abstract: also won’t have time for work and worrying about transportation? Is also considering to hire a part-time driver? Safe and innovative services Uber children had HopSkipDrive was born! Need to book in advance, you can arrange a car for your children.

HopSkipDrive is a bus service, it can be parents do not help children to complete the task, sending children to they need to go to the destination. This service is founded by three working mothers, the purpose is to give the job is busy parents provide a safe, reliable transportation way.

Kirsten ms Hanson – Press had been afraid that need to deal with at the same time as a full-time job of college admission consultants and as a mother to shuttle pick up two daughters to go to the task of extracurricular activities. The Los Angeles, have two daughters mother thought it was really a difficult thing. Her two daughters, ages 11 and 14. In ms Hanson – Press the most busy at work, they on highway 405 in opposite directions are rowing exercise and after-school tutorial, however, weekday afternoon, she usually need to meet with the students in the college.

this is not just inconvenient, this time also make the mother feel pressure is more and more big. She will finish work early to pick up their children? If you don’t go to, two daughters appeared together in sharing a car? She needed to hire a nanny to when the driver, she this cannot solve the plight of both two ends? Or she will choose completely without considering two daughter’s transport problems?

Hanson – Press said in an interview: “once to consider transport two daughters go where they want to go to, it let me feel this is a totally have no way to do. Every day I feel anxiety for transfers their things.”

at this moment, however, HopSkipDrive! Startup has long been known as the Los Angeles is exclusive the children a ride.

HopSkipDrive is founded by three people in Los Angeles, it also has a mother of three entrepreneurs. This service is only for children aged 7 to 17 full-time driver, to be responsible for the children. In many ways, HopSkipDrive somewhat similar to the Uber, Lyft and sidecars kind of traffic network company. Drivers are similar to the contractor, they are responsible for with their own vehicles to transport passengers. All the driver needs to pass the background of the third party inspection and test vehicle. While parents can through a mobile phone application on a mobile phone for their children for transport vehicle booking and payment by no cash transactions.

however, compared with the above company, HopSkipDrive and they still have obvious difference.

Uber driver usually only need to have experience can mount guard work, while HopSkipDrive driver is different, they also need to have at least 5 years experience in child care (this means HopSkipDrive driver itself can be a parent, babysitter, teacher, camp counselors, etc.). Earlier and a in the bay area called Shuddle software, is also a children’s travel market start-up, they all drivers are after inspecting company. HopSkipDrive will inspection on the driver’s recommendation, even in every sign up for the service of the driver to ride. In addition, the company will be dedicated to transport all minors journey to provide insurance.

HopSkipDrive co-founder and chief executive of Joanna McFarland, said: “in the design of HopSkipDrive in the beginning, we hope that this service is safe. This is our core idea. We itself is also a mother, we all understand the idea of parents. We know when to provide services for our children, what is the most important thing. This way of thinking has been through in every aspect of our company to run.”

however, when found some had never had a criminal record Uber driver was charged with assault on the customer’s time, people begin to realize that a background check can not accurately predict whether a person in the future will be a crime. Even if a company can attract enough customers to create a sustainable development and profits of the business, public relations problem still has high risk.

McFarland HopSkipDrive driver will become “the private care”. These drivers are aware, once the transport needs of minors, they usually need to register to enter or leave the school, at the reception desk to check in and wait for the children and their coaches or classmates together to leave. HopSkipDrive on all reservations must be made 24 hours in advance (can also be a few weeks in advance booking), and then HopSkipDrive will share photos and details of the vehicle driver to parents. Passengers must also come up with a password to tell their drivers as an additional security measures, in order to ensure that they are made from the correct driver shuttle.

McFarland said in an interview: “our customers are children, the risk is very big, so we must all be careful.”

HopSkipDrive platform company currently has 11 full-time staff, more than 100 signed driver has more than 1000 customers. So far, HopSkipDrive company platform operation is carried out in most of the Los Angeles area, but McFarland said the company plans to expand at home, but because of the massive driver review process, the expansion process may be in a slow but steady way.

she said in an interview: “perhaps HopSkipDrive Uber and Lyft development process can’t compare with, but the situation is we intentionally, after all, we deliver customers but most precious treasures.”

since heard HopSkipDrive this service this year, ms Hanson – Press often use, often need to use six times the service within a week.

ms Hanson – Press really attract says she was the founder of the HopSkipDrive is also mother’s identity.

ms Hanson – Press can be packaged to purchase bus services, it will take about 12 to around $20, the specific price depends on how many times she chose to buy the service. She can also arrange transit times for her two daughters. HopSkipDrive brings convenience for ms Hanson – Press calls this service “working parents of a missing link”.

the driver HopSkipDrive Margaret Washington was a teacher before, she thinks the service to fill the lack of family on the traffic.

she said in an interview: “the parents hope their children will actively participate in sports, athletics, music or drama such activities, but often sent the children from an activity location to another location is a very difficult thing. For single parent families, this problem is more serious, but luckily HopSkipDrive just solved the problem.”

HopSkipDrive the startup has just received $3.9 million in seed round, and is expected to attract more busy parents.

seed round primarily funded by Upfront Ventures, at the same time FirstMark Capital, Maveron, BBG Ventures and Joanne Wilson also involved, provided funding.


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