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Bali cat is a platform to escort after diagnosis, is based on the geographical location of a care o2o products, its main use crowd is in the hospital due to no one to take care of the needs of the elderly, pregnant women, children and other patients (including in the majority with the old man). Bali cat founder Zhang Yu tell hunting cloud network, the product with care as the breakthrough point, to do in the field of escort Uber.

in addition to the market demand, the founder of the Bali cat Zhang Yu taking into consideration the suppliers “nurse practitioner” requirements. Traditional care company cooperate with the hospital, the bottom of a care is being squeezed. Industry opaque smoke into the high, lead to a care company worker wages is low; Due to dispersion of the needs of health care workers to leave care company after it is difficult to separate the employment; Again, the traditional care company care service quality is uneven, service quality is not guaranteed.

Bali cat as a “B2C and C2C platform” to satisfy both sides of supply and demand information symmetry. First of all, the integration of offline worker, for the two weeks of standardized training, standardized output, to ensure the quality of service; Again, the Internet do O2O, thinking make platform disintermediated, transparency, on health care workers, let the worker on the platform to make money.

project Bali cat in February, may, officially launched in WeChat end, now we cooperate with Beijing three 3 armour hospital, service place in dongcheng district, chaoyang district, shunyi, nurse practitioner 120 + (which is divided into full-time and part-time, full-time care base salary + smoke into 30%, part-time no base salary, according to the quantity of single pump), services include 46 options, platform to escort the unit price is 250/day.

although similar health care products e accompanying, has been recognised by the capital, but still choose health O2O, this field is for Zhang Yu consideration of the prospects in this field:

in the future, Bali cat will escort the scene moved to the family, from domestic patients in the 3 armour hospital to family carers of people than high, as we have learned, now the escort rate of 30%, 40%, and the market scale of Beijing care 4.2 billion/year, the country’s 75 billion/year, visible escort in the field of demand is very big still.

O2O field early in holding capital money, although this is the trend of the current O2O, but Bali cat has a clear profit model: 1. The early stage of the profits from every single extraction; 2. The big data can be obtained according to the patient’s physiological data, using big health data for marketing or direct sales data; 3. The docking of medical institutions, pension institutions, funeral institutions.

founder Bali cat Zhang Yuceng at tencent’s mobile phone QQ browser software engineer, product manager. At present, the product shape is micro letter end of the Bali cat, Zhang Yu said, don’t try so hard the App development now, now try products is still in the water, from the optimization of the products constantly looking for accurate positioning, and then developed the App, it also reduces the development risk.