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“banana”, this is not banana, banana but a sharing of information, communication, dissemination and access to social networking platform. But it is different from the general social APP, it just opened in 9 PM to 3 am every night, every night offer ten views as a topic for users to discuss. What a so wayward APP on attract the attention of the user?

founder j.fines tell hunting cloud network, the product named banana, inspired about Andy warhol image of banana, the banana’s logo on the basis of the design change, was well preserved banana peel away, this design mainly includes two meanings: one is that different from other point of the social APP icon, banana users to praise the content of the interest points, banana peel away automatically, more fresh; Hope, on the other hand, users can like Andy in image creation of banana, inspiration, carries on the deep thinking.

the modern people are very busy during the day, also more impetuous, the lack of a quiet time to think, and 9 PM to before I go to bed, is most people is the most boring and empty stage. Banana want to do, is trying to build a platform for users to express ideas, guide people to think independently, people dig deep insights.

banana development by the left creative company, iOS, Android version of the APP in early may. Open the banana APP, attracted by color and clear interface, black background with yellow font, the overall design is simple and refined. J.fines, said: “bananas in the development stage, just want to spend bit of idea from the design of the product, with simple yet quality design quickly grab our attention.” Between 9 to 3 a.m. in the evening by subject, as to not open time, users can browse the selected topic and comment on the day before, but you can’t speak. J.fines, said: “I hope users in social, work during the day, it just needs a quiet stay in the user’s mobile phone, won’t cause interference and burden to the user.” The

at present, users aggregation or comments on the banana, not in the form of pictures, video, can only be in the form of text rendering. Users than the topic of discussion in the social hot spots, the values, film and television, emotional life, social phenomena such as content is given priority to, “most of the time, the banana will not limit the user’s comments, but if the speech, the topic is too far, such as with abuse, harassment, violation of privacy, etc., will to intervene and control.” J.fines, said.

competing goods aspects, social APP can be roughly divided into two categories, one is a delegate with WeChat, QQ and other acquaintances social APP, users adhesiveness is stronger; Another is to grab the stranger social market primarily social platforms, such as Momo, met, etc. J.fines, believes that the current social APP mostly as a form of social tools, social will be heavier, more is a kind of extensive social. On the market is very difficult to find a pure social platform, can let the user through the in-depth communication, speech and others through the views and opinions clash in order to realize social are much rarer. In such a social platform bananas, light will be more social, pay attention to the content of the depth and quality.

j.fines, convective cloud network, said the banana is still in the testing phase, did not consider profit, such as the future users reaches a certain number, user participation and active after stabilization, hope that through the user based on the cognition and affection of the product, in order to increase their creative on the left side of the company’s brand value, the company currently has two product will be launched.

the banana team a total of seven people, product development, UI design etc. , the team will continue to develop product features, enrich its content. J.fines, says that users now topic words should not exceed 130 words, published in the future also will try to let the user can record sudden inspiration during the day, regardless of the length, was published in the evening in communication between users.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, banana has launched the angel round.