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cloud network hunting as a focus on TMT entrepreneurial innovation in the field of science and technology media, has been given a large number of high-quality original articles, there is no lack of among them some exclusive financing information. Earlier this year, hunting cloud network that is working on the evening news of financing, the financing remit a week report. Over the past six months, the hunting cloud network data collected more than one thousand financing (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, the official shall prevail, judge is only for market), special for the China science and technology venture investment statistics report, analysis from six months to change its technology start-up financing characteristics and trends, and do a full review of various niche, see what niche there is opportunity, hope can bring some help to the entrepreneur.

a. Quantity and amount of investment and financing rounds each

hunting cloud network data statistics show that in the first half of 2015 China’s science and technology start-ups disclosure of investment amount 1261, involving investment amount of about 53.9 billion yuan ($1=6.2 RMB conversion). Due to the hunting cloud network more focused on the early entrepreneurial projects, so not enumerate, C, D or more strategic investment and PIPE.

among them, the first half of 2015, seed angel round of funding, a total of 573 cases, involving investment about 3.543 billion yuan. Risk investment in A round of 543, about 27.925 billion yuan. B 145, 22.434 billion. Such Pre – A wheel, A + + A special rounds, due to the small number, in order to facilitate the statistics, due to A wheel. Details are as follows:

to explain that the influence of China’s “Spring Festival” in February, selectively fended off this time. In addition, during the Spring Festival, is very serious fund xiao-ping xu et al., “released real raised” initiative, then catch up with the “3.15”, for a small climax. So remove influential monthly, it can be seen that the financing quantity in gradually reduce, down to the bottom in May 169, entered the picked up later in June 213.

venture near, there are A lot of startups in angel rounds with only A good idea is to get an angel, but because of various elements, select report raised very little company, general start-up is keen to disclose funding around in A wheel, we can’t directly see from above startup “near”. Only see A wheel to B wheel rashly, is roughly A quarter of success.

cloud network hunting in one sentence to introduce the first rounds: seed angel “scattered layout, diversification”, A round “entrepreneurship to commercialization”, after series B “for the win.” Can be seen from the above, the financing amount is due to A and B wheel kept increasing, presents the rising phenomenon, in June to 12.709 billion yuan. July financing is expected to steady growth, as to the whereabouts of money, overweight in round B trend will be more obvious. Integrated number “four”, 10% of the value raised two ways, the current round of B in a savings period, namely the process of forage stockpiling ammunition, the next three months, we will see more and more of the competing goods outflank B round of the game, and won a very important reason which the investor support rate.

2. Monthly quantity and amount in various fields

O2O overwhelmingly superior in Numbers are easy to understand, a total of 180 cases, accounting for more than 14%; Followed by is the money near 162, e-commerce accounted for 13%. Because of the cloud network statistics when hunting style entertainment includes advertising, games, sports events, so the amount of financing style entertainment appears more, a total of 143 cases, accounted for 11%, it is worth noting that the “sport” a has a rapid growth momentum, perhaps can separate detailed comparison, the second half of this aside.

enterprise service is a real black horse, especially in the tide of national business nowadays, a variety of toB business shows a one-stop full flowering situation; Finance has various stages, the P2P lending to staff; Car traffic have a taxi, carpooling, car, car rental, car after market prosperity; Online education in the overall financing is more, the number of successful hunting cloud network, please he taught basically every month to see the success of financing; Corresponding, social networking, online tourism and real estate services are the basic stability, property services at the bottom, only 39, accounted for 3%, that is to say, after play a relatively small chance of success.

electricity due to involve the upstream suppliers, downstream logistics warehouse, so the money also is more, a total of 8.842 billion yuan, accounting for more than 16%; As the nearest money financial industry ranked second also understandable, a total of 8.504 billion yuan, accounted for 16%; And on the factors affecting the same mentioned in paragraph, so changed the style entertainment does not speak; Then the mode the heaviest intelligent hardware industry, a total of 6.86 billion yuan, accounted for 13%, on the supply chain, there are marketing link, under the less money wasn’t enough for all.

car transportation and local living subsidies “war” is most obvious, “coupons” must finish now the hand of the most people are useless, that is why the money and use, easy to understand. Health due to the relatively sensitive and belongs to the high-tech industry, so for the time being in a stage not best not fire, but late cloud network think hunting both in quantity and amount will be like an enterprise service by gesture. Enterprise service quantity is more, with less money, you can see is still in its early stages, opportunities exist greatly. Is the same as the above, the real estate services, online travel, social these three categories is very stable, social bottom, only 884 million yuan, accounting for more than 2%.

3. Each niche statistics

hunting cloud network divided into the local life, online education, finance, automobile transportation, real estate services, health care, and online travel, smart hardware, entertainment, business services, social networking, electricity 12 categories, and a “tools and other” category, containing tool software such as difficult to divide the startup project.

1, 20151 to June TMT field local financing quantity, amount of statistical life

can be seen from the chart, the local life field, in line with “may hit bottom, June recovery” trend. Number, only in May 19, June 29. Look at all the rounds the financing amount, in June, B round of fight is more apparent, 878 million yuan of refinancing suddenly raised the whole amount to 1.393 billion yuan, may fall in July, but will remain at around 1 billion yuan.

since last year and the first half of this year, the entrepreneur influx O2O local life, the industry reshuffle is growing competition, because it is like, like regiment campaign in the niche of the “baby” has grown up, step by step into the stage of battles to fight. Entrepreneurs admission at this time most likely to become cannon fodder, not even the rule, you can only maintain a fit awkward position, might as well consider other industries.

2, 2015 1 ~ 6 month TMT e-commerce in the field of financing quantity, amount of statistical

is also the trend of “recovery” in May hit bottom, June, 22 in May, June 26, according to the growth, will be in July 31. The difference is electricity industry experienced a dog-eat-dog competition and calms down, by the “cross-border electricity” bring about a new round of battle. In addition, a variety of creative class electric business, vertical electric business also has its own space to grow up. Only incoming electrical contractor to do plenty of upstream and downstream coordination, seller’s market to a buyer’s market is also important. Are closer from the money, after all, can be slow, slow and steady cloud network hunting is not advocating a sharp expansion, shaky most easy to let the opponent.

3, 2015 1 ~ 6 month TMT field entertainment financing quantity, amount statistics

as stated above, the literary style entertainment as a whole is relatively complex, hunting cloud network don’t read too much. Conforms to the trend, in terms of the bottom in May 17, rebound has 23 June. On the amount, may achieve the commanding heights of 2.303 billion yuan, instantly fell in June to 1.184 billion yuan.

4, 2015 1 ~ 6 month TMT field enterprise party service financing quantity, amount statistics

this is said to the enterprise service is a dark horse, and it is just wake up soon. Corresponding increase in the quantity, is the investor of wait-and-see attitude, careful to invest in some more understand niche, so we see the investment amount into an outbreak in May, in June and rapid tightening, visible idea more than action. , with the increase in the number of startups enterprise services business, the selectivity of the investor also increased, after extensive analysis, on how much money is not a problem. So based on May 17, June 22, cloud network think hunting in July in addition to continue to increase in the quantity, investment amount will be high, as for to what extent, hunting cloud network think there are A large number of wheel, A wheel impact company B is higher than the total amount in May.

5, 2015 1 ~ 6 month TMT field finance financing quantity, amount statistics