recently, “sanlitun uniqlo” event aroused people’s discussion, is reminiscent of the present situation of the advertising industry, advertisers smashed into a lot of money but did not achieve expected effect, is this force is nasty? Is a marketing strategy or a hoax cloud network editor jun temporarily not hunting, but the editor or to warn merchants, advertising or the law. So the question comes, how to make businesses into advertising don’t skip stone? How to use less money to get more audience’s attention? Hunting cloud network reported today in the “cash cow” will answer this question for you.

a cash cow is a look at the awards in the advertising shake free entertainment App, committed to build an interactive entertainment & amp; Mobile advertising media platform. Not only provides a new advertising platform, merchants also allows users to make full use of debris time watching ads, free drawing, let advertising become no longer boring.

in the past, advertising is filled with radio, television, newspapers, magazines and other media, but the problem is that advertising is not equal to the target audience. At the same time, the mobile Internet and frequency change speed beyond imagination, mobile phones become the first terminal covers the life of people entertainment and work, but so far, mobile advertising and no breakthrough forms and patterns. This makes businesses and users faced with their own weaknesses, on the one hand for merchants, costly advertising can’t see the effect, and store the radiation scope is limited, hard to sell goods to radiation beyond the range of the users; For users, is facing “some favourable activity I don’t want to go to” “some preferential activities are too far away from me” preferential I don’t know “near” embarrassing questions.

a cash cow is saw the pain points of the market, started in 2013, innovation, a unique advertising platform, and solved the difficult problem of customers and merchants. Users only need to download and install the “cash cow” App can obtain preferential merchant near real-time information, via their mobile phones shake will have access to the businessman to provide mobile phone, customized gifts, physical, coupons, and even cash package and other kinds of prizes. Users to shake the opportunity for several times a day, are free to choose the ill effects of advertising page, which won currency to exchange goods with cash coupons, can also be used for more credit, etc. This is not only for businesses to ensure the advertisement audience’s attention, also provides businesses with accurate reports and user information, close the relationship between the user and the business; Discount also provides users with accurate information.

cash cow merchants currently covered include catering, real estate, the gym, cafes, cinemas, and other categories, services in major cities across the country, at the same time and easy to pay, pay treasure to cooperation, open online payment function for the user, there are already 2.7 million registered users, and increase of 10000/day in order to continue to rise.

founder zarva told hunting cloud network and cash cow mainly by custom promotion, advertising, product sales, such as pay FenRun profit points to make a profit. Which businesses into advertising 6:3:1 according to the proportion of allocation, users receive 60%, the agent gets 30%, the remaining 10% as a platform for service.

cash cow belonging to cash cow technology co., LTD., the company was established in 2012, the team is currently more than 20 people, the founder of zarva have many years of experience in Internet industry, has completed hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of financing, the next step to complete 20 million A round of funding, mainly used for the expansion of cooperation merchants and users.