Financing evening news: LAN pavilion set potential won a $77 million strategic investment, Duolingo won a $45 million financing

June 11 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

blue pavilion set potential strategic investment of $77 million, investors in China Shanghai listed company of zhejiang aokang shoes co., LTD. (aokang international), the deal by huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Lanting collection of potential (Lightinthebox) is China’s integrated supply chain services online B2C, the company has a series of suppliers, and have their own data warehouse and long term logistics partner.

piano teaching O2O star shop for C $20 million round of funding, led by jia royal fund, suitable for capital and blue ventures with pitch. This round of funding will be mainly used for off-line experience store development, supply chain optimization and transformation from chain training institutions to education for all-around development platform. Star shop through online booking, offline experiences and come to 1 to 1 teaching piano teaching service for the users, and the door for children 1 to 1 teaching and small class piano course for adults.

tutor O2O crazy teacher $20 million B round of funding, the wheel by tencent alone. Crazy teacher is a vertical K12 extracurricular counselling O2O platform, through C2C model docking teachers and students, disintermediation.

city freight and logistics speed fast dog shipment grade tens of millions of dollars for B + round of funding. This round of funding including MFund magic amount of fund before 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin, PPS, founder and worked at Google China serial entrepreneurs, as well as the current shareholders renren Chen, etc. With pitch. Dogs quickly speed shipment from Hong Kong, is also called car software, fast dog speed is called the “truck”. Its model for docking on both ends of the driver and user, aimed at resolving the user special handling, pet furniture, business users cargo transport demand, the delivery of the goods.

red dragon ii> grade tens of millions of yuan for financing, the investor of shenzhen and the eastern investment co., LTD. The red Dragon the diffuse (Black Dragon) is an independent production start-up comic content.

social security net for A $4 million round of funding, led by the broadband capital, xuan, jiuhe venture capital and, 51 social security network dedicated to entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises to provide industrial and commercial registration, employment, social security management, business management, salary management, welfare management, and other services, effectively help enterprises to realize the employment risk prevention and control, artificial cost optimization and employee benefits.

office computer leasing is easy to point the deposit rent free 6 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor for HongTai funds, account for 15% of the shares. This round of funding will be mainly used for market development and asset management platform.

Chinese massage O2O to e palm angel round was 5 million yuan, from jiangsu WuJiu nine large investment institutions and Sue tiangong investment institutions joint investment, the financing funds will be mainly used for market development. E palm is a Chinese massage O2O door service platform, the platform in the massage teacher are professional certified and has many years of experience technicians.

focus on the office of the head and neck and shoulder massage nine brother millions angel financing, the investor is very serious funds and 3 w. Money will further improve the team and the technician supply chain structure of the building, Beijing, Shanghai and declared entering the market. Nine brother O2O based on micro letter to make an appointment the door massage service, located in office scene segment of head and neck and shoulder massage services.

foreign article:

language learning application Duolingo $45 million for a new round of funding, by Google Capital led, after investors are involved in the investment. Duolingo global users have more than 100 million. Many neighbors user interface and the design of the gaming can arouse the students’ interest in active learning, so as to keep active. Every step of the process of learning and users can be analyzed, based on the number of users can make the analysis of the huge amount of data to make highly intelligent and adaptability of the curriculum, tailored to each student education content.

tapping $24 million C round of financing, the Steamboat Ventures and Marker LLC. Tapping is a collection good advertising short video e-commerce sites, led by former Google executives Sukhinder Singh Cassidy founded, mainly sales beauty, fashion, and household articles for daily use.

Jott seed round of funding for $1.7 million, Lerer – Hippeau Ventures, Maveron Ventures, 500 Startups, Monashees Capital, Alta Ventures and angel investor Chris Michel are cast. Jott will the money used to do marketing, in the form of red net promotion target users or teenagers. Jott is a need to network can also chat instant messaging applications, through the point-to-point wi-fi and bluetooth personal LAN based mesh network, connecting users of 30 meters.

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“Narrow” road meet, Zhou Hongyi do routers as low as $59 VS millet 2999 yuan


millet looking is released, the router yesterday “crafts” three words let reached a frenzied 6 TB hard disk, the price was 2999 yuan, is the price of the “emperor” android machine. Today, 360 two years ago, when the first router lesson, to keep the price down to $59, unmitigated madness is crude abuse “rough” in sales, or compete for the title of “cost-effective”?

