. Do you have a clear mind of the final rendering is very important. Improper planning and hesitant decision, can let you go to success. Even after careful plan, will decorate the results and your idea. Yesterday, an Indian startup, online, that can help you to solve the problem of indoor decoration.

your first choice on the Furdo decorate a style, and then submit house floor plan. It will be for you to customize a 3 d video, show according to choose style to decorate the effect after finishing. Video rendering is 360 degrees, so you can choose your favorite design elements, give up don’t like the place.

all the products involved in the video, can from Furdo merchants purchased, such as PepperFry and FabFurnish. Product after the arrival of the goods, Furdo sends its own interior designer team, decorate effect in reducing video to help you.

I see, I buy, I pack

Furdo based in bangalore, founder and director of design Kiran Singh, originally conceived of the core ideas behind Furdo: furniture can be after sales through three-dimensional display, then persuaded Arvind Prakash Singh (COO) and Ishwar Sundararaman (CEO) as co-founder. Indus Bhavadeep Reddy, a real estate company CEO of Homes, the angel investment.

Sundararaman, graduated from bangalore, there is a market marketing strategy of the MBA degree. Since 2010, he founded several companies, including the popular mobile phone app Clubd. And Prakash Singh jointly founded in 2008, a portal for education institutions. Singh specializes in 3 d graphics technology, it is Show Media, the founder of the Works.


Furdo co-founder (from left to right) : Arvind Prakash Singh, Ishwar Sundararaman, and Kiran Singh

“the idea has experienced several changes. Finally in the drink many cups of coffee, team brainstorm the product shape, strategy and positioning. The end result is Furdo.” Sundararaman said.

in terms of team at present the size of the lowest complete feasibility of high quality products for the startup is a huge challenge. “Recruitment is also a major challenge, but when our website up and running, people began to understand our ideas and goals. Things become much easier.” Sundararaman added.

Furdo plans by charging customers for their design and installation support costs, to gain profit. At the same time, for the use of the design of the commodity in video, joint marketing fees to partners.

“design fee is 10000 Indian rupees ($157). The goods in the design: wardrobe, wall paper, furniture and interior decorations, can be in our here to buy. We charge fees from consumers, remove members after the deposit, will these orders manually on partner sites. These steps will optimize technology in the future, become more automatic. Installation support cost is 30000 Indian rupees ($471).” Sundararaman explained.

“according to the early trading results, we can confidently say, to the end of August, can design the whole about 50 families. Assume that each house decoration costs an average of 600000 rupees ($9500), as of the end of next month we registered income up to 30 million rupees ($500000).”

Furdo has $400000 in angel rounds of financing, plan in the near future in A round of funding to raise $500 to $10 million. Is expected by the end of operation will be extended to the six cities.

when it comes to product blueprint, Sundararaman said, “we have plenty of other product enhancements, not to say the timing. But virtual reality (VR) is we’re going to cross the threshold of.”

Furdo rivals in India have,, and.


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Developers Uber, Gigster help startup ideas into App

cloud network hunting note: have a good business idea? Have the funds can be powerful App, created by Gigster in Gigster is one that provides the omni-directional service platform,

just Gigster on site and instant messaging to communicate with sales engineers, tell them your idea, then ten minutes to get the specific quotations and overhead cost. Give Gigster first right, it will manage a group of elite programmers and designers to create your products, and feedback the report every week. Once you take over this project, Gigster can even help you maintain code, can spend money to increase or upgrade function.

in the tech world there are a lot of the phenomenon of talent shortage, for a fledgling start-ups, it is difficult to attract a good engineer, especially when they are near the center of the city like San Francisco. Gigster can help entrepreneurs develop a minimum feasibility of affordable products, so they can get the funds needed for the founded the company and attractive.

this belongs to the Y Combinator start-up obtained from accelerator to $2.5 million, got the Greylock Partners, Bloomberg Beta and Felicis Ventures, coupled with a large number of top angel investors such as AngelList Naval Ravikan, Facebook Messenger Stan Chudnovsky and Twitch Emmit Shear support. In order to establish credibility, and in the field Gigster over the next few weeks will discount the price very attractive, so now it is high time to their App dreams come true.

fierce competition

Gigster, co-founder of Roger Dickey said: “from elementary school to start coding, I often go to school every couple of days in the floppy disk containing different programs.” Love of rapid prototyping makes him through his own company Curiosoft (sold to the company in 2008) developed the App, he created in this company very successful game Mafia Wars, after leaving investment activity began in 2011.

