pick an apple from the tree, fruit waxing, packing to it, wholesalers take it sitting on a train and by trucks, was finally store owners on the fruit stand, wait for a long time was finally customer pick, to complete their mission. This long process, detract from the quality of the apple has raised its worth. big fish to do, is to eliminate redundant ripening preservation process, avoid all wholesalers and retailers of the intermediate links, saving fruit a third of the half of the sales cycle and reduce the cost.

big fish established jointly by the three partners are respectively YuHanMing food lovers, women mentors Chen li and wu, head of the flood. At first, Chen li YuHanMing and years partners in order to give children find quality healthy eggs, ran to a chicken farm to pay a more than 20 to find satisfaction of eggs. Around back, there are a lot of people to let them help to take some eggs, they discovered that the market demand, decided to adopt F2F (Farm to Family), the new concept of marketing mode, to create a focus on health and safety of fresh O2O platform.

big fish directly cooperation with orchards, farms, the main selling fruit, dried fruit, such as agricultural products, including fruit accounted for about 80%. Big fish team close to origin, select, and regularly review and examination, each goods pass strict screening, inspection, sampling. From October 2014 to begin operations, to now received extensive attention of wuhan family, big fish’s business model has undergone many times of adjustment, improve step by step.

at the beginning of its establishment, the orchard and a farm as big fish and ties between families, sale service, the simple sales model has not been very good returns. YuHanMing tell hunting cloud network, “we found that the usual to buy fruit basic it is mother in the home, they are the main customer base, big fish between mothers often communicate together at the same time, so we thought of let mothers become our distributor.” Big fish in micro letter end sales system is developed, mothers can zero cost to register their own shops, also do not need to spend too much time to do, every one can get 10% to 10% commission.

in the big fish distributors, about 10% of people with disabilities. For them, to open a shop of my own will be difficult, but on a mobile phone shop management is very simple. Big fish want to be able to make this part of the special people rely on their own ability to get income, be confident, let their social value. Big fish will regularly for distributors to develop “entrepreneurial training group”, marketing for them in the aspects of knowledge.

the distributor ACTS as the role of the transmission part, big fish will be entirely responsible for distribution and after-sales. In the logistics sector, big fish decided to adopt the way of combining long and short logistics. Long logistics will be the goods shipped to shops or distributors home of cooperation, as a transit point; Short of logistics which delivery way to send fruit to customers at home. This way to avoid the loss of goods in a express sorting, fully covering the scope of business, and improve the user experience.

is expected in September or October this year, big fish and cartoon film “rush hall” rabbit, chain beverage enterprises “I drink good parts,” charity “to fish charity fund” cooperation, to create “Internet +” on the wuhan local distinctive cultural theme experience store and support programs for the disabled. Experience store “love shop”, located in the core of wuhan city circle, the waiter for people with disabilities, earnings will be part of the funds into supporting the plan.

actually, in the region and even the whole country, and many large and small fresh O2O platform, there are a few fruit and fruit store cooperation, have a one-stop service with good parts, is homemade fruit platter of fruit, even cats electricity jingdong mall, days also has a special fresh plates. But big fish original F2F mode, focus on doing “mother’s fruit”, the main health card, make customers can rest assured. In YuHanMing view, the “niche market” is a key point, make the brand in addition to the competitive and other electrical contractor, closer to the audience from the fruit store also has a part of the market, only pinpoint the direction of the big fish, do their own advantage, to win in the competition.

big fish team currently has 10 people, you also need to know more about the fruit market, understand the product research and development talents to join us. YuHanMing is wuhan point refers to the media co., LTD., and some advertising company CEO, at the same time also in hubei province electricity association vice-chairman, vice President of the school of commerce, and hubei province electricity, he said he saw the Internet change of 20 years in hubei province. For decades, he gained partners, accumulated the entrepreneurial experience, but his most important is the role of “father”. He love food, more love to give her daughter to do food, circle of friends in the sun on her daughter do pineapple rice and her daughter’s smiling face, is full of happiness. YuHanMing told hunting cloud network, “I want my children to eat healthy, delicious and big fish can let more family in health, so I like to do it.

big fish in June this year won the angel investment about ten million yuan, the money will be used in the App, team expansion, source for research and development, and urban expansion in business and so on. It is understood that in 2013 the annual income of the fruit market in wuhan have been million, YuHanMing expressed the hope that can get 50 million yuan of investment to develop the market.

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