360 chairman Zhou Hongyi the slightest not afraid because once a failure of the product was a joke, but profoundly reflect the loss of the first generation product: two years ago, “if it was in wartime, would have a product manager getting several times” argument seems to have put the blame on the designer to give yourself the steps, of course, these are not important, to see if he summed up the failure of the three reasons.

1. The level is too low in appearance, as pebbles guy how see how like soap box. I heard that how to feel bad for some disorderly into again?

2. The signal is not good, built-in antenna, small white knows better antenna signal, at least at the in the mind also comfortable. Jokes’s hand was born Zhou Hongyi pronounced to do a “chrysanthemum” routers, push the atmosphere to a climax. In addition, the display lamp, it is only one and it is breathing lamp, Zhou Hongyi 7, 8, like a lamp, it is best to colorful, a square dance both visual sense.

3. The price is too high, because of too much additional design, has 2, 3 and the results showed their own employees, they are also being 50 RMB valuation are given.

well, 360, today released its latest router: three consecutive 360 security routing mini $59, 360 security routing 5 g to sell 139 yuan, 360 security routing P1 dazzle colour series.

360 security routing mini high-gain antenna equipped with 2 root, 300 m wireless transmission rate, carrying the router 360 OS operating system, hardware acme contracted, can achieve a simple configuration and remote access to the Internet by mobile phone APP management. High-end aluminum body slim design is zhou smiled that product “cross-border copied the apple notebook”, at least prove the appearance level are ok.

360 security routing 5 G USES 802.11 ac agreement, support 2.4 G and 5 G two frequencies, the wireless transmission rate is as high as 1167 m.

by four unique U shape will high-gain PCB antenna array configuration, “said good shape of chrysanthemum router?” 2.4 G and 5 G each two frequency distribution of two single frequency microstrip antenna, and equipped with independent signal amplifier and enhance the capacity of the LNA reception, signal transmission distance of 42%. In addition, 360 security routing 5 g also supports USB memory expansion, for the product function and storage space.

360 security routing dazzle colour series is the recent sales break one million 360 security routing P1 derived on the basis of dazzle colour series, a total of released the glacier silver, champagne gold, deep grey, sky blue, lake blue, violet, cherry powder the charm of seven colors. P1 will dazzle colour series in 618 on the same day in jingdong starting, accept reservation from now on,. Seems that point in time is the day of great promote taobao, jingdong year, could be more favorable, you pack mail, the price is so low, can’t think out.

zhou is a great god phone at the last opportunity propaganda, joked that put the price down to 399 yuan are preheated to today’s conference. Lao zhou, also, has made a great god price down to 399 yuan, is said to be selling a losing two money, it’s rough abuse “rough” or “cost-effective”?

zhou said 360 and don’t want to rely on hardware to make money, this is happy depending on the thinking of “hardware, free service fee”. So can a basic rule out the possibility of crude excessive “rough”, after all, poor quality, sales, service is only a joke. So single VS2999 from 59 yuan yuan’s cost, the scale of 1:50, what do you think all feel function under the same conditions, the hard disk to the 6 TB, or even 10 TB, feel disadvantaged wow. Don’t talk about price, millet is determined to put the router’s core position in smart home, on top of the reserved enough with the rest of my life for this space?

but, in the last 360 also announced to intelligent router open platform as the core of intelligent household, what is 360 pattern Tucson, or millet “paint the lily”? “Narrow” road meet, this is just the beginning.

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Follow the music dance dance dance! Chinese music startups to large inventory


cloud network hunting note: music is the language communication is power. Person’s life as always and music has a wonderful fate, perhaps when you met him just heard a song, it’s become your memories and secret, hidden, can listen to. Everyone has his own a music forest, lost people lost, and meet people will meet again in it. Music is not good or bad, so music no matter how STH over and over again is not too much. Hunting cloud small make up today just want to share music startup project, please choose love each, along with the music swing gently.

1, merlot time

the project information: a single share life let users free creation song feeling platform. A high quality of the user creation song in the life scenes and genre music APP pushed to other users. To solve the user wants to, and according to the requirements of specific scenarios for appropriate music through sharing music sharing mood, demand for attention. Recommended by the interface simple and easy, content is very attentively is also very have qualitative feeling, combined with the present popular topic is very closely. The content and category are very rich. Is direct broadcast radio spots inside. There are some recommended users, is he create a playlist and listen.

team information: lee chung man, founder and CEO, graduated from business school marketing major. Have engaged in multinational enterprise business management and operation for many years, after join China CTS hotel group as the managing director and successful operations for the opening of more hotels. Former: the sound of music director of KTV, melting Jin Zhongcai hotel chairman, gwongeumseong holding group President, CTS hotel group, general manager of intercontinental hotels group, general manager of the hotel.

