since group-buying, O2O’s magnitude billions of beauty industry market has become all kinds of entrepreneurs to jostle to flower field. Beauty is one of the more common on the market there are three kinds of patterns: door-to-door beauty, online booking and off-line experience, provide information service for offline store. Beauty meijia is take the door-to-door beauty line.

the company was established in September 14 years, at present there are 24 online staff team. 5.10 began trial operation. 6.4 number to enter the formal operational stage. Founder jun-ze wang had two entrepreneurial experience, college did take-out and games, civil servants have done two months after graduation. Has had the largest beauty chain brand team core gram li orange-red elegant nine years of experience in sales channel experts, has a fitness club general manager, the beauty industry experts, as well as the first account into the 1.2 million taobao electrical contractor.

jun-ze wang thinks: beauty industry have a spending is not transparent, strong marketing and health situation does not guarantee, consumer leisure time can’t agree with the status quo of improve the space is large. Just need the beauty industry was the female consumer market, relatively no beauty just need younger users, beauty meijia to start focusing on the user viscosity high market over 30 years of age. Beauty industry profits high and has a clear profit model, the data showed that gram li orange-red elegant beauty products integrated gross margin has been maintained at 91% level.

compared to the user is relatively young, can give a person direct sensory stimulation, the venue for smaller nail beauty industry, beauty industry jun-ze wang said the hardest should be spreading plate:

1. The beauty industry brand concentration is high, compared with the traditional nail offline brand, such as user for kristi twips and assist deng ni silk has a clear tendency.

2. Users ages of the beauty industry is relatively high, the user base is relatively narrow, the door-to-door beauty things such as the acceptance of a process.

3. SPA beauty industry projects have relatively strict scenario, the door direct skin for skin exposure will give users for safety consideration.

this is mika conception in two ways to promote, one is the open experience store, giving users satisfied experience for the first time, reduce to consumer distrust of the plate, the second is acquaintances recommended.

the follow-up platform accumulated to a certain users, facial meijia will analyze large data for the user group, directional, fine to do advertising, to create a similar to the Jet of high quality electronic business platform. Late jun-ze wang said: “hope beautician price to pricing, price war.”

traditional salon beautician unreasonable salary structure, is in the form of basic salary + + service handles card. Meijia for beautician to take the form of direct action, have 2 years or above experience, age under 30. Enclosed training 1 month. For technician service attitude, communication skill, craft specification rationalization. Do beautician are your own boss, no sell, don’t do card, carry the specialized small portable instrument door-to-door service. Online booking is largely improve the efficiency of the beautician service, “don’t push the light pin” give the team more enthusiasm. Subsequent to the user online evaluation and telephone review system. Low price based on largely cut down the cost of not bring value to the customer itself: set up shop rent, investment, and salon owner in investment income.

door-to-door beauty of players and the beauty of the Taoist, small housekeeper, beauty director, etc. Jun-ze wang said: “the door to beauty O2O, certain degree just like housekeeping service. Aunt charge by the hour you will always feel aunt have slack off. Dear, when you have a better choice, before will enlarge the shortcomings. But there are many disadvantages when it doesn’t matter, compensation.”

get angel bay in March 2 million seed funding, now looking for the next round of financing stage.