the app can move the user’s communications has become the demand of the market, maybe one of these apps is about to enter the so-called “unicorn club ()”. A caller id app, now has 150 million users, valued at $1 billion, the ongoing round of $100 million in financing.

, reportedly Truecaller hired Morgan Stanley to be responsible for the process, the existing investment terms. The new and old investors could vote.

so far, the developer of the Truecaller True Software, has raised $80 million. Before investors including sequoia capital,,, and. The company plans to increase the amount of the financing for perfect products. Truecaller founded in Sweden, has a number of market, including the main market in India, had 80 million users. Now, the company plans to expand into other places, such as the United States, and plans to office building in the Bay Area (the Bay Area). Truecaller users this year is expected to reach 300 million people.

Truecaller use white page directory book (white pages) and Yelp platform to collect contacts, reoccupy crowdsourcing information gathered from the platform users added database (this includes access to your address book, but you can refuse), in order to conduct business. Individual users can refuse to be input.

the next, the system will through the data analysis and machine learning, in addition to its caller id to provide you with other businesses, such as: based on your environment, recommend to you time you might want to dial the number, or a tag number you waste area reported the most times. Other features include: garbage number intercept, directory services and intelligent messaging service.

the company through other advanced features within the app to purchase items and advertising to get profits. India’s regional manager claims that Truecaller conference line paid version at the end of this year.

Truecaller was founded in 2009, the global market of mobile phone usage growth opened up new opportunities for the company. That means that can use it to raise more capital, but also means to spend more. Sweden in 2014, the company accounts data show that Truecaller net sales 670 kroner ($780000), a net loss of 846.46 kroner ($9.8 million), year-on-year growth of 400%.

it is said that this round of funding, Twitter and Google have seen investment plans, Twitter might be involved in investment and investment at the same time.

this is not a surprise. Twitter since 2013 in cooperation with Truecaller. And Twitter also founded in private investment cooperation with the company.

Twitter and Truecaller cooperation, let users can through the phone number in the Twitter search, and then through the Truecaller app attention and send messages. This can improve the usage of Twitter, old and new users. User growth is Twitter’s current top priority: according to the quarterly report released yesterday, Twitter only added 2 million monthly active users.

Truecaller early version is mainly to provide customers with telephone directory, and caller id. The concept and its striking, caused such as service and Google in the android platform competition. Truecaller, meanwhile, rapid growth, expansion of features and functions, to develop a series of related apps, including SMS application app (currently only available in India) and a dial android applications.

this app in some countries with calls for the mobile main use of popular, others use phone number to contact people app (such as WhatsApp) is well too.

Truecaller and Google Ventures spokesman declined to respond to the investment speculation, Twitter also don’t comment.


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