Dickey constructed last year 15 different ideas, tried to obtain victory in it can have a weapon, but in the process, he realized that outsourcing is a very difficult thing, similar to the fast-growing and Elance (now Upwork) such a large market will force buyers to review a lot of developers and their offer, work cannot be guaranteed and the quality difference is very big also.

when testing the fast-growing Dickey and his co-founder Debo Olaosebikan in the same project enjoys different quotation from $22 to $50000, the biggest problem is that the buyer must be in the process of the whole management of developer, this is notoriously time-consuming and difficult, outsourcing isn’t supposed to reduce our workload? Crew and Toptal can preview their hands again freelancers, but all the management problems still exist.

open management

Gigster has solved the problem, it will be assigned to a project manager to manage your hands 100% of developers, become the important link between the two sides, if the project delay, Gigster allocates more developers follow up or fire underperforming staff to achieve complete on time.

the company dealing with top talent, only apply for freelancers only 7.7% will be Gigster admitted, the enterprise employees in some companies from Google or Stripe, they are looking for additional items, some of them are MIT or CalTech student, want to earn some pocket money, or the entrepreneurs part-time to pay my bills.

the bidding or directly and they do not need to deal with annoying buyers communication, as long as the project manager from Gigster there to accept instructions to finish line, one of the students struggle two all night at the weekend after completed a project, earned $10000.

Dickey took me feeling the whole process:

“for example, if you want to build a takeaway pizza Uber, Gigster sales engineers will ask you some details, like:” what is the delivery process of do you want? Do you want to use your own brand type service? Need to display the send out time?” After they know will get the budget and work plan, you pay it by Stripe. As for the backend, we will form a team for you, including a project manager, one or more engineers and UX/UI designer, will start to follow up and update every week.”

but Gigster has some defects, it is specialized is engaged in the engineering design, rather than it does project sleek, UI interface pursue utility, but if a user wants to some on their own projects to add some aesthetic feeling, he may have to find other companies or contact Gigster talent in this field.

Gigster still need to build trust, large companies like IBM and Infosys due to its own credibility will get a lot of outsourcing, but Gigster will persuade people in here to spend money they eliminate management problem is worth it, even if the problem is not a long time.

Pivotal Labs looks Gigster a formidable rival, but Pivotal Labs for enterprises with certain well-knownness and after B round startup, its internal engineers can even go to the client’s office door to door service, but it means that those who are not assigned to employees have a high interest rate subsidies.

Gigster is established for the small start-up companies or products, and it on-call freelancers away system don’t need you to give my project work staff subsidies. If Gigster is developers Uber, Pivotal is hiring a private driver for you.

it can use Gigster Dickey believe that if that it only takes $10000 to $15000 to build the 15 App, but in fact he spent about $1 million, and now he always cared for others to solve the problems encountered in the process of software development, “outsourcing” is not necessarily a dirty word.


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IBM Watson by artificial intelligence platform, to build “city Siri”

British Columbia, Canada, surrey is one of the first use of Watson system to provide better services for residents of city.

a similar Siri, order to urban services App launch, it is mainly used for IBM Watson cognitive computing platform.

IBM said the rolled in surrey this new App, change and simplify the Watson sophisticated computer languages and data analysis system, can conveniently query some residents such as junk why not in Australia or the answer to the problem such as how to find the lost cat.

Watson system in 2011 as one of the most popular in the quiz show Jeopardy is famous victory over two human players. After that, the IBM Watson system to health care, banking, retail and education, and many other fields. Watson can understand natural language to ask and analyzing a large amount of data, which is the basis of the system set up. Recently, Watson, and launched a exploration of the author’s tone in the works of tools.

Surrey and developers Purple Forge cooperation to create the new city service App, it will and Surrey existing “My Surrey” mobile client and Internet at the connection. IBM said local residents through smart phones, laptops, and even Apple devices to consulting all kinds of problems such as Watch, also said this is the first time Watson were used in residents service program.

in this App has listed a series of common problems, but also support and solve the question by the local residents. Surrey officials also hope to be able to get a better response through this system or local residents of all kinds of questions. Now the city of surrey police department, fire department, animal management centre, parking enforcement, recycling centers and other departments have already in the system, the residents can put to them at any time.