2, marmot independent music performance platform

the project information: stick to the user relationship, starting from the user, establishing interactive mechanism and culture consumption. Ticket coupon for below booking ticket prices, to meet user demand and profit. App membership fees and star peripheral products are profitable. Of web pages is very pretend bility, recommend the original song is very nice, some performance information is great.

team information: Guo Jianjiang, founder, graduated from Beijing university. To form a band, done behind the musicians and music producer. Create a BBS, and to promote the cooperation with warner music linkinpark China opening promotion, for activities held, executive experience. Executive ability is strong, good at thinking.

3, happy children’s music

information of the project: is a focus on the music industry project launch and support platform, provide the raise fundraising for musicians, derivatives sales, performance, full service digital music, etc. Almost big music website with cooperation. The raise of activities smoothly, a lot of bands or musicians have raised money more or less. Have music works audition, song is also very detailed information. Performances by location, style, time, and ticket sales channel classification. Experience in industry experience and experience sharing, interview and dynamic, doing very attentively.

finance information: in January 2014, seed angel round, millions of RMB.

team information: hong-wei zhao (guest), happy children’s music, founder and CEO, founding partner choose the advertising network, jazz and rock and roll music fans, record collection lovers. NiuLei, vice President of children’s music. Independent voice and then pure two record operating people, spreading flowers band agent. Guo Xiaohan, children’s music VP and co-owner, deeply involved in the music industry media coverage. Phase), children’s music VP and co-owner, Nova entertainment CEO. The former warner music and universal music director in China market. Let yu nu, happy children’s music VP and technology partners.

4, interpretation of the sound network

the project information: committed to propaganda to the public on the pop music, improve the quality of the universal music. Involves the field for the pop music, including classical, the new century, the jazz, world, national, acoustic music, etc. Provide music one-stop service and now provides services to digital music is given priority to, will provide more in the future to music as the carrier of the music services, such as Musical Instruments master class teaching, offline elegant small concert. Really rich resources, but listen to the hd condition, will have to become a member. Interface is very good. There are some courses, the teacher professional degree is not high, the price also did not give. The community is very lively.

team information: dong tao, founder, angel online, the design engineer. Jas founder, the CTO. Cool six (Shanghai) music department, technical director. Music, founder of the cloud, the CTO. Interpretation of founder, CTO, PM.

5, Pogo show


project information is produced by depending on the incoming music “music and social APP” products, for China’s tens of millions of consumers provide music scene performance information query, ticketing, social, video, electric business links such as integrated services, covering the national hundred cities, more than 500 performance venues, more than 3500 groups of artists of tens of thousands of performance information, and a detailed introduction about the artists and the performance. Can phone WeChat ticket, it is a website the ticket. There are some free performances of address and telephone number. And sell some rock act the role ofing is tasted and social friends can and surrounding the PO. The interface is simple.

team information: warren bishop, graduated from Beijing university of technology automation major. Music & amp; Cross-border Internet entrepreneurs, media people, founded the Beijing news reporter, precision farming, the music industry to join Mr Wang team, through a meal no network, Meituan network, began to independent Internet startup, founded theater vertical social networking websites “show net”, in 2013, launched rock scene social APP Pogo watch the performance.

6, LavaRadio

the project information: software and hardware one-stop music solution provider, with music carry brand culture and product. Merchants brand new cultural transmission carrier, the next generation of leaders public broadcast background music; Software and hardware combined with one-stop solution businesses play music. Main do is radio, classification, songs mostly light music, no lyrics.

team information: Chen, human resources, capital university of economics and graduate, after graduation in Yahoo the human resources department. 7 years in shenzhen huaqiang group, Beijing 4 branches backstage management function department. 10 at the end of the year joint venture with Chinese famous DJ to zhang, love factory founded Beijing cultural development co., LTD. 11 years in company a KAMA love music festival in June. June 12 years love works LavaRadio transformation line products of the company.

7, more happy music radio

information of the project: is a scenario-based socialization and mood of the music radio, users only need to choose the present scene or mood, music can push out more suitable for the user the present state of music; In the process of listening to music at the same time, the music will be based on user preferences to the user to the song to push more suitable for user’s music and friends have a common preference. Have audio story boards, but almost all is a network novel. Original music programs work is not much, crosstalk ballad columns is program recording, sound effects in general. Is making dubbing and anime music game animation program. And emotion, entertainment, emotion such as TV, business, finance, health keeping in good health. The overall classification is more, but not enough details in place.

team information: scholar, music enthusiast, Internet experience for many years, has a stable and efficient team. Baidu 6 years work experience, orca digital music 2 years work experience, focus on digital music field, 2 years of entrepreneurial experience.

