(text/Wang Dongguo)

a black desk is a smart desk. Desk will through its built-in bluetooth 4.0 and smartphone real-time connection, will the use of time every day, the data synchronization state of matters, the environment, as well as to WeChat public service, and storage into the cloud. It USES infrared sensing technology and wire socket hidden design, expanded the measurement range to 120 degrees, accurate to around 3 m. Desk size is 1400 mm * 800 mm * 800 mm, weight 20 kg. Use wood and steel materials.

in addition, the desk is also equipped with air detector, can measure the light intensity around the desk, PM2.5 values, such as environmental data, at the same time according to your seat time in rest reminder.

a black desk there are two versions. Version 1.0 for senior white-collar workers, the main environmental monitoring + when using long record function. Version 1.1 is on the basis of the 1.0 upgrade, in view of the students, in addition to air monitoring, planning, sedentary remind, a new control wifi function, can be controlled by the parent children surf the Internet and games.

shen jian is a black desk, the founder of the graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university, former world’s largest advertising group, director of Internet digital marketing. Shen jian told cloud network, hunting on market now can still can’t find a record work efficiency, the desk of monitoring the work environment. A black desk, is to reassure users on the efficiency of the work, hope that more and more people know what they are busy.

smart home industry prospects, many Internet brand also in the exploration in this area. Abroad, there have been a called Stir Kinectic intelligent Desk, Desk equipped with touch screen and can adjust the height. Said shen jian convective cloud network, intelligent household industry is basically a technical problem. Just need to be insufficient, the development difficulty is bigger, to be honest, also hope to have the ability of entrepreneurs can study in this field, let the market gradually grow up.

promotion strategy, weibo WeChat will is an important source of promotion, and use for future products built to make on the basis of binding WeChat. Will also try to cross-border cooperation, offline activities, etc., on the map for the brand.

profit model, hardware + software is suitable for routine service desk. “But in a short period of time can’t rely on software to profit, unless our product sales to a certain level, our official community activity is very high, high enough to give other brand advertising.” Shen jian said.

Vervet desk

it is understood that the raise has completed 344%, seed round of funding have been got.

I was curious why do you want to take with this name, shen jian said: “first, because the first generation product has a black board on the table. Vervet will more important reason is in use process, the use of the environment for you call a spade a spade, will debunk the appearance of you think you very busy, do a black face the image of baogong involved. It will sincerely for your own good, will make you smile not to come out.”