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Hardware products, the Internet of things, and the trend of the development of the Internet

editor’s note: hardware upstart startup has become the eyes of investors, especially to the hardware and Internet connected enterprises. The birth of the Internet is the pride of this era, hardware enterprise and Internet link is undoubtedly open up a new development path for oneself; Similarly, investors should also be polishing the bright eyes, seize the trend of the development of the Internet.

written by Lee Howder at NextView Ventures, co-founder, VC, was once a silicon valley entrepreneur.

we (NextView VCS) is preparing for his third investment to a hardware company. At least in the recent period of time, the company will remain stealth mode; We can’t in this revealed their plans of the company. Our entrepreneurial team, for it is very interested in the potential market opportunities; And, of course, we to the people we work with a consortium is also very interested in.

the company is located in our backyard, but we almost missed the investment in it; The founder of the enterprise from other entrepreneurs mouth know NextView vc firms. When we and co-founder of the enterprise to meet for the first time, one of the founders told us: “as far as I know, you don’t invest in hardware enterprises.” ; Later, one of our common investors introduced to them this time round. I with they Whoop and Konekt describes our investment process, that we actually are also associated with hardware industry. But they have not publicly comment on our perceptions of the hardware industry.

NextView Internet companies tend to investment, and in line with the Internet wave of innovation of enterprise, so how an enterprise hardware and NextView investment theory to track? First of all, we need a long-term view of the Internet wave of innovation. Over the years, I have written many articles related to the Internet; Is also written in 2012, the recent article “the end of the Internet companies”. In fact, NextView think the emergence of the Internet has a great influence on people’s lives, and this momentum will continue for decades. So, only the genome sequence and individualized clinic has the potential of can compare with it; However, both part of the job is on the Internet cloud computing cooperation function.

we know about the Internet is for 20 years. In the late 1980 s, we will often on the network BBS exchange; Of course, the Internet before they appeared in the early 80 s; But at that time, the Internet is not popular, mainly used for military and academic organizations. Can appear early, even if the Internet is also in 1993, is a Mosaic (first in the history of the Internet is widely used and can display images of a web browser), and open to the world wide web. It was also applies only to the desktop Internet, eventually is the mobile Internet, the last is the popularity of the Internet. So, before that, most Internet innovation is focused on the digital information, commercial digital and social contact. In life you must contact with a lot of these digital products.

we now live in a world, a world in which everything has contact; It also provides the possibility for Internet innovation, the Internet really let the world all things achieved more closely linked. Which not only reflect the Uber, growing company, et al. “immediate response” economy, also reflected in the hardware device also rely on the Internet connection monitoring, operation and manufacturing; These are a great influence on the development of world economy. Since 1999, I have been waiting for the emergence of internet-connected refrigerator, allows people to order online automatic milk. Now, I really have the right reason to buy a refrigerator, OEM production (designated production) of the refrigerator can connect to the Internet; Not only that, but users can also through the use of the Internet to check the refrigerator, so trying to repair in time.

NextView investment company basically is engaged in the software industry, and is not related to hardware company. To be honest, I hope in the next few years NextView continue to maintain this investment trend; But for now, and hardware related industry development. So when we ask about the investment enterprises shall we invest in hardware startups, our answer is definitely yes. Our hardware devices for those related to the Internet and have good prospects for development of hardware companies are interested in. There is no doubt that we will invest more in the future related to hardware company.

now back to the hardware will be how to adapt to the Internet on this topic. If you take a closer look at some subversive ideas in the past, you will find that the innovation in dozens of years later, many emerging enterprises is to put the past those innovative ideas, business ideas into reality. Modern meat processing industry in “the jungle” (Upton Sinclair wrote dirty condition of Chicago packaging plant) is the direct result of a railway became popular, especially in railway refrigerator car after; In fact, steam to drive the train will have more than 40 years ago; That is to say, after more than 40 years, do people put the idea of meat processed products of railway transportation. Take-out restaurants and shopping center is in the 1850 s, but the two ideas in the car while patented in 1896. Whether or not you agree to give labeled iot hardware industry, hardware industry always is the direct result of the early Internet development. So NextView will invest more and hardware industry related companies, and other start-up by the network driver.


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Celebrity friends: COSPLAY to a language, the world’s first role playing dating software

(text/Yu Qian)

COSPLAY celebrities is a circle of friends to language (C) on the basis of social software, is currently the world’s first role play as the main line of chat software.

C language refers to the use of network platform, with the background of the text to express set, movement, language and psychological activities, interactive online word play games with other players. Create a second yuan virtual worlds, reuse text deduce. Including deduce the role of physical description and psychological description, action description methods such as a virtual world, in the plot, scene and character. C language need to partner with other players, the hero also don’t know partner will have what kind of behavior, and the things for a sense of the unknown, as another dimensional existence reality, only are most of the space by self control.

celebrity friends circle is based on the C language of a social software, founder Zhu Yi said: “at first we just making fun of purpose to develop such a product, then very lucky hit the language C such a group of users, and meet their needs, the culture of the C language is a very new, before them primarily in post bar and play in the QQ group, now have a celebrity after a circle of friends, can play with C language.” C language enthusiasts and often focused on the star powder and secondary yuan group, so the star powder and secondary yuan group is made up of a celebrity friends main users.

