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for two years, trial operation for 100 days. Today, baidu early entrepreneurial patriarch, le tao network founder bi sheng finally after they save his strength, with his “necessary” products conference held in 798.

is a necessary C2M model online electricity, to help customers directly to manufacturers, save intermediate process, open cost consumption age. The age of the Internet all the products in to the middle, a product from production to make the hands of consumers exactly how many links?

in the conference, bi sheng, from among manufacturers, brands, dealers, and so on a total cost factors, contains about 20 layers of middlemen add every so, make a luxury handbag cost is 100 yuan, make consumer prices had risen to more than 100 times.

bi sheng in the middle of the conference stressed that his C2M mode, and the layers of the intermediate links to seven, or even less. C2M mode to “consumer demand” as the beginning, use the Internet user data driven manufacturing, connect directly to consumers and manufacturers, abort all the circulation, inventory, order to production, reduce the product cost to a great extent.

bi sheng in the conference have been saying one word – cost performance. Necessary to attract consumers with cost-effective products and retain consumers, however, it must have a strict investment policy:

1. Producers and consumers is a necessary connection platform, select the top manufacturers in the production of high quality products, but companies must follow the principle of the necessary pricing, allow producers on the basis of the original cost price 20%, controls the price of the product from the source, with high cost performance to retain customers.

2. With manufacturer cooperation, the cooperation of the manufacturers to establish a flexible manufacturing chain. Compared with traditional batch processing production of electricity necessary choice C2M on-demand production, reduce the cost and the intermediate links.

bi sheng C2M seemingly is a function of the platform, warranty on the product quality or to actually depends on the level of producer, necessary to select the top manufacturers, have their own flexible manufacturing chain, and ensure quality of the manufacturer, so has been emphasized “cost-effective” is also reasonable.

then choose the top manufacturers, manufacturers: why do you want to work with necessary platform? This is based on the following: the traditional manufacturers squeezed a long time, while handing consumers don’t know how many times the product price, but manufacturer still don’t have profit; Manufacturers cut orders for delivery of decline of cash flow is not smooth, cause arrears drag paragraph length. However necessary on-demand production platform, flexible manufacturing chain manufacturers are willing to cooperate.

Internet people don’t understand retail, but also have a gap between manufacturing and offline retail. Traditional manufacturers are all 2 b, only know if do the product, but don’t know how to sell. Now on the necessary platform, in the face of the is C side, it must guarantee the quality of produce the products, or “necessary” also will screen out inferior manufacturers in order to achieve credibility.

at present, the necessary platform, contains the women’s shoes, bags, accessories, sports, glasses, men’s shoes six categories. In the conference, bi sheng emphasizes that it is necessary to platform on the glasses. 1.74 high refractive index lens, true blue uv resistance, pure titanium frame, personalized lens I breathe the signature and so on craft together make the glasses standard only sell 169 yuan, the top configuration is only 499 yuan, of course, on the platform for consumers to choose from a variety of glasses.

necessary platform with C2M model to sell the products with high cost performance, it is reported that over the next year, will be necessary to add 4-5 category, the necessary platform product category will be more than 10.

summary in a word, it is a necessary similar Tmall investment promotion platform, the ownership of the product manufacturers, necessary trademarks are selling channels.

bi sheng said from baidu to le tao “necessary” is not necessary to do, but real influence on the mode of “necessary” is millet. Well known millet is cost-effective products, cost-effective + Internet hunger marketing let millet was successful. “Necessary” also chose the Internet short circuit between cost + like millet method of reverse order pattern to eliminate inventory. Bi sheng said; “In the future there are two parts consumption, a kind of consumer groups is a delegate with apple, another kind is represented by millet to pursue cost-effective consumer. All I do is will be millet reform from every industry.”

bi sheng, said C2M model will become the world’s fourth kind of e-business model. Go out after the conference would have caught the torrential rain, this is the baptism of C2M mode of electronic commerce?

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