(text/Wang Dongguo)

brigade is a main photography service vertical O2O platform, through the App to connect users and independent photographer, intended to make professional video service to everyone. App as the carrier, to the user, choose their preferences style of photography, see the photographer sample, and appointment service characteristics, meet the demand of their photography. For photographers, uploading, show individual character, free creation, creating a personal brand. Closed beta version of the App has launched the android platform.

brigade Lu Yanxuan tell hunting cloud network founder, photographer gradually trend of individuation, feasibility, makes the traditional studio, assembly-line production mode was eliminated. Now there are a lot of independent photographer, will be released at the social networking site photography services, access to customers and income. But there is no a mature vertical platform to connect the photographer and the user, this is the journey to solve.

about present photography class O2O service products in the field of many, mostly in providing personalized photography services as the breakthrough point, but the subdivided into different directions. Showtrue as webmaster to play overseas travel photography service, for example, go to make the main wedding photography services, eggplant campus photography services. Lu Yanxuan tell cloud network, hunting trip more familiar pictorial photography, core users located in women, especially urban women 18 to 35 years old. They need high quality personalized image service, rather than the traditional studio, the pictures of mass production.

Lu Yanxuan convective cloud network said, at present already in independent photographers are official invitation, after will open, and by uploading samples and customer to review. App has not officially, only a portion of the photographer in the beta testing.

profit model, Lu Yanxuan tell hunting cloud network, the current operation focused on quality assurance, won’t come to the photographer a commission. The future will have orders commission income, pay recommend, equipment ads, clothing and props trafficking and other revenue models.

about the future direction of the brigade take Lu Yanxuan said, fast matching based on LBS will follow in the city about the business, as well as a makeup artist, stylist appointments more vertical rich photography services.

the brigade team a total of 14 people, Lu Yanxuan founder, graduated from guangdong university of finance and economics, has created a guide based on taobao electricity service project “shake”, is also a photographer.

the brigade is seeking angel round.