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according to MPR relevant data, including mobile phones projection, partners, and other forms of micro projection equipment sales in 2014 show explosive growth, increased 2.3 times. 25 times more than five years ago, the personage inside course of study is to predict, smart mini projector sales this year will exceed 6 million mark. Hunting cloud network reported today booz of E3 is a member of the smart mini projector.

booz, E3 is an android intelligent projector can put in my pocket, the main function of entertainment. E3 size is 140 * 75 * 20 mm, weight of 175 grams, almost is almost the same and the mobile phone, can take at any time put in my pocket. Abandoned the traditional old handheld projection keystrokes, E3 use touch screen control, in addition, E3 also used the double USB interface design, can let you only need to connect mobile hard disk or USB flash drive, you can play photos, movies and other video. E3 adopted, for example, in the aspect of sound AUDIO + sound processing, sound cavity + side out sound BOX integration design, let the exposed outside sound, the sound quality is better.

the projection on the traditional concepts, to produce more than 60 inches of big screen, beyond the ordinary effect of the television, but the time has come to an end. As the user to improve the content and experience requirements, clear smooth picture becomes more important. Based on this, booz, E3 adopted American Texas instruments DLP digital light processing projection technique, to ensure that no distortion, no partial color, don’t run. At the same time, the use of 6 + 2 nuclear GTS960 graphics processor, 1 gb of memory, high-speed 4 gb flash memory, make E3 in high-definition video and games more fluent. Cooperate with the turbine design DFB501283H mute fan, make E3 heat dissipation effect is better when high speed processing data. The following for booz’s E3 specific parameters:

for intelligent hardware, if the hardware is the foundation, the software is the sublimation. On the basis of the hardware, booz E3 attached android system, using the modular UI, it makes operation more simple, the user is more easy to use. In addition, using the E3 exclusive with screen function, can browse content on mobile devices directly through the E3 projected on the screen. E3 also supports the latest hard decoding h. 265 video coding technology, can let the video under the same video quality of smaller volume, can save up to 50% of the bandwidth, this also means that under the lower than 1.5 Mbps transmission bandwidth, which can realize the online video of hd broadcast.

booz’s E3 projects established in July 2014, March 2015 to achieve the small batch trial-produce, June on taobao, the online, raise launch in July. At present can directly buy on the day the cat flagship store, sells for 1699 yuan.

founder told hunting for cloud network, at present, booz E3 use crowd mainly urban rent gens, family film fans and outdoor enthusiasts. E3 is one of booz, series products of science and technology, the company has domestic intelligent without screen cinemas, pocket type intelligent without screen cinemas, portable intelligent screen cinemas, head-mounted smartmovie etc series products.

it is reported, booz, science and technology was established in April 2013, has three founders, respectively, a former galanz electrical general manager for life, there are two founders revealed no convenient. The team a total of 21 people, covering technology, sales, promotion, after-sales, management and so on the whole chain. On the financing situation, is currently the shareholders for said its own investment, has not yet started foreign financing.