8, China’s music business network CMBN

project information, is a focus on interpretation from the perspective of “business” of the music industry of finance and economics website, integration, column, in-depth articles such as product information, provides the high quality for the readers. Beijing poem enthalpy culture communication co., LTD. Its web site. Web site is updated timely, the article is very new, classification is also very clear, the author writes very attentively.

team information: li bin, China music network founder and CEO of finance and economics, Beijing poem enthalpy founder culture communication co., LTD.

9, see music

the project information: the Internet is a independent music platform, providing independent music sharing, communication and interaction, belonging to sing network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. Made in the form of radio that is almost a small rock and folk team. Also gives the performance information, ticket price and sales channels. Interface design is concise.

team information: 8508 saw music legal representative, see music co-founder. Skypig, sing legal representative network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.

10, Parld music together

information of the project: is a new individualized music broadcasting website. Seven kinds of color are given, some one color player will automatically play songs, up and down switch, and random play, without pause. Share songs more troublesome.

11, seven ACTS life musical

project information: it is a company focused on musical and cultural performance industry, at present the main introduced a Broadway musical, belonging to seven ACTS life culture industry investment (Beijing) co., LTD. Main is make your own musical, originality and interest sex is very strong, have a new idea. Hold more activities, information is very detailed.

finance news: in January 2015, A round, 30 million yuan, the Chinese cultural industry fund, China capital. In October 2013, seed angel rounds, and millions of RMB, China capital.

team information: yeung ka-man, seven ACTS, founder and CEO of life. Was born in 1987, graduated from Beijing university and American literature. In Japan after graduation in overseas investment institutions, work focus on Japanese drama performance. In 2011 to give up Japanese investment company work back home, set up seven ACTS life culture industry investment co., LTD.

12, cuckoo music

information of the project: is a mobile phone music player applications, belongs to the shenzhen rev – era technology co., LTD. Function and interface is similar to QQ music, add a ringtone. Click set as ringtones, can buy a ringtone, two yuan per head, at the end of this year.

team information: wen-jian wu, cuckoo music, founder and CEO, shenzhen rev – era technology CEO.

13, cook music

project information, is a focus on the development of popular music in the digital music library, have the figure collected 98% of the world’s classical music, a total of about 500000 songs. Have album can be downloaded, but need to fill out the registration information. FM doing very delicate, video is some old performance video, see the theatre need players, audio books have both Chinese and foreign information. Overall do very elegant.

finance information: in April 2014, A round, 10 million yuan, Beijing investment/Milestone Capital.

team information: XingHua, music library guest, founder and CEO.

14, ethnic music network

project information, is a focus on database of national music, music financial and service platform, provide the original ethnic music sharing and exchange, music and all the services, raise affiliated with Beijing ethnic culture media co., LTD. Specially made national music, national people ethnic people would sing, song is very good. For investment of music can’t listen, information in detail.

finance news: in January 2013, seed angel round, millions of RMB.

team information: wang, founder of music, Beijing founder and CEO of ethnic culture media.

15, bbplayer music

the project information: bbplayer music is a real place and scenario based streaming music mobile phone applications, depending on where you are in the time and place, to recommend the most appropriate music, shenzhen bbplayer information technology co., LTD’s products. Interface is cool, positioning function. A poster is a period of music, are almost all the dance music and dance. Simple function.

team information: NiBing, bbplayer music co-founder and general manager. Zhou Yanli, bbplayer music co-founder, has a long time to the music industry or industry experience. All afternoon, guangzhou first co-founder, bbplayer music co-founder, sun yat-sen university.

16, musicians strategy

information of the project: is a focus on the music industry’s network media, to provide the industry dynamics, study music class, production, marketing network, etc. Foshan gaia magic network co., LTD. (GaiaMagic). There are updated every day, classification is also very clear, strategy and MC music to do good.

team information: Malone, founder of musicians strategy, tune founder, founder of friends show, foshan magic network (GaiaMagic) founder of gaia. Have been exploring in the music industry.

