(text/Wang Dongguo)

car home quick fix is a smart car ownership O2O platform, including washing the car, beauty, car maintenance maintenance services such as mechanics. Online by site and WeChat public number, booking, order, payment. Has set up two experience offline store, implement the owner car ownership of the whole closed loop. Offline store, home car repairing secondary store rate reached 45%.

users in regrets, easier to buy a car subsidy. Car as consumables in the bring convenient life at the same time, to produce loss, which requires owners take heart to the maintenance. How can find good service again not deceptive automobile maintenance shop, has become a trouble. Car home quick fix in the process of trying to solve the owner maintain information opaque and services considered the question. Fast car home with his own experience shop owners to provide a service field, owners do not need to worry about any situation, only need through WeChat or PC order, can monitor all the way, accessories to provide 13 months warranty, store and WeChat public can view real-time video for the work.

car home quick fix the purpose of the creation, from the founder of pang hk – an encounter in Beijing. “Beijing is all car after startup mode and I experience all the platforms and start-ups launched last year, but always feel lack of something. 4 s shop is too expensive, 4 s shop shop is never let you into the inside of the issue. Shop I experienced by the road, really not reassuring. Each big platform does not have its own stores, far from the user experience.” Pang said.

mainly concentrated in north guangzhou automobile maintenance Internet program, including the marketer of quick, easy to repair, cluster car treasure, have a car, etc. More and more projects in the works of “Internet + chain” model. These companies received substantial financing in nearly two years, favored by the media, also illustrates the automobile maintenance project is turning from the side simply do light Internet products. Pang – tell hunting cloud network, compared to the same type of products on the market, car home quick fix more thinking + IT attaches great importance to the Internet, online platform or channels of cooperation with third party (car home quick fix is UBER strategic partners in shenzhen), and form a complete set of car home quick fix the drainage system.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, founder and CEO of pang hk wins, worked at hewlett-packard, enterprise information consulting and services for more than ten years before, to the enterprise management, team building, information construction, the Internet has a lot of actual combat experience. Co-founder and COO Zhang Ye, in the field of auto parts manufacturing industry for many years. Co-founder Chen Guangqin, is a traditional thinking heavy Internet industry practitioners.

to profit, car home quick fix early profit mainly comes from offline stores, now has a experience shop to achieve the profit and loss balance.

about the future development plans, pang hk – tell hunting cloud network: “layout this year in shenzhen, south China provinces and other new one or two store experience, and gradually began to increase investment in Internet product development. The new WeChat service platform will also be launched in the end of July.”

the car fast repair has won 20 million angels.