(text/Zhang Huiqian)

the yacht as a senior consumer goods, in the past often can see its presence in the film and television play, to flaunt the role of a rich or a life of ease. But as a human being, will feel it and have a sense of distance of life. In fact, in many developed countries, due to the set sailing yacht, sports, entertainment, and other functions into an organic whole, can satisfy the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life, so is mostly like a car owned by private, and is very commonly used in holiday. But in China, yacht is more as a scenic spot management project for the people, to enjoy the pleasure of a yacht, a lot of people still remain in “$50 for a spin” original ideas and ways.

boat leisurely guest, the founder of Yu Feng hope to be able to change the status quo. Yu Feng do enter the yacht industry since 1997 are professional managers, once in China the first yacht club — taihu mercury yacht club work, before starting my own business is worked in Brunswick’s largest yacht manufacturing companies in the United States, has twenty years of experience in the industry of yacht. Yu Feng tell hunting cloud network, as early as you enter the yacht club, realized in domestic yacht cultural correct guide is a blank. And chose + Internet business model, because the traditional cruise in the current domestic political and economic environment will lose large Numbers of users, fixed the traditional markets have been shrinking; 2 it is to hope to be able to use the Internet such a the most hot spots, combining the Internet and the yacht industry, foster a new way of vacation and the concept of life.

boat leisurely guest provide global resort and yacht renting two major projects, the former is for users to customize packaging of travel issues all the way, while the latter only provide yacht renting service. Provide resort project is one of the ways in which let the yacht “ground”, because the holiday, in contrast, a more populist form of entertainment, can be integrated into the yacht project in the holiday, users spend an hour can experience the yacht service, such as eating a meal on the yacht, enjoy a glass of champagne or simply enjoying the view, let the user feel the fun of the yacht. Another way is with some online travel company, provided by the boat leisurely guest yacht project, part of their Tours, let more people to experience the yacht. It is worth mentioning that official website of the resort project is customized products, consultation and foreign tourism company strive for more in line with the habits of the Chinese people, the late, hope can through feedback adjustment, optimizing the entire product. Yu Feng admitted that the cost of doing so is relatively high, but more conducive to cultivate the market.

since June 2015 officially launched, boat leisurely guest service scope is covering most of the popular tourist destination in the world, and it is used to work in the accumulation of contacts and resources play a role, to business scope will be rolled out quickly, and rather more overseas projects, domestic project is still in developing. Yu Feng tell hunting cloud network, he hopes to intensify the development of the east China area, the area of deeper mining project, and then to east China as the center, to expand the north and south ends. Now the product is still in accumulation of user experience, there is no large-scale propaganda, but took two or three months may be held more than offline activities, mainly experience the yacht.

in terms of competing goods, the current domestic similar platform is less, search boat network and fine craft network covers only to the domestic yacht rental, will provide the information at the same time, the nature of the portal is more obvious; Do sanya sanya yacht network is the single point of leasing. Yu Feng said team also done competing goods analysis, study concluded after boat leisurely guest should try to make it a more service platform for the Internet, or you can’t really provide for public use, can’t cultivate the market.

founder included, there are five core team members, they all have different areas of expertise, such as the CTO worked at Microsoft, the present CFO is large state-owned enterprises, COO in all kinds of foreign investment enterprises and private enterprises have been an assistant to chairman, development department minister before is the work of car sales, the overall strength is strong. Now the team have full-time personnel 10 people, plus outsourcing personnel, team a total of 16 people, for a startup project, the number is not less.

company is created by the founder of the five people, currently has financing needs.