(text/Zhang Huiqian)

“is not only the housing intermediary, for the most part of service industry in the future will be transformed into market pattern is given priority to with freelancers,” bean than founder Dong Dejiang said, “I personally think that the future of the service market will become a little liberties groups fill the state of the market.”

Dong Dejiang is online rental platform bean pekah, founder and CEO, his work experience rich, worked in sales, doing business 263, because want to get into the Internet industry, later went to yahoo China, stayed in alibaba, sina weibo, but due to personal reasons resignation, and after that, he had the idea of starting their own business, then went to HOME LINK, responsible for freely online project, and stayed in room is great for a period of time, hope to further understand the industry and observe the process of traditional industry transformation, and then starting my own business. He includes his team already stayed in traditional industries, also did not leave the Internet environment, the current market and the industry have a certain thinking, so I hope in his own way and experience to do an interesting challenge to the traditional project.

beans than plus is a from C2C + O2O model online platform that rent a house, the difference between it and traditional rental platform, beans than hope to rephrase the play, by now the employment of agent models into a free agent, weakening the idea that users find their own room and strengthening agent to help find housing form. It puts forward the concept of everyone is a free agent, let users to help users solve the problem, this means that every user has a demand can be a broker, for other users looking for a room with demand. As to how to arouse the enthusiasm of free agent, first of all, this is a need for strong but not the working process of the complex of the service sector, according to the survey, the entire rental period can complete one or two days, it has turned into natural free career potential. But it takes time to become a free agent is the ordinary people, the idea will not happen immediately, so at present the free agent on the platform mainly is part of the agent in the intermediary company, and have had experience of agent, this is one of the first training beans than with free agent. Dong Dejiang said, gradually will really start to let some inexperienced people completely become a free agent, will be a tutorial to teach them how to handle the relevant things, after they get started, just tell them the rent related information, the process requires that rent a house their own initiative.

beans than add the supply of homes from now decorate apartment and some of the principal lodger, Dong Dejiang thinks, renting and selling are low frequency, cycle is both a year, there is only one high frequency points which do this batch of trading agent, they may be a month can do dozens of single building trades, so can they with credit evaluation system, this is also add bean than want to form a window of free agent model. Credit system will prompt agent to improve their service efficiency and quality, and pekah bean itself is a form to evaluate the agent provides a credible platform.

as a result, for agent, no longer subject to broker, without the restrictions of regional, single volume, seniority, only need to focus on improving service quality. For users, pekah the bean’s agent service pricing is between 300-500, and the commission in Beijing is usually a month’s rent, it will be cheaper than traditional intermediary costs, low prices for the impact of the tenant is very big. Bean pekah’s goal is to let the price to a minimum by means of market competition, the commission is decided by the standard to the market. In addition, credit system will form a competitive urge agent locked well, take the initiative to improve housing quality.

beans than want to accomplish the basic pattern is the information on the platform, service in the agent, the user experience, formed a good “triangle”. Dong Dejiang prefer compared bean than add to rent in the field of taobao, each agent is small shops, but the platform is commodity trading services that rent a house.

beans than online earlier this month, plus the agent of the client is now in the drainage of seeds broker, is expected this month there are 20-50 agents in the platform, the client than agent end line half a month in the morning, but this pattern because want to advocate and exchange commission, require agent operating together, haven’t promote client app so early. The current main business covers the core of the area are in haidian, chaoyang outside sihuan, Dong Dejiang tell hunting cloud network, their two business people spent two months time, now has got forty thousand apartments. In terms of user drainage, can through the way of social marketing, and in view of the existing agent clients with the original secondary marketing, let the customer to attract new users. As for the agent import, the early stage of the team resources play a major role.

beans than with the core of the team in addition to the founder, there are four partners, they all have been involved in projects in the transformation of traditional real estate company to the Internet, the Internet combined with rental industry has considerable experience, the whole team a total of 15 people. Has to stop expanding, plans to hire after A round of 50-70 people.

the beans than add angel rounds have been completed in early April, is planning the next expansion plans.