crewe is a high-accuracy LBS location-based information sharing social applications.

you might think, now in the market based on LBS too many social applications, what is the “something new”? Indeed, the current domestic market homogeneity serious social applications, lack of innovation. Most domestic products are borrowed from abroad has been the success of the market validation work for localization, again a little bit lazy is completely copy, most of the other is to split the module restructuring to form a new product. And crewe’s original intention is to make a you like, Chinese own original APP.

there is a product called America: snapchat, his main function is to “burn after reading”, between friends send each other pictures, short video only allow access to in a short time, read it and then vanishes. But burn after reading is really need? In crewe founder guo to the cloud looks like it’s just a attract young people’s function, the focus is on used in their parents and young people need to escape from the same social software, it has emerged.

now crewe user community is a group of young people, user accounts for 40% of high school age, and the products within the teenage users retained in good condition. Young people want to escape from sun children send chicken soup with pouting lips take circle of friends, they want to escape from the charge will be about every line application, such a group of young people in crewe found habitats.

covers + mark + organization=crewe

you considered “covering” “imprinting” “organization” this a few words with a social application?

crewe, divide the earth into a lot of 900 mx900m “grid”, each grid is a “routing information site”, each user to open the “crew”, will be entering a site, if no one came to this site, the user can name this site. This site will be added to the flow of information across the crewe world.

crewe information dissemination was the site of the world, will be transmitted from one site to the next site, spread over almost first, then spread to the distance. And it is simple – to trigger transfer is thumb up. Often can see in crewe from sp imprinting, click on the following, according to the distance you can see the mark through the site, so can know it received much praise.

crewe and a unique information cluster organization system, you can according to their own interests and hobbies, free to join the different types of organizations, and friends to interact within the organization, and can timely access to the organization of all kinds of dynamic and sharing. Because each mark has its own in the distance on the map, so when an organization everyone in different locations imprinting, macro view, the entire organization will present their coverage areas on earth, crewe call this a “sphere of influence” of the organization. In crewe version 4.0, crewe joined the four emperor, supernova groups such as title, four huang is one of the largest four spheres of crewe world organization, the supernova is the rising active organization. Power division is not like joking, right thigh of your imprinting might go into the world news.

guo to the cloud said, in terms of user groups positioning, crewe have so many competitors, all the application of 95 after the market is crewe rivals. Crewe is an attracting young people to the product, and the young people like girl, was rather than to cater to the need to be and everything will return to in the end product, and crewe confident with products belong to their own advantage in the competition.

the crewe positioning is a platform for teenage younger, spread through crewe inherent mechanism and mechanics, for young people to find out more here, by strange way contact more friends.

as of July 1, 550000 subscribers to crewe, active number more than 70000 people, crewe team to product the current plan is to do a good job in guiding the process, designed for the user experience smoother gameplay closed-loop, let the understanding of new users without obstacles crewe, and find pleasure from crewe’s world.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, crewe team has been done in August 5 million angel investment, the current team has launched A round of funding plan.