“if so-and-so has a circle of friends” Internet memes believe everybody saw, if someone want to and friends to create such a scenario, celebrity circle of friends can be more convenient to do it. In the celebrity circle of friends, the user can choose to play the celebrity, then can reply to other friends, “celebrity” circle of friends, chat with other “celebrities”, establish the virtual relationship. Click on the switch section can entered the circle to the user interest, such as historical zone, anime zone. In addition, users can also set up and upload what you want to play, to ensure the user’s autonomy and comprehensiveness of the product. Because of the role is the only, in order to distinguish between different user, different users of the selected character will have different unique serial number.

hunting cloud network learned that celebrity friends since launched in March, in the case of not doing promotion, the natural growth to more than 100000 users, day live in a more than 10000, have friends content of more than 1400 ten thousand. Data is very considerable. Zhu Yi tell hunting cloud network, at present had not consider profit, mainly is the iterated products as well as the accumulation of users, quickly occupy the market. Celebrity friends strong stickiness, star powder and secondary yuan crowd that some users have strong ability to pay and the good consumption habits, so the celebrity friends earnings value very confident about the future. Zhu Yi said that celebrity friends circle will reshape the future of a virtual social scenario, the user can fall in love inside, telling stories, business, can increase the virtual friends relationship, and consider the open zone.

now social software emerge in endlessly, industry leading products are maturing, micro letter acquaintances on social, devoted to devoted to strangers on the social, no secret emphasizes social anonymous, affectionately workplace social is a niche market. The software in terms of market segmentation and the satisfaction of user utility also has done relatively mature. Reference the WeChat celebrity friends of friends form, is a combining social and anonymous user segmentation, enough creative products. Due to user information hiding with C language user’s creativity, make the celebrity into a circle of friends both equality and interest of the social stage. “We say that social software, important is not the software, but social. Because even if there is no software, people are still in social. And software is only for social provides a stage, and improve the efficiency of the just.” Zhu Yi said. Celebrity circle of friends, however, the most strong competitors, I’m afraid is baidu post bar and each big BBS common places of these star powder and secondary yuan. How can you make them as much as possible walks to the celebrity friends circle, is the direction of celebrity friends circle team effort.

cloud network hunting, founder Zhu Yi is reading doctoral student, huazhong university of science and technology of China in the Microsoft “innovation cup software design competition first, the central China, founder and CEO. Co-founder COO ShiYao responsible for market management. Team currently 11 people, mainly composed of product research and development. Zhu Yi tell hunting cloud network, celebrity friends circle has won millions of angel investment, is now planning A round of funding.

To the child’s poem: the combination of reading and social, awaken your heart sleeping poetry

(text/Chen Tianqi)

gao said a very literary words, life is not just in front of struggling, and poetry and distant. In this everyone is talking about the Internet and the background of big data, literature and art, such as poetry seems to appear so not timely. But there is always some people, the stubborn doing what other people feel out of place, but also are flawed.

ng wei, beautiful reading founder, after 70. From the founder of the age, he is not young. Chase cloud network today to introduce the beauty of the reading of the first App “of the poem” to the child in the product obtained is very serious when I was not online funds and IDG capital joint providing millions of dollars of angel investment. Age is not a problem, it is important to people and ideas.

to the child’s poem is composed of Mr Selected 101 poems of the north island, including 70 first, Chinese new poetry 31 foreign poetry. This App is made by Mr Personally involved in the north island, is one of his poems for children’s poem “the application of the same name. E-books good user experience and offline on paper with lines of poetry with the combination of model, has received the good effect. by the end of June, IOS and android platform was downloaded more than 780000 people, poetry reading of the recording every day there are more than 1, 1000.

poetry reading, is to give children the core concept of poetry. Ng wei said that poetry is need to read, can make poetry has the feeling of the scene. “When you hear a 2 and a half years old child milk milk gas in poems, what’s your feeling? Or mother beside read a poem, full of kids giggle giggle, is what felling?” Poetry reading is full of positive energy, when integrated into the child’s voice in it, he has the function of cure.