17, listen to the frog pure tone company

information of the project: is a pure music community, focus on the share of the new century, classical, country, folk music and other kinds of style of pure music, video and is dedicated to the pure tone music fans with single online audition, music video appreciation, mood music records, etc. Has general music website album, video, FM and other projects, but the log columns is a bright spot, listen to music to write mood, there are some famous musicians station links.

team information: Tang Shengyu, listen to the frog pure tone company founder, had previously worked as a product manager at sina weibo, currently work in sohu. Chengdu university of technology.

18, YYQ music circle

information of the project: a social music sharing community, providing services such as digital music, record store. Guangdong star alien culture communication co., LTD’s website. Provide digital distribution, physical album, training, performance and contract services. Home page is a popular musician and song, and the first single. Much as the original, good quality, the interface simple.

team information: Chen Wenbiao, star alien music group vice President, YYQ music circle, general manager, guangdong electronic retailing association deputy secretary-general.

19, bed music

the project information: formerly known as “the note read FM”, is a taste while listening to music, enjoy the pictures, text mobile applications. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Site link: short for start-up companies to provide office space rental platform 3 million angels

(text/ dong also)

site link is a focus for start-up companies to provide cost-effective office space platform, products in October 2014 was not online before they get Wang Xiao fund joint investment of 3 million RMB and avenue angel investment. next, site transfer plans to launch A round of funding to help the expansion of the project.

prior to this, the ground sinks O2O platform is a focus for meeting, after three months of operation, the founder of zhi-xiang zhong considering meeting lease need strong technical support, the uncertainty of the order and offline services such as a series of questions, makes the site in February transformation as a short start-up companies to provide office rental platform.

Collect supply

field, including office space and two shops. And different site link and estate agents cooperation . Zhi-xiang zhong told hunt, founder of the cloud network: “housing rental housing is the most important for the field,” buy low/sell high “is the core of the market economy principle, but do not apply for fledgling site link. In the housing that, intermediary company is very professional, mediation, unlike disintermediated, mediation won’t be upset because of the development of the Internet, because these need intermediary help to get some professional advice and services.”

site link is a platform of office space for start-up. The scope of services in Beijing zhongguancun, wangjing, itc DaWang Road three locations. so far, the site can remit monthly rent 1000 station . Among them, the supply is mainly for the following three types:

1. Start-ups small company (below 20) (50%)

2. Business transformation stage, the demand of more than 100 square customer 30%

3. Incubator and business office, demand in more than 200 square (20%)

the entrepreneurial atmosphere is high, the demand for office space has become more and more urgent, site link for start-up companies to provide efficient office space rental service, from decorate Labour, broadband, business facilities, etc. in terms of profitability, collect rent to the lessor collection commission, to lease the customer more than one year, commissions for a month, is short rent charge a commission of 10%, and for the client site remit to provide free services, and will give some commission feedback to customer side. venue hui, homeowners and customer signed a tripartite agreement – information service.

site can remittance within a week to help startups find suitable office space, traditional offline black intermediary to make a lot of startups looking for go to the wall on the right site field exchange so that the combination of Internet and traditional, makes the housing lease more transparent, bring convenience to the user, which is up to the nature of the Internet.

the field expansion will remit to hangzhou and Shanghai. Zhi-xiang zhong told hunting cloud network, “according to their understanding of the industry and groped for a long period of time, space hui has his own team, every single cooperation completed by special personnel to follow up, although the offline work is heavy, but ensure the quality of service.”

site link in transition at the very most formal operation after three months, in order to meet the landlord, mediation mobile publishing houses and loan move rental demand, current App is under development. Founder and CEO zhi-xiang zhong, a former alibaba senior manager, and it is a serial entrepreneur. Main members of the team from alibaba, finance, soufun and chain, etc. The whole team is less than 20 people, the team continued to expand.

products: site link
Company: Beijing site link information technology co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team! . Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”

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Only do the office of head and neck and shoulder massage “nine brother” angel financing announced earned millions RMB

(text/jing-jing fan)

today announced in early 2015 to obtain is very serious, millions of RMB funds and 3 w angel financing funds will further improve the team and technicians supply chain structure of the building, Beijing, Shanghai and declared entering the market.

nine brother was established in early 2015, based on micro letter to make an appointment of O2O door-to-door massage service, aimed at office segment scene of head and neck and shoulder massage services. Nine brother platform technicians are 5 years working experience + 18 professional skill + 16 return an industry standard, must after nine brother internal strict training, unified examination after work.

as O2O segmentation in the field of industry, the door of the massage homogeneity is particularly serious, the founder of the nine brother ZangYang chau said in an interview with cloud network hunting, nine brother clear market positioning accuracy, the target user is 25 to 35 years old urban white-collar workers, main office of head and neck and shoulder massage.

