(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

a six two roast duck a kg + two bottles of beer, so a RMB 38 roast duck small meal, feed a 4 to 6 person’s bedroom, cuisine and late into the night in the platform of bullies don’t duck seemed to be the best cp.

since last may on-line WeChat platform, only by selling roast duck at night this single category of takeout, overlord don’t duck average daily sheet is over 2000, the average monthly turnover in 2 million. The author thinks that, bullies don’t duck high single quantity is not an accident, and is seeking a single point of breakthrough from niche, and cultivates the user experience.

bullies don’t duck the ordering process is relatively simple, the user can order by WeChat or telephone, central kitchen will according to the purchase order quantity control duck populations, ensure the user to eat roast duck were baked in the day.

using the self-built logistics distribution, and set in each school 10-20 park manager. Late at night in unified time distribution to the universities, by the manager of the park and distribution there from, and sent to the dormitory door. At present, the overlord don’t duck distribution team of 600 people.

in addition to the chengdu area distribution on the outside, the overlord don’t duck also exported to Singapore and Thailand, and 45 cities across the country, in order to guarantee the freshness of the roast duck, the inner layer adopts vacuum + foil paper, shelf life for 4-5 days.

He Ruiqi to hunt, founder of the cloud network, said the overlord don’t duck the dormitory as the core, for whole roast duck, don’t want to do a single package, is expected to bring an atmosphere of unity and friendship among the user, to enjoy the feeling of together, more hasten is Shared with the economy.

in-depth users also let bullies don’t duck has a great chance to understand the user, the park manager and distribution there of user information and preferences are collected, formation of user data. Finally, formed the bullies don’t duck the warmth of the details of the service, for example, in the important dates for the user to hand draw CARDS, in the girl’s aunt period when aunt send tea towels and brown sugar and ginger, for couples to send gifts on valentine’s day and so on.

about competition, He Ruiqi thinks, at present in the food market to shine “hungry?” was not late at night in proprietary products and distribution, not form a positive competition. At present, bullies don’t duck cash flow is relatively abundant, intentionally will roll out the size of the market, the main will be more than 2200 colleges and universities across the country.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting as bullies don’t duck, the founder of the as He Ruiqi after 90 is already a jingle industry veteran, when jingle ascendant, has established independent ‘chengdu search food web (a peer to hundreds of millions of yuan wholly owned by Beijing after purchase). In addition, He Ruiqi ERCI went to Singapore management, enterprise development of yiwu industrial and commercial college professional e-commerce, but his entrepreneurship from the second day started, in his own words, stop reading, but it never stopped business.

the bullies don’t duck in the last year is complete 1 million angel round, now plans to enter A wheel.