“one day, there was a mother turned her and the child’s poetry reading the tape in the circle of friends, our downloads immediately broke through 500 times.” Ng wei to hunt cloud network to share such an example. To the children’s poetry has a group of mom levels of followers. App in the poetry in addition to Mr North island selected 101 poems, the user can also recommend poems, as long as the approval will be sent to the App for child and his mother, reading. For their children’s poetry and social function, platform sharing, people will have the opportunity to listen to the most times are recommended to read poetry.

ng wei wants to awaken people to the poetry with child and her mother’s beautiful yearning, closer to people and the distance of the poem. is a good poetry, relative to the children’s poetry in order to coordinate the beautiful sex also tend to be more delicate in interface design, some details such as homepage that loud gurgling goggles owl is received a good user experience.

poems give children focuses on children, so on the choice of poetry are predominantly children love. another software “as you read the poem” poetry of adults prefer to understand poetry, poetry social function, interface design is delicate, but are many poems. Litchi FM also have special poetry readings, but given that this is a radio included all kinds of sound, not deep in poetry reading this piece, so on the professional degrees may not be for the child’s poetry.

team, ng wei for her double major in the college of electrical engineering and the Chinese language and literature, entered the IBM after graduation, as a system engineer, and then join the southern weekend as cultural editor, 2007 southern weekend preparing to construct the new media. This crossover experience made him the perceptual and rational, better control of text. Three is a co-founder, in addition to zero after 80, the other two after 70. Most of the rest of the team is after 90, is the Internet of indigenous people, help the team in product operation and technology better operation.

ng wei will Freemium model (after the first free charge) is introduced into to the child’s poem, that is to say the first 20 poems recorded is free, is to continue to record it after the 20 to pay within the application. “I don’t worry about user adhesiveness is not enough, if the user like and formed the habit of reading, feel is worth to pay for good content” ng wei convective cloud network said.

See “must practice” how to make the senior fitness “small white” into “black”


are you going to do at home free time, is to look at a book collection for a long time, or do a coveted cuisine? Or play games to waist sour backache, playing mobile phones to play finger cramp? In fact, the public fitness upsurge in roll, also cannot ignore the influence of the Internet, and in this spell level of social appearance, fitness is has ma3 jia3 line tool, so might as well change a mood, starting from scratch, learn fitness.

at this point, there is an appropriate App is best, the fitness of App on the market is very rich also, like mint, perpendicular to the light of the healthy weight loss tool, allow the user to develop good eating habits. Foreign Fitstar, it becomes a personal trainer, with video teaching as an aid to fitness, formulate personalized tutorial for the user. And we’ve previously reported to provide users with a full range of thin body plan. Must practice more, by contrast, tend to solve small white (primary) users, let them on fitness platform, through the video learning and communication, solve the problems of its own, gradually became a senior user, to play in the home fitness.

must be practiced founder & amp; CEO neal told hunting cloud network, the product promotion period, emergency operation “5 day” brought the Gospel to code the agriculture, patients with seere for the Internet, have no time to go to the gym, at home and take a little time to insist on fitness, body of all kinds of incurable diseases such as pain disappeared gradually, so the code farmers became a typical target audience. And initially, because neal yards around the agriculture colleagues gave him the idea of this product.

it must practice can bring to users?

neal said: “the user opens the practice an App, you can see on xuan animation is passion exercise fitness coach, they didn’t particularly strong muscles, cordial and ground, because really small white users to exercise the guidance of the coach will be welcome, we choose the user want to exchange the coach”. As he put it, after the registration, you can see a lot of video project, must practice invited domestic top coaches, each video is through careful and scientific layout, implementation is simple and effective teaching purpose.

neal told hunting cloud network, small white simple direct user’s demand, to the male users solve because their sedentary office and the neck lumbar abdomen muscle damage problem is the first, users, and for women to lose weight first, shaping the second. To solve these problems, must practice for some projects, such as “21 days from the small white the little black”, in line with the small white users of exercise intensity, and emergency operation “5 day”, “lovely girl yoga”, etc., geared to the needs of different people, to achieve the desired effect.

watch video fitness, not only to practice also provides the opportunity to communicate with the coach, and on the App, users can see the coach can become friends, through WeChat contact, to their teaching online payment service. While many coaches have many fans in before, in the special training camp, they through some training, to achieve the effect you want. Fans to share power is huge, so as to form a healthy fitness ecosystem, improve the user viscosity and insist on degrees.

neal told hunting cloud network, must practice will open online purchase fitness supplies services, such as equipment, clothes, equipment, etc., will also join the nutrient food video courses. Late will also develop health intelligent hardware.

it is known that neal has engaged in a sports journalist for five years, 4 years media director of listed companies, multinational company director of intelligent hardware and half of the work, and now the team has a total of 10 people. Practice not to start in August, the Pre – A round of funding, is used to expand team, user expand, etc.

Intelligent boom hits, the bell is connected to the Internet get smart

(text/Wang Dongguo)

imagine such a life situation: in the same Wifi network, mobile phone can control the power switch, lighting, air conditioning temperature, magnetic door open or close, speakers of your favorite music. This kind of situation is no longer the imagine of science fiction, this way of life is also affect you and me. Intelligent coming boom, and even make the doorbell is smart.

