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after the focus to do hr service assembling receive 70 million yuan net today announced A round of financing, capital and sequoia capital joint investment by chunghwa picture tubes, assembling network CEO can guo wei said the investment for the company’s “grapefruit” to encourage, assembling network can also build on the “fast train” enterprise service.

assembling net of cross-border cooperation pattern is also on the agenda, a few days ago, assembling network to reach a strategic cooperation with China merchants bank Shanghai branch, China brand “personal consumption credit” will be officially launched in assembling the net welfare city, mainly aimed at the Volkswagen group, credit class limit of up to 30 w, loan time limit of up to five years. Guo wei told hunting cloud network: “to cooperate with China merchants bank is the first step we cross-border cooperation, and cooperation line is also leading in the industry, the enterprise service of cross-border cooperation is also one of the development plan of assembling net.”

Zenefits assembling network is a reference model, provide the characteristic have a love of the human resource service company, through into the social security problems, use B2B + O2O model building barriers, positioning is to change the whole human resource service of logical thinking, develop human resources products from bottom to top.

now assembling network in the north to guangzhou, hangzhou has established the five “war zone”, in the previously reported a month ago, corporate membership than doubled last month, the future will consider is nanjing, wuhan, Qingdao and chengdu “war zone”, to “war” to the nation. Guo wei said the funding will be mainly used for enterprise member acquisition, product promotion, and technology upgrade, realize the change from 0 to 1.

assembling network service enterprises mainly concentrated in the start-up of development-oriented company, individual businesses and foreign branches and listed companies, services mainly is the enterprise employees’ social security, human resources, benefits, etc. Assembling network service mode are also diversified development, such as the future can be convenient staff to work in collaboration with a taxi software, the transportation fees is part of the enterprise employee benefits, and assembling network service scope.

on this year’s national policy also shouted out 2020 years ago that universal coverage of basic implementation endowment insurance planning, BAT for the enterprise market is also fondle admiringly, ali just released nailing and tencent’s call is B the market signal. According to statistics, China now just a minute between Beijing and Shanghai have seven new registered company, the rapid rise of the new company also service class company release signals to the enterprise, guo wei told hunting cloud network: “we are now in the era of entrepreneurship, especially now the enterprise service gradually be taken seriously, as to blow the wind, I think the enterprise service startup tuyere has come, we also want to catch up.”

assembling network company full name is “hangzhou today yuan standard torque technology co., LTD.”, “yuan” today is the moral developed today, don’t forget the beginner’s mind. In the company, employees are called guo wei guo greatly “, guo wei ask staff to “children”, they are a group of huan “grapefruit”, “we believe in love and trust is the only thing not disappoint for our startup enterprise service class, must not forget the beginner’s mind, more to think about what we really bring to enterprise, find their own position, don’t be fooled by the lure of the outside.” Guo wei said.

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