note: hunting cloud Indonesian resort of Bali island has become a destination for many Chinese tourists, but as an “incubator” label is also being known, become a technology business hub. At Bali has established several business incubators, and beautiful natural environment and lower cost of living has become important factors of Bali to attract entrepreneurs. For CNBC reported under the full text, the tencent technology translation:

tropical paradise in Bali, and entrepreneurs have not easily on holiday, but devoted himself to the dynamic technology industry. In Bali, entrepreneurial ecosystem is booming, and lower the cost of living and beautiful natural environment has become an important element to attract entrepreneurs.

located in Bali a E-mail client startup Mailbird CEO andreas, bill lu (Andrea Loubier) said: “with the development of the remote office, as well as the entrepreneurship center blossom everywhere, Bali island has become the ideal location for business.”

to finish college and work in the United States a few years later, bill lu to Asia looking for opportunities. In Bali, lu bill met Michael Boyd Carl (Michael Bodekaer), who was the founder of the Indonesian business incubator Livit. Under his invitation, bill established Mailbird in Bali, and it is also the first time lu bill from scratch to create a technology company.

office infrastructure, sharing, and ecological system

in the past three years, Bali IT infrastructure development is very fast, IT has attracted a growing number of Internet service provider (ISP), and built a bigger optical fiber network. Bill lu said: “there are many Shared office and entrepreneurial projects, to encourage the development of science and technology start-ups.” For example, Livit cooperated with many many entrepreneurs and startups, give them guidance and professional resources, and in the southeast of Bali 6 villas provide office space.

another startup is Labster for success. This education of science and technology company is located in Bali in 3 d animation to demonstrate the life science, help the students to complete the lab hands-on operation.

Livit ecosystem is very unique, this is actually a incubator projects to work together, live together. Entrepreneurs all requirements can be satisfied, and they only need to focus on their own projects. It can be seen as a job while entertainment projects, and the entrepreneurial teams will receive expert guidance.

in Bali, and many other Shared office space also hope to build the environmental friendly to technology start-ups. They will promote the entrepreneurial spirit, to help people build business network, and through the weekly activities and meetings to promote discussion. One of the Shared office space Hubud holds a startup weekend “Bali” activity. This activity for 54 hours, and its goal is to find a powerful business philosophy, and through business development plan to promote.

office space, or a place for a vacation?

Hubud culture art center in Bali, ubud, has more than 250 members, is one of the largest share in local office community. If see Hubud office building, so are likely to think it is a resort. “Office” is capacious, the original ecological villa, overlooking the paddy fields. Here provides a conference room, organic coffee, swimming pool, and stable Internet connection.

Hubud claims that perfect work/life balance methods can help entrepreneurs to improve efficiency. Official website announced that Hubud held some activities to help people improve the focus and innovation ability, and other activities to help people in deep relaxation.

Hubud founder Peter theo (Peter Wall), said: “in other places, I am unable to achieve such a high efficiency. Here has an incredible innovative energy. What seems to be all in the development of some, creating some what. This infectious.”

he thinks, to improve efficiency in Bali is very easy, whether or household issues may start to build a company, you can get the help of others. Wall riding a scooter, usually through a have many monkeys in the woods came to the company, and only two minutes to walk. So the traffic is very convenient, and full of fun.

lower entrepreneurship and the cost of living

in Bali, low start-up and the cost of living is another important factor to promote science and technology entrepreneurship.

according to the global data aggregation service provides information, cost of living in ubud Shared office space, the cost of living is about $1060 a month. And if you want to in the resort town of west palm beach, Florida, get the same quality of life, so the cost will reach $2533 a month.

Livit managing director Christine weddle (Kristina Vider) said: “in Bali, you can own company on its own development, at the same time, living like a king.”

due to tourism is a pillar industry to Bali, so very mature infrastructure related to tourism. Here has a world-class hotel, restaurant and SPA, and organic cafe, volcanic activities and yoga on foot. All this makes the Bali is not only an attractive vacation destination, is also an ideal place for foreigners live, work and entrepreneurship.

Strategic positions


as an island province, Indonesia’s Bali has a very advantageous strategic position, to draw from Jakarta and bandung IT talents, entrepreneurs and investment. These areas at present, already has a mature IT infrastructure and investment. Moreover, Indonesia’s vast potential market and promotes the development of Bali startups, and here can also be a springboard to start-up companies to develop the Asian market.

for the birth of innovation, the Bali may be an ideal paradise, but if startups hope to grow, there are some limitations.

Gartner research director yana darma, sheila (Yanna Dharmasthira) said: “the need to retain and attract more of IT resources, Bali and other Indonesian city and the city to establish good business relationship, provide competitive customer service, and give them support.”

she said: “from the point of physical geography, Bali, relative to other cities in some remote, travel expenses from Bali, also need to consider.”

if you want to become a “silicon valley” of Asia, Bali, there is still a long way to go. For technology entrepreneurs, however, in a picturesque environment, work, and also can enjoy the convenience of modern and small luxury, this is definitely a good thing.