Mato wifi cloud doorbell is a doorbell can be connected to the wifi network intelligence, it through camera records visitors photographs, use wifi network transmission and cloud computing, quickly push images to the host mobile phone. Mato wifi cloud doorbell with zinc alloy material, the size is 118 * 69.5 * 16 mm, weighing 150 g. 120 – degree wide Angle camera, effective pixels in 120. Rely on three 7 alkaline batteries to provide electricity, under the frequency of trigger five times a day, sustainable work for three months. The

Mato wifi cloud doorbell focus on people living security and the need for privacy. It is mainly used in two scenarios:

1: master out time, cloud the doorbell just in time to understand what appeared around the door, and pictures sent to the host cell phone, to ensure safety.

2: when the rest of the house home, the door, and we have visitors can know who goes in the bedroom, even sometimes choose to avoid embarrassment.

industrial design, Mato wifi cloud doorbell installation does not destroy the door physical structure, to share, and traditional doorbell does not affect the function of the traditional cat’s eye. And considering the door to secure, often switch, door does not have the power line, using the design of the battery-powered, charging to avoid trouble.

actually intelligent doorbell already appeared in foreign countries. Such as the United States doorbot and Skybell. Skybell is to install wifi the bell on the cat’s eye. Advantages can be real-time, homeowners can see video scene outside, don’t need a physical transformation across the hall. But takes up the position of the original cat’s eye, not installed App other family members can’t use. Connection speed is slow, power consumption is big, expensive, domestic price of 1499 RMB. At home, there must be a way to move kang, watch, all use similar Skybell structure design. Mato, by contrast, wifi although cloud the doorbell does not provide video calls, but realized the cloud push visitors images to the user’s phone, connection is fast, low power consumption, and cheap, have two years of cloud services free of charge.

business model, Mato wifi cloud doorbell online distribution platform for jingdong and taobao to C, offline development distributors and brand agent, has been through takashimaya and Sam’s club on sale in the country. Profit is given priority to with hardware sales, the cloud service fee income is complementary and advertising platform.

Huang Qinhong was the founder of the cloud the doorbell, also a serial entrepreneur. Huang Qinhong convective cloud network, said the new concept of the traditional industry, company needs new thinking, but the traditional industrial elements a cannot little. In the future to spend a lot of energy to do marketing and customer education work.

it is understood that cloud the doorbell is currently nebula incubator hatching, seeking angel round, funds for the perfect follow-up series products.

How dogs become popular interns from obscure university

editor’s note: speaking of internship opportunities will always be the pain of college students, the threshold is too high or run errands odd jobs, proper internships is I can meet but not forever. If you are anxious for internship problem, might as well take a look at this article, you know that a college student in startup of seasoning in the road.

Luke used now is the 6 th Man Apps, a help sports team to do a detailed analysis of startup) and founder of core developers. Looking back over the past four years, however, he is just blend into Detroit (mainly UpTo) between the startup of an intern. Currently, he is still at the university of Michigan students.

how to enter the startup

when I was 19, a start-up company completely changed my life, I’ve just finished reading a freshman at that time, the mistake is to obtain the startup UpTo internships to software engineering, is also a lucky. This is located in downtown Detroit company, almost time to accompany me to go through college.

it is well known that the startup of an internship is not seeking to meet. I to create UpTo the vc company had offered four times before and after the application, finally get this internship opportunity. My first two application is ignored, the third time was refused, until the fourth time success. In retrospect, rather than individual ability, I believe that move more UpTo is my cheek.

the first day of the internship let me unforgettable, especially that rose from the hall to the office on the third floor of the elevator. When the elevator with two other interns, so we started to chat each other in the school. Reality is to crack down on people, I to the left of the girls from harvard, the right of the male students from Stanford.

the lift to the three layers, for the first time in his life UpTo asked me to do the “dress”. If you have ever worked in a startup, then you must know. In short, I have to judge his post according to someone’s dress.