office scenario focus and head and neck shoulder needs focus in ZangYang seems nine brother two advantages. Through the reasonable allocation of resources, 1 hour nine may strive to achieve rapid appointments, strengthening order reflects the speed, improve the service efficiency. In shenzhen, for example, nine brother concentrated areas concentrated in white-collar office, has realized the lightning orders, timely reflect.

under the wave of mobile Internet, became the industry recognized one of the profit model of O2O, in volume, users, the rapid development of a bullish capital market. After the door of the massage area remains a blue ocean market competition intensified. Since detonate market in 2014, the door massage users education and habits are gradually improve.

however, door to door massage industry is booming at the same time it still has many problems, in addition to the serious homogeneity, low service professional degree, low efficiency of the door, safe hidden trouble, the female technician orders could face harassment, etc., are to some extent hindered the door massage the comprehensive popularization. The ZangYang chau said that nine brother’s office location scene, the strict training of technicians will solve public service hidden fear.

in the end, ZangYang continent also revealed that there are nearly 100 people in shenzhen nine brother technician team, at the end of May 9 May, single volume has reached 1500, nearly 1800 service enterprise, month after purchase rate of 32%. For future planning, ZangYang chau said, nine brother head and neck shoulder service not only confined to do in the future.

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Morning: Microsoft new patents, Moovit won $50 million C round of financing

hunting cloud network on January 19 (text/who)

new patents: Microsoft walked into the cinema phone automatically mute

Microsoft won a new patented technology, the future smart phones will be able to according to the environment, to help users switch mode automatically. Users to step into the cinema or theatre, for example, mobile phone will automatically enter the silent mode. Will use a variety of techniques, including the phone’s built-in sensors, GPS data, NFC usage, visit the wi-fi hot spots and so on.

it can’t be the human nature, cloud network like hunting, the meeting of what were transferred to good said the trouble.

crowdsourcing traffic map Moovit won $50 million C round

Moovit for C $50 million in financing, and investment institutions including Nokia Growth Partners, Keolis, Bernard Arnault Group, Vaizra Investments, etc. Valued at $450 million. After enter start and end, Moovit will for the user to match the public transportation routes selection, at the same time sent to the user load on the line the road transport information and information on time, to facilitate users ready to change their travel plans in advance.

the taxi application Lyft is brewing a new round of financing

the taxi application Lyft this week to complete a new round of financing, in order to raise more capital Uber to compete with rivals. A recent financing let Lyft valuation to $850 million. Lyft operating area is limited to the United States, currently operate only in more than 60 cities. Lyft focus more economical service, the service of many professional drivers are just transition rookie, the car is all their own.

big data transfer company Palantir finance

Palantir founded 11 years of big data company, main business is selling to the U.S. government and Wall Street software, used for digging large data, the company raised a total of $500 million last year. Reports that the current is considering a new round of financing. Palantir previously has raised nearly $1 billion, its investors include set up by the central intelligence agency (cia) nonprofit venture capital firm In – Q – Tel, raised risk investment Fund, as well as the tiger global hedge funds and so on.

Google to buy mobile payment Softcard

Google is interested in buying mobile payments company Softcard, and offer no more than $100 million. Oftcard formerly Isis, by AT& T, Verizon and t-mobile three carriers founded in 2010, they have to invest millions of dollars. It is said that the PayPal and Microsoft also Softcard at contact. If the external, it cannot be sold, AT& T or Verizon may take over one of Softcard.

easy to transport and haier joint venture sea easy travel

easy to transport and haier industry financial announced, set up on both sides of the joint venture company “sea travel”, and is easy to say joint haier will launch car rental business, and in the business plan in the next five years, will be “sea easy travel” achieve the value of 8 billion yuan, for the money and detailed planning. “Easy travel” sea will be through the application of mobile Internet technology innovation and the reshaping of the business ecosystem, breakthrough development bottleneck of traditional car rental companies, profit mode, business mode and financing mode innovation.

this time into the bureau, time really good?

$10 billion musk wants to develop the space Internet

tesla CEO elon musk says his space Internet project the future one day you can override to Mars, and the project’s investment will reach $10 billion, and you need at least 5 years to make the satellite launch. At the same time, on the basis of the current carrier rocket and the spacecraft to ferry will invest their resources to create a satellite.

uncle, you this love boast problem or change, hunting cloud network can’t stand you this day a awesome news stimulation.