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just a short span of more than a year of college students in installment market will do in full swing, has almost colleges and universities in China. Student market is a large gold deposit, social, logistics, electricity, Internet financial have Internet practitioners in the field of its ambitions, and the ultimate goal of various products in the field of college students in installment. Hunting cloud network for college students in installment site inventory, in no particular order sorting.

1, stage music

staging is the nation’s largest focus on college students’ shopping mall in stages, stage music with jingdong mall, Yi Xun network B2C mall reached a strategic partnership. By the end of 2014, le has covered 260 cities by 3000 colleges and universities, and is equipped with 34 marketing center, the average daily turnover of tens of millions of yuan, has for more than millions of users to provide financial services. Stage music, P2P platform orange financial management was set up only half a year, the number of registered users has exceeded 500000, sales has exceeded 300 million yuan per month. Stage currently has 5000 people, which is about nearly 1000 people full-time staff, in addition, there are thousands of campus part-time team. Staging music on campus provided more than twenty thousand work-study jobs. Installment, founder and chief executive wen-jie xiao said: “stage music by the end of this year, hope to be able to accumulate more than 5 million user scale, achieve ten billion yuan in sales.”

team information: wen-jie xiao, oranges, founder and CEO, installment, founder and CEO, who served as director of tencent choi tenpay. Housewarming, orange co-founder, staging, co-founder of


finance information gained four rounds of financing, in March this year was the last time the jingdong strategic investment, in December 2014, for $100 million B round of funding.

2, boring stage

boring stage is a installment shopping + P2P financial management platform for college students. On March 21, 2014, interest in installment shopping online, has dozens of cities across the country nearly thousand universities to carry out the interesting in installment shopping business. Interest in installment launched specifically for white-collar workers and children to staging and child installment, boring stage will also be put into new project – fun shop, the so-called boring store is to support entrepreneurship for college students, for college students to interest in installment platform open a shop. Interest in installment, founder and CEO amith jj said: “the annual turnover in 2015 is expected to more than 10 billion yuan.” Boring, according to the staging is currently in the country has more than 2000 full-time employees, more than 100000 part-time employees. Fun at the same time in installment will be within three months from may, at least support has more than 10 m in 100000 college students “fun shop”, will provide totaled 500 million yuan subsidies and interest in installment mature offline resources to assist.

team information: amith jj, interest in installment, founder and CEO, vice President of good joy before buying. Installment COO veryls, boring, my carnot’s science and technology Beijing co., LTD., founder of NOP, former assistant to jingdong mall brands.


finance information gained four rounds of financing, the recent round of financing is announced in April 8th, raised nearly $one hundred million.

3, love to learn loan

love learn loan in August 2014 formally launched, in consumer finance as the core of college students’ integrated services platform. Love to learn loan installment, special digital products and second stage everyday, provide zero down payment in installment, post-sale service and other professional consumer financial services; Part-time, and set up business platform. Love to learn loan has covered 30 provinces and cities all over the country at present, more than 2500 colleges and universities. Love learning college student loan installment shopping platform, sales reached 6 million, sales break through 100 million.

team information: Qian Zhilong, love to learn loan co-founder and CEO, was founded as a co-founder of “shopping”, former head pay treasure to user group. Wang Feng, love to learn loan co-founder and CTO, pay first CTO.

finance information: announced on January 10, 2015 completed A $40 million round of funding. B round is in the coming negotiation.

4, mercy stage

mercy in installment, college students part-time shopping platform in stages, with the focus on the national college students online shopping in stages, with “zero” promises to cut into the university stage market. Has been cooperation with many famous enterprises. Mercy to close to the price of the college students’ consumption level and installment shopping way, mid-range price market, provide products and services for college students. Mercy in installment introduced a “part-time” mercy, through various channels to collect part-time opportunities (such as distributing leaflets, network maintenance, etc.), recommended for college students in installment borrowing. Mercy in installment users can choose cash + part-time for reimbursement.

team information: Huang Jianhui, mercy in installment, founder and CEO, alibaba 9 years work experience, founded in 2012, hangzhou code information technology co., LTD., was founded in 2014, hangzhou mercy technology co., LTD.

finance information: A and B round has been completed, recently is in March 2015 to win bono throws the capital increase of 25 million yuan.

5, 99 in installment

99 hire college students stage stores mainly in the face of college students, the main digital products, all support zero down payment installment payment. In February 2014 online, online since 99 in installment will mainly focused in the second – and third-tier cities, through the offline to push people to the school. Founder Yang Yuzhi said in the completion of A round of funding, 99 will expand cities in stages, and into cities, and on the capital layout and more action, “is the new three board next year.

team information: Yang Yuzhi, 99 staging, founder of Beijing finance huizhi network technology co., LTD., general manager, serial entrepreneur, who served as the shake handshandle net senior channels department general manager, have to be responsible for the campus

finance information: during the Spring Festival this year, 99 completed A round of financing of $thirty million. At present, the company is B round of funding.

6, superior stage

best stage, development rapidly since its launch in June 2014, more than 20 cities in the country to establish a marketing center and branch offices. Optimal installment opened across the board on review, online signing, exempt from offline bother! Compared with the short-term interests, optimal installment pay more attention to the “credit reserve” bring considerable benefits in the future. Optimal stage combined with college students personality characteristics, consumption idea, interests, preferences, help them to establish a complete credit consumption. In June 2015, optimal hire new college students travel by stages.

team information: room flat, optimal installment founder and CEO. In 2008 co-founded the ji degree of international. Li hui, optimal staging co-founder, serial entrepreneur, who co-founded ji international.

finance information: in August 2014, obtained the very serious fund led tens of millions of yuan.

7, learn to borrow

learn net loan officially began operations on February 8, 2014. Learn net loan collection of college student loans, college students in installment shopping, campus media/advertising business, college students, college students part-time, supermarket, students on campus, university sports activities is a body comprehensive professional student information service platform, is the domestic loans for college students, the first campus P2P lending patterns. Now learn to borrow nearly 100000 registered users, users across the country, the current business mainly concentrated in chengdu. Learn net public student loan page is also designed.

team information: jia national wealth, net loan, founder and CEO

finance information: in February 2014 completed the angel rounds, at present, the company is conducting A round of funding.

8, bei points

Mr Points focused on college students and office workers provide installment buying 3 c electronic products purchasing service. In September 2014, the combination of points to enable the domain name fen360.com online, covering 360 cities across the country. College students in installment shopping besides zero down payment, select the third phase of fee reimbursement is zero, no credit card, only cash card installment can be dealt with. Bei points are now able to apply for “flower”, is also directly apply for cash, up to 2000 yuan in cash directly to your pay treasure, taobao Tmall purchase at will.

team information: Yang Yaochu, founder of shenzhen bay over financial technology co., LTD.

finance information: financing situation unclear

9, school loans

school loans to fill the blank of national student loan market. Staging, since 2013, the service has covered the country’s 1177 colleges and universities in bachelor degree and above. Industry in the first successful build application, letter, reimbursement and other one-stop online loan services, application without any paper, contract review, undisturbed multisectoral regulatory privacy protection. The school loans, so far has been sponsored by Shanghai fudan, wealth and twelve well-known colleges and universities “health sunshine cycling tour and dream -” club activities. In June 2015, I also announced to the wheat gold suit to school loans reached a strategic cooperation, school credit loan is as high as 3, 10 billion.