I don’t pass any details, because in my mind: developers often wear zuckerberg hoodie, designers love to wear bright colors of shoes, the salesman collared shirt, and the vc is generally outside the shirt suite sweater.

can be proved, I didn’t use these inherent impression, the situation is quite awkward. This is what I need for the first time.

startups that changed my life

when I got my first task, I completely meng, simply do not know how to start. My task is to draw a rectangle, and there are N scissors cut it right in. I almost no programming experience, let alone the iOS experience, but I didn’t give up.

that day, I learned a programmer required course, that is using Google. I took the picture good rectangular sent to all the friends, after all, I think only by themselves and the iPhone is unlikely.

on the first day of the UpTo even so bumpy, but also can yet be regarded as a wonderful experience. My working conditions than expected, the desk is only two feet from a senior iOS developer, so I can ask any questions at any time. I sat behind a foot forward the CTO, CEO of answering questions and a core designer. After every day, my knowledge is growing exponentially.

until the second Friday, I truly understand the essence of the startup.

present everyone believes in himself to topple industry, change the world of work and dedication.

the thing is, in 2012, held at Madison theater Detroit Venture Partners, a Pitch Day, start-up companies and investors from all over the world gathered in financing. The theatre was jammed, atmosphere is very warm. Sitting in a bad seat I was thrilled, because at the moment he is morphing into a singular man.

sell startup is an art. Marketers must persuade the investors, let them take out millions of dollars to his own company (most of them are at a loss). If sales process correctly, plus some buzzwords and slides, company can get the money. If action is not appropriate, the company will be notorious. This is a real test.

six pusher after his speech, it was time for lunch. In the meantime we and Mudgie Deli (Detroit) celebrities talk. When I sat down to eat lockwood sandwich, to review this interesting and strange scene: about 100 people gathered in here, in about 15 kinds of your company name and logo printed t-shirts.

ceos in T-shirt coat a sport jacket. This is one of the t-shirts rules between startup. In addition, other people will not easily give you his company’s T-shirt. Stop here, I swore not reveal the details.

at the end of the lunch time, I met a familiar face, but can’t remember where is seen. I looked at his T-shirt on the name of the company to think, finally I met him on the Shark Tank.

he nodded slightly, to me is like a passing friend. It made me recall high school PROM, I admire in the heart the girl waved to me. Well, a bit exaggerated.

is different, this time I understand his position – he can’t recognize me. Then I looked around, but found no other people, he is walking towards me.

he said: “UpTo, sounds pretty cool, what are you doing here?” I nervously stammer said he just intern, but not our conversation so far, but also exchange the email. This is my first interpersonal!

the market day is the first time I saw these people, their attitude towards their work can not be simply described as like or love, they are obsessed with it. Yes, obsession! Even if can not get a penny, they also will continue her work.

maybe you will feel that these people are crazy, but isn’t. They are enthusiastic, all of them believe in themselves as to topple industry, change the world of work and dedication. In addition, I have been infected this kind of idea and thinking.

in the weeks to come, my enthusiasm is still unabated. In the meantime, what impressed me most is a man who will not use UpTo. I was on a flight to Chicago, ms UpTo you are setting up next to me on her iPhone. Although I am not a drug addict, but I believe I see the way she use UpTo as psychedelic feeling absolutely with the drugs. Looked at her according to my button design, I design screen operation, that feeling… Words can’t describe it.

startup is worth a place you into the

objectively speaking, startup work is not always so romantic. Depression period is inevitable, such as after you have just issued an update, will receive email at 3 am, entitled “whole crash!” , the body for the application of “new version update let all users fell apart… “. Needless to say, the next second is set on HipChat open team, programmers scrambling to cope with own phones ringing and followed by the collapse of the report.

all in all, practice memory is unforgettable wealth in my life, although there are many embarrassing details, such as what I delete all the Dropbox UpTo the document.

about the startup work life, spend hours I could not say, if you’re not involved, must be your loss. Because startups is worth deeply among them, if luck is not bad, will not leave the place.


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Parents place pinwheel: select cities Experience another weekend

(text/Zheng Dian)

after 8090, become a new generation of parents, parenting concept also began to upgrade. The parents of the younger generation paid more attention to the parent-child relationship, more the pursuit of give the child a relaxed, happy, fulfilling his childhood.

pinwheel as a focus on S2C parent-child lifestyle innovation service platform, the city family as the core, to content recommendations, a combination of offline experience, recommend city parent-child parents place and to provide the user experience, let users have more nearly in the side of the parents to choose, rich parent-child activities over the weekend.

on content recommendation, day pinwheel wonderful special parent-child information, local parent-child for localizing and city parent-child strategy; On the offline experiences, pinwheel around parent-child theme, service diversification and intensification. Pinwheel can have their own children to play the quality control activities, more instantaneous capture all the way, record the children happy every moment.

on the analysis of the future prospect of parent-child education as well as the development trend of the O2O electrical contractor, founder Huang Zepei think, if you would be a perfect fusion of the two products will be full of vitality and imagination.

