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as Shanghai P2P Cocar stop service, car rental company in the field of P2P car rental first leg has begun, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry. Throughout the P2P car rental market, the north has PP car rental, treasure a rental car, a friend, friend rent a car, but only bump south the renting dominance. But also started the bump in Shanghai’s car rental in recently declared to enter the Beijing market, the entire territory expansion across the country.

bump car rental exactly what charm not only obtain xiao-ping xu angel investment, can all the way from south to north, continue to expand, hunting cloud network according to the interview of concave and convex, founder and CEO Chen Wei to renting a car, share the concave and convex rental differentiation competition, the Shared economic and forecast the future development of P2P car rental areas.

xiao-ping xu platform differentiation competition where

19 bump car rental in October last year that gain matrix partners nearly $10 m A round of funding, and disclose the angel investment person very serious fund xiao-ping xu, xiao-ping xu also come up with their own BMW and tesla to join to the concave and convex Shared car rental. Since May 2014 launch, with millions of online users registered vehicles 50000, more than 7000 kinds of cover models. Such achievements, Chen Wei to competition will be the main credit differentiation.

1, the differences between the brand positioning and target user

bump car rental target user group mainly aimed at the 80 and 90 after the main “a whole new way of life and personalized service”. Compared with the traditional car rental platform for functional notice, concave and convex rental paid more attention to personality and experience, not only have a buick platform currently registered vehicles, Honda and other public class models, and luxury cars like ferrari, maserati, even including the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper global edition, the domestic first fiat 500 c limited, “bumblebee” (Chevrolet camaro), high class, and many other character models.

2 , high service barriers CheGuan home ” 24 hour on-call

is very important as it is the first time you try to experience, experience will continue to use, good bad experience will lose platform constantly new users. Bump car rental has been set up barriers to competition in the operation services, for more extreme personalization rental services.

bump car rental for owners and tenants provide one-on-one CheGuan home services, open “24 X 7” customer support and roads to aid channel, will offer attentive service around the clock, in any accident or accident, ensure that resonate with many CheGuan home. As long as one day in advance orders, you can choose to use 24 hours free pick up car business city, concave and convex rental home full-time CheGuan will pick it up instead of the tenant to the appointed place, and the door for tenants to send car; Car after using, tenants can be car to CheGuan home again, by its the car back to the owner. In addition, and the Pacific insurance reached a strategic investment, ensure the safety of the user security.

bump car rental will regularly invite users to participate in the “rental experience sharing”, listen to the most timely feedback from users, in the first place to improve product design and service efficiency. Regularly invite users to participate in the activities of offline interaction, user experience as the core value of products, build brand barriers.

3 , regional differences , different strategic layout

in almost all car rental platform in the fast developing Beijing market, concave and convex car rental is by Shanghai gradually radiation to connect and jiangsu region, forming region linkage from south to north of the city. At present, concave and convex sharing rental has successively entered including Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou, guangzhou, Beijing and other cities.

planning for the future, Chen Wei grant said: “will be opened in more cities, next month have 13 of the layout of the city. In each city by using different differentiation competition to obtain a higher market share. Differences in the Yangtze river delta, south China, Beijing, but the most important thing is to play through a city.”

the graph is concave and convex car rental, founder and CEO Chen Wei to

P2P car hire more O2O

Chen Wei to wen-jian zhang is founder and another 10 years of friends, in front of the concave and convex rental online preparation stage, PP car rental had beat online, followed by a rental car, a friend, treasure friends car rental, Cocar successively joined, the door is fundamental to the field of capital to close the window.

to enter the market relatively late can occupy the advantageous resources, Chen Wei to point out that, rather than a pure P2P car rental platform mobile Internet platform, it is more of non-standard products, take longer to offline, so operation involving the link more, be more O2O platform. From this perspective, Chen Wei to think that the core is the supply of private cars and platform compatibility, this is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, so in the early operation and product level to do long time of growth and improvement.

platform on the health of the platform is also matching degrees, coupled with the private owners do not have to earn money to give priority to, therefore, how to let the owners are willing to share for a long time out of their car, makes the extent of the platform to achieve a healthy is very important. Bump car rental through offline operations and services up to dispel the concerns of the owner. Chen Wei to point out that subsidies may cause owners brush single blindly, it will raise the cost of tenant to rent the car, bump car rental advocate “does not have a” type of car sharing rental model.

Cocar fall make P2P car rental began to reshuffle after two years of development, for new into the company, Chen Wei to convective cloud network said, “no chance, time window and the Windows are closed.” She predicted that, through continuous accumulation of offline, P2P car rental industry by the end of the industry will usher in a larger point. Along with the continuous development of industry, also can derive some new patterns, such as the date to rent a car, drive a car rental, etc.

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