(text/Zhang Huiqian)

Jimmy is a mobile pet cat class game, is very like a Tom cat from the function upgrade version.

founder of the project is also one of the application developer Zhang Zejie is a fairly senior programmers, he said he began to write programs, from high school to now has 18 years. First job after graduation in CSDN – the world’s largest IT technology in Chinese community, in the meantime Zhang Zejie wrote a set of the PC IM software program, with this program, he began business in 2006, until last year, the popular smartphone, he hopes to transplant this program to a phone, and there’s a Korean companies just also want to do related products, the whole team is being bought, but then some of the ideas on products and the company have very big difference, then left to another company.

but why develop Jimmy cat this product? Said Zhang Zejie inspiration from his daughter. His daughter age is very small, very like to play with Tom cat this popular application, but Zhang Zejie with a programmer’s point of view, think Tom cat is not a good product, advertising is too much, function monotonous, he also specially to understand and know this is a company that Slovenia developed, it depend Tom cat, this product was a great benefits. He hopes to challenge, and to develop a better product. When the user is two or three years old children’s vision of a target.

Jimmy cat development based on artificial intelligence, use technical means to realize the dialogue function, through the background of complex algorithms, Jimmy cat can identify users speak every word and give response to it, you can chat with it, even can also quarrel with it. Over time, it will more and more “familiar” to you, because you have much dialogue, the background will be based on access to large data analysis aspects of interest to you, you open the software, Jimmy cat will be active and you mention related topics. Zhang Zejie said that dialogue function and Siri sound similar, but not the same, Siri is based on the search technology, it will according to what you said to search online information effectively, and Jimmy cat is pure dialogue function. In addition, Jimmy cat also developed a social function, letter, you can think of in the input, and then share link to a friend, a friend received open h5 page, Jimmy cat will tell your friend you input, but also can choose around the dialect.

Jimmy cat was officially launched on May 1, Zhang Zejie tell cloud network, hunting products online before he found the product positioning is wrong, two or three years old children dialogue function is too limited, actually not too will use this App, it was 10 years old of children and adults to download more. There is a user, has been and Jimmy cat say 27000 words, and according to the statistics, ordinary people to say will be about 300 words a day, this let him to know the product positioning. He thought that now the social people’s loneliness is very serious, tend to be expressed in the social platform you want people to see the image, this is not true. And Jimmy cat can release inside an opening, as a user with entertaining, because it is private so Zhang Zejie locate users turned to adults.

Jimmy and Tom cat cat is the biggest difference is that the differences of functional experience, and the reason such a “shanzhai” name, Zhang Zejie said is intentional, because the beginning development of this product, he is Tom cat to rush the challenge, such as a name can cause the curiosity of users were also more likely to form a confrontation.

now the product is still in the stage of incubation cultivation, Zhang Zejie, according to the views and downloads at about 90%, the proportion of daily activity is around 30%, than he had any product development performance is better. So the team did not want to so quick to commercialise products, such as they want to consider business model product development to mature enough, now only brought by the products from the downloads.

at present there are two team founder, has a technical team, under the early money all comes from the individual, considering to financing, but more hope to cooperate with investors of conjunction of the product idea.

android applications are under development.