pinwheel co-founder Sun Si tell hunting cloud network: “we hope the pinwheel conveys a kind of idea, should be relaxed and happy childhood, and have a parent company. Pinwheel hope can bring young parents a new inspiration. In such a fast paced, high pressure rhythm of life, under the pinwheel do subtraction on family life, to help parents make parent-child activity plan. The city is a new concept put forward by the pinwheel. Work already very tired, weekend family life should be low cost, light to perform the icing on the cake, not tired of travelling.”

said to rival, parent-child market in the last year or two began to fire, and into the vc field of vision. And most of the “parent-child swimming”, “swimming around,” pinwheel give to the user’s program and activities can be immediate implementation of the low cost of money and time cost of parent-child experience. Pinwheel on education and play two roles, whatever the role, however, emphasis is the purest, most natural parent-child sentiment. Pinwheel, hope to be able to transfer and close such emotions let users really use the company to restore parent-child every detail of life, not just a business model.

when it comes to financing needs, Huang Zepei told hunting cloud network, will at the appropriate time to consider financing pinwheel. As a start-up, pinwheel hope to focus more on the product polishing the elaborating management and operation. Brings more valuable services only to the user, to realize their own value from the user’s sure.

Intelligent thermometer sole 】 【 Baby Hero has completed 10 million Pre – A round of funding

(text/Yang Sihui)

today, intelligent temperature measurement into the Baby health management “Baby Hero” golden bean sprouts to hunt cloud network founder exclusive, according to was completed in June 10 million, the Pre – A financing, the investor for HuaRui investment.

happy golden bean sprouts is a typical after 80 of dad, software services accenture have 9 years working experience in the United States, to participate in a number of foreign medical IT project, in the field of mobile medical and intelligent hardware has a wealth of experience. “The United States on the intelligent medical and health development has very mature, and even have a basic domestic thermometer is still very backward, and it made me had a home business ideas.” Golden bean sprouts tell hunting cloud network.

Baby Hero USES the infrared sensor, the use of thermal radiation through the thermopile output voltage signal analysis to calculate the surface temperature. On this basis, the team, the core algorithm and the structure optimization and testing, so that when the product surface temperature measurement of brow can in 1 seconds or so accurately show the human body temperature, the error is only 0.2 ℃, and other goods and environment temperature measurement error is 0.5 ℃.

look from the exterior, Hero is the size of a bottle cap white Baby thermometer, no switch button, a user a “light” can boot, let stand for the automatic shutdown. After startup, there will be one end of the infrared sensor to anywhere, such as human, bottles, bath water, can measure the temperature.

compared with the traditional thermometer, Baby Hero temperature faster; Compared with the ear temperature gun and electronic thermometer, its use more convenient, do not need to be under his arm, containing an entrance or tied to the arm. Magnetic suction at the same time, the Baby Hero to wear, it can be adsorbed on the quilt, pillow case and Baby clothes, thereby reducing the Baby body sensation and alienation.

in addition, the Baby Hero also has the following functions:

1, intelligence prevent lost. Baby Hero using bluetooth from the perimeter fence system, monitoring 5 ~ 20 m children throwing distance, beyond the safe distance to immediately report to the police, let parents control children whereabouts at any time.

2, sleep monitoring. Baby Hero can record Baby daily sleep depth, intelligent analysis of sleep quality and health advice is given.

3, to be reminded. When Baby sleeping popped quilts, Baby Hero will send a remind parents via the phone, to avoid the Baby catch cold.

4, motion analysis. Baby Baby sports Hero to intelligent analysis, to help parents understand the Baby health, found that adhd/autism in advance.

5, posture correction. This function is suitable for older children, when children sitting crooked Baby Hero will remind, learn to correct posture.

actually, in order to measure temperature is cut into the project of intelligent hardware market in children are not a few: the arm or ring shaped like a hand “iFever”, “shields” boa, “iCcur XiaoKe”; Director of clamps in the armpit of the thermometer “fever” (iThermonitor); Intelligent temperature stick “test”, etc. Some main App to remind, some emphasize 24-hour temperature detection, mostly function is relatively single, price from 100 to 100 yuan. Baby, in contrast, Hero more feature-rich, and price for an ordinary temperature only the price of the gun.

gold bean sprouts convective cloud network, said: “the maternal and infant intelligent hardware ‘happy mommy’ financing after 50 million, the market is gradually opened. Under the huge market share and just need to, Baby Hero there’s plenty of opportunity.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, Baby Hero charge need 2 hours at a time, life can be up to 90 days, future plans to add more sensors, realize the body such as breathing, heart rate index measurement. Product is now in the jingdong the raise, the lowest price is 128 yuan, has been raised to 450000 yuan.

it is understood that in the A round of funding is also preparing Baby Hero.