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most start-ups have failed, it is not surprising, but didn’t think of letting a person is most of the business incubator is also ended in failure. Getting a favorable conditions when a few advantages to occupy the future market, other project also for hatch and attract investment in the go to great lengths to the team of the company, so that the project is implemented.

as a future real business school, most of the business incubator can provide very valuable for the novice entrepreneurs education and guidance, make them success in the future one day to start my own company. However, under normal circumstances, business incubator investment and participate in important project, and can’t help novice entrepreneurs to success. Because successful incubator, constant need to business model innovation.

some lessons from history

in the mid – 1990 – s, post-google will into the field of science and technology business incubator mode. By an independent, strong executive and experienced team operation will their ideas on to the independent business people. Rocket Internet companies to promote this model, using it in a few short years e-commerce systems and business models copy covers many hot areas.

at the beginning of the 21st century, Y Combinator companies with satellites at the same time advocate and use the hatch pattern. Outstanding entrepreneurs and technical personnel began to get rid of the isolated state. They began to accept guidance, mutual encouragement between peers, with only a little money to make ends meet, just a small amount of product into the market. Early Dropbox, reality and SendGrid case began to circulate in the success of the company, at the same time around the world an incubator of enterprise also began to look for ways to copy the successful experience.

copy + paste: failure

quantity is not equal to qualitative change, usually for a plethora of business incubator. Hatching some promising project, to a specific team to operation and management, but these teams have no experience in creating and managing science and technology company, also does not have to find the optimal project investment experience.

they raised enough money to support it, at the same time also received the government development fund to increase local employment issue cheque, and hopes to improve their street cred, let those unsophisticated people thought that they will soon be able to launch a valuable portfolio diversification.

some advantage projects will receive thousands of applications, each round is even better than harvard, Stanford MBA program option to larger, but the rest of the project be returned due to no takers. Every project, hope to get investment to become the next batch of start the project, but because of the different teams and different project products market potential of high and low makes these projects in terms of quality is divided into a number of levels.

start and management in the operation cost of the project is also an important factor. A cheque for $50000 in San Francisco for a team of three people at the lowest cost lasted only for a few months, and in other parts of eastern Europe that can support more than one year, and the quality of life is also very good.

it also makes some inexperienced entrepreneurs experienced a so-called “entrepreneurs” way of life, these “entrepreneurs” does not need to ramen and red bull, day and night planning market to strive for success the research and development products, the startup, but spent a happy time without pressure. Perhaps one day they can improve their ability, the development of very valuable product, but only at that time they may also ready to business advantage.

the next generation of entrepreneurs to college

when Adeo Ressi unexpectedly founded the institute of entrepreneurs, many people laughed at it’s tuition and asset model. After few years, the institute of entrepreneurs deeply affected thousands of entrepreneurs in cities all over the world. They will even some company to cash.

the UN general assembly, TechHub, Galvanize and many other companies have developed a value, profit and return business model, and combined with entrepreneurial training and work space. Enterprises and companies began to use a variety of funding and capital increase plan in their areas of interest and promising project early to establish relations of cooperation.

now changing of institutions of higher learning are beginning to realize that education and their own shortcomings. In addition to the traditional theory of education, they also provide similar Stanford StartX such a project let the students to learn in practice and exercise.

select, select

if you want to run an incubator company, then you should personally to investigate and review to ensure to provide help and the result can meet your needs and expectations. Because you are one of the biggest harvest in the incubation program is valuable experience and project tutor feedback, you should go to understand the operation of the project company founder and personally involved in the project, to do their due diligence.

at the same time, you to this kind of help and guidance provided by the incubator should have a clear understanding of and understand it with your other projects differ choice and opportunity cost.

merge is possible, in this era of business incubators we seem to be in the position of a forefront. The collapse of the network company gave us a second Internet startup the basic train of thought. Business incubators may be the next generation entrepreneurs laboratory education way. We should cheer for this, but also to be treated with caution.


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