a few days ago, I received a message, a bubble in laundry and wanda’s wanda property to achieve depth exclusivity, subsequent according to business development, gradually to expand our cooperation to other cities, and even the whole country, bubble laundry logistics terminal layout took a big step forward. For half a year’s screening for wanda property also finally the dust settles, wanda property form a complete set of virtual blank being filled bubble laundry in the laundry.

just need laundry as a high frequency, chase after hold in both hands and favour by O2O trade, with the continuous increase of entrants, some local market dint, lets a person associate to the last drops have to take a taxi and quickly take a taxi that no smoke, not even the winner of the war. Bubble washing and wanda property news reached cooperation, let’s see some different ideas.

O2O is not a castle in the air, the ground of community service is the ultimate

as long as it is on the Internet, traditional industry at present stage frequently, such as redefined the so-and-so industry, overturns the XXX industries, in bubble washing eyes, O2O make traditional industry is the nature of the user experience is more convenient and quick service, hold a talk about redefined, often said that subversion is only a concept, only really be born to the user, service to the user can realize the value of the O2O.

online laundry as a family service, the service object is very clear, is the home, it is based on the ideas and thoughts, bubble laundry in founded soon approached property resources, hope myself as part of the community service, really into the user. This is a win-win process, for the bubble laundry, through the resources property, can let the bubble laundry brand deeper heart owner, bubble laundry and property dual brand protection at the same time, let the user is very easy to create credibility, to form stable consumption of their own circle, word-of-mouth effect; For the property, enriched the type of service, strengthen their own virtual facilities, also have more competitive.

out of idlers economic circle economic prick silk, dig in the high-end community

bubble laundry according to the user for the ease of, the user is the following picture: one is consumption ability and consumption habits; Second, consumption ability but no consumption habits, as economic power has increased, and the influence of the people around you, they will be a gradual move to the first group; Three consumption ability is limited but there are certain spending habits, this is the so-called slug economic elite users, this kind of person, after have the corresponding economic strength is easy to be converted into the first category of users, but where is this batch of users, is a lot of problems do lazy economic enterprises; Fourth, it has no consumption ability and consumption habits, there are preferential have free will, go without, this is the so-called prick silk economic elite users, basic there is no such user user loyalty, seize it is easy to keep difficult.

a lot of Internet service industry in the transformation of traditional industries, from the beginning to the road, in order to beautiful user data, in order to beautiful orders report, they tend to put most of the energy in the number of dominant after two kinds of users, users of low contribution will into the heavier the more users losses of the enterprise circles, once overwhelmed, consequences.

in bubble laundry’s view, the existence of the online laundry is to solve the pain points of the user, such as no time to their own laundry and don’t have time to dry cleaners, such as higher own washing clothes class inconvenience, such as dry cleaners cleaning cycle is too long, such as near where there is no let oneself satisfactory dry cleaners. Bubble laundry hopes and high-end residential property in the cooperation, for the former two types of user in-depth digging, really solve those outside itself has clothes will be sent to wash the pain points of customer groups.

fine service, and finally 100 m is no longer a problem

traditional outside laundry needs of groups, not price sensitive group, but the service sensitive group, how to seize this part of the group? Very simple, every detail of refinement.

bubble laundry has been in the refinement of logistics terminal layout, the final 100 meters of logistical problems, is an electric business, online service industry are faced with the problem. The bubble washing and wanda property reached cooperation is in order to in the last 100 meters to the user experience better. Bubble trapping, founder of the laundry, “in the service process, we encountered some situation, such as customer because it’s urgent to go out, even if has not yet agreed to take time, customers can also call urged even complaints, the feeling is very bad. And property cooperation, let the property to pay for the last 100 meters, is very good solve the problem, you have time, you hope we provide door to door service, so our logistics personnel on-site service; If you don’t have the time, after the order, you can put the clothes directly to the property, the property will be done for us is the basic order entry, the operation of the clothing collection, and then we go directly to the property take clothes, washing mark according to the order, after the completion of back to the property, you get home from work, from the property carry clothes back downstairs, so it is very convenient. For us, of course, in addition to improving the user experience, we can greatly save the logistics cost.”

the property in a bubble washing and minsheng bank also reached a cooperation, minsheng bank around the upscale neighborhood community Banks can be exercised by the property responsibility.

in the communication, the author understands, bubble laundry now in planning or in a lot of things, such as private laundry valet, such as star laundries, bubble laundry hope through to the high-end residential area in the dig, find the real needs of users, to provide them with more than they expected.

trapping admits, from the perspective of brand development, she hoped, after a bubble laundry depth excavation user, referring to a bubble laundry, thought is not only a laundry, but the recognition of the whole process of service and enjoyment. Measures, of course, does not mean that the bubble laundry breadth, market bubble dot do laundry is first, after connection, pavement again, after all, the Internet and the combination of the traditional enterprise, the ultimate goal is to change people’s way of life, attitude towards life.

the author’s opinion, the competing goods peer killing on the Internet idlers economy prick silk, bubble laundry layout in high-end properties, in order to quality service, is outside the laundry demand by traditional group, does provide us with a new train of thought. Adjust the user consumption habits, after all, the difficulty is far lower than the change, and to reduce the user, in the high-end property has a higher viscosity and consumption contribution.

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