a new platform to help companies deal with the data, today announced that it had won a $20 million B round of funding, financing by 8 led Formation. Other investors include Andreessen Horowitz and North Bridge Venture Partners, they also participated in the $8 million in A round of funding last October.

Cazena founded by partial Netezza’s former employees, Prat Moghe was the leader of the company. Bought by IBM Netezza in 2010, he served as data supervisory department general manager, after purchase, as senior vice President, responsible for product marketing, strategy and market.

in dry after a period of time, IBM Moghe felt it was time with a new perspective to solve the Netezza encountered some problems. “See how enterprises with brand new big data stack (such as Hadoop, a distributed system infrastructure) fighting struggle, we began to think about the next 10 years the prospect of the data processing,” he said. “Every enterprise, especially large enterprise, are actively look for ways to the process can improve the sensitivity of the cloud, but the complexity of the existing platform and security issues is a big obstacle.”

Cazena aims to greatly simplify the process of large data processing in business. Moghe, finally is the ideal state, using Cazena simply points three times, you can set up the data processing work (of course there are some problems need to be solved at the present stage).

by automatic search to the services, set the processing data set analysis technology solutions, so as to get rid of the complexity of the processing. Next, it will work for customers automatic regulation, optimization and management process, whether the Hadoop, Spark, MPP or SQL9 (such as Amazon Redshift) type of structure.

according to your workload and other standards, such as price or you want to get the results of speed, Cazena will provide you with the appropriate infrastructure, and then focus on all the progress. “In the end, the data as a service become a new classification, we hope that we can help enterprise, good let them use cloud computing.”

Cazena spent about two years, to open their new products. Moghe said, however, that the company is in cooperation with a small number of large enterprises, to beta test , now haven’t reached completely open service stage.

when ready Cazena will use relatively special pricing plan. Said Moghe, plan is for service, including all the costs of cloud computing, support and SLA overhead, a single charge. At present, he thought, for the cloud processing charge system, such as gigabyte, note, are difficult to predict the result of the enterprise.

this round of financing funds, will be used for the technical development, sales promotion and development of the partners.


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