(text/Zheng Dian)

home service APP is multifarious, vertical segmentation much more special, users can’t install APP so much. According to the need of some low frequency but more important, the user whether to install more hesitant. Moreover, home service competition is intense, each has a different preferential subsidies, but users will worry put every APP, space is limited after all, mobile phones and install the APP, memory usage, make its performance is affected.

in the tide of explosion O2O market nowadays, information summary and classification is particularly important, navigation becomes a good choice. Beauty send remittance belonging to wuhan beauty technology co., LTD., launched in March this year. As a home navigation service platform, the United States to send remit to provide users with all kinds of O2O home service APP navigation. Manicure, massage, such as delivery, got home cleaning, washing the car, car maintenance, generation of driving, O2O laundry, etc., can all through beauty send remittance APP or WeChat public Numbers (direct search beauty send remittance) to a key. At present, the United States to send with the fruit of wei, huake leasing, cloud the dining room, home good, such as 1000 + stores reached cooperation.

the door lock, open sewers, such as low frequency but just need to service the APP will not appear on the user’s phone, but the key time and want to use; And mature just need high frequency services, such as delivery, home hairdressing, manicure, hair, etc., there are many different kinds of APP, but very few users will put tao, hungry, Meituan take-away, baidu takeout, comment on delivery, etc. All installed on a mobile phone. Dedicated to provide users with the most comprehensive beauty send remit home navigation service platform, release the cell phone memory, allows users to more easily find you need the high quality service.

the United States to send remit founder Roger wang believes that only really high frequency to meet user requirements, and experience the perfection, to survive in the market. Beauty will send remittance according to user’s location, the display can provide users with home services, do what you see is what you get. At the same time, the United States to send remittance through a set of intelligent data analysis system, the brand service partners in each category optimization sorting through the service quality, ensure the services provided by the is the best quality in the same category. To be successful, Internet products must be high frequency, wide “track”, the whole crowd at 3 o ‘clock. Separate the door lock, dredge sewer too low frequency; Manicure services such as too single, don’t cut into the “runway” wide hard to continue to do big; Home nanny service for newborn parents group, cannot do the whole crowd. And brings together the beauty of numerous home service to send remit can compensate for low frequency with high frequency service, because of what you don’t need to low-frequency installed separately; Different niche business combination of the runway is very wide, such as in doing fine nail beauty industry company, can be easily cut hair, facial treatment, etc.

the United States to send remit to provide good vertical segmentation users sharing mechanism, the same platform of different niche business users are more likely to converge to the wide runway “players”. At the same time, the United States to send remit navigation for users provide new O2O home services, create and inspire internal customers’ needs. Platform in different brand service users have high overlaps, and navigation is one of the best user sharing platform, allows users to have access to more beauty to send remit home services. Such as some users may only know doodle nail art, but he also find massage by the United States to send remit lions and other home services. The aggregation effect of user will be very efficient, and low cost.

beauty send Roger wang of science and technology to introduce cloud network hunting, beauty to send remit at present mainly WeChat public and Android version, IOS version is under development. Beauty send remittance will consider future access to pay for part of the traditional complete online closed-loop transition to the online home services. Beauty will send remittance through advertising, regional set-top, trade commission and other ways to promote quality services profitable. It is understood that the hui has launched angel round.

company: wuhan beauty send technology co., LTD. (wearound@163.com)