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at 2 PM on July 18, 2015, cloud network hunting a new entrepreneurs public class on time in hangzhou louer have coffee first. Due to previous investors said they would enjoy private response is good, the activity of entrepreneurs to sign up is very enthusiastically, the registration number more than 200 people. However, bad weather, summer rain is not about to originally afraid of scene too hot hunting cloud network friends began to worry about travel inconvenience would block the pace of the applicants have to go out, on the day of the event will be affected by certain influence. But unexpectedly, people still many, small wooden bench have been filled. Heavy rain also can’t turn off the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, hangzhou’s entrepreneurial atmosphere of strong,.

the guest speaker of the entrepreneurs to public class is the founder and CEO of guo wei assembling grid. Assembling net is an online human resources service platform, help small and medium enterprises to carry out a one-stop human resource management. The company has expanded by at the start of the five people to the present more than 300 people, has reached 2000 corporate clients. And just last month, assembling net jointly by CPT capital and sequoia capital investment of 70 million yuan, completed A round of funding. As a serial entrepreneur, guo wei’s three times more successful entrepreneurial experience. The current Internet entrepreneurship is a project blossom everywhere, but also easy to wither. So this time hunting cloud network, please go to the Guo Weilai this session is hope he can to the entrepreneurs to share their experience, let everybody kinks in the entrepreneurial process, little detours.

focus your attention on the problem solving

guo wei, said his biggest feeling is every day in the entrepreneurial process in making mistakes, no one thing can one, is a little bit of error correction, grinding out slowly. The whole process of every little point is a solution for entrepreneurs, the most important thing is to solve every problem. Entrepreneurship is not prove right or wrong, but to tackle to ensure yourself on this road to go smoothly. Entrepreneurship is an extremely painful thing. Guo wei often couple said: “don’t feel ready, because of difficulties that may arise during the startup, you may even see have never seen, even didn’t even think about it.” This difficulty is not only refers to the capital, but team, products, attitude, customer, service, and even national policy. Certificate need logical reasoning, its final purpose is to prove right or wrong, but entrepreneurship is not. In business, don’t use your own logic to match first right or wrong, but let’s just do our thing, because of entrepreneurship is a process full of uncertainty, and think too much useless. Entrepreneur need to do to solve problem, after ten years of not to think of yourself, consider first thing tomorrow, solve the consider the day after tomorrow, so that from day to day, finally formed after ten years what you look like.

entrepreneurial teams is the first problem facing entrepreneurs

for team members, the first thing to consider is whether he can help you to solve the problem, whether it’s product, service, technology and other aspects, he always want to play a part of their role in the whole. When selecting a team member, to be vigilant against those who are eager to prove himself, as long as you confirm he can help you solve the problem of the exact one, even if he itself to cattle, nor is your team members. Once you start a business, every day the most important thing is to solve the problem, don’t have the time to prove himself and so on to build team, for his own planning have a sober understanding, don’t be carried away by faith or trust this sensitive things.

financing are the most concern of the entrepreneurs

on the financing problems, the first thing to consider a good use of the money. Guo wei, said before assembling nets in A wheel like very clearly. One is the project need money to promote rapid development, the second is hope the money can give team a replacement. Secondly on the choice of investors, investors want to know is the future of the company shareholders is to go forward with teammates, so I really need to find. In the minds of guo wei, good investors can do solution together with you. Before he succeeded in financing, saw about 60 investors. He said many investors just a contact will be thrown certificate to you, let you back into the cycle of proven itself, so then he adjusted the idea, meet such investors give up quickly, because once you want to prove anything, will not consciously to please or to cater to, and this meet is not for user, this will only adverse effects on the team for the project.

and wish to have A smooth and the investor and docking, A round stage to clear three points. First, make sure project funding structure architecture in China or overseas architecture, so as to determine their dollar fund or for RMB funds; Second, to understand the investor’s investment preferences is to what area; Third, we should clear the investors’ understanding of the area of your project and the types of their investment decisions, get ready for your arrival. Relatively speaking, angel round will be more simple.

this public lecture, guo wei set aside most of the time for Q& A link, the hope can try to answer questions of entrepreneurs. Many dry has been summarized in this link into the above content, but beyond that, entrepreneurs also asked a lot of very interesting question.

Q: how to get the user in B2B platform development?

A: one, of my operations team to deliver A speech: no need to give gifts, need to maintain the customers of human relationships, he is not your customer, this is not in A healthy business model should exist.

2, in the initial stage, whether by pushing, sales or other means, to do my best to get a large number of early users, not ashamed, this is must go through the process. At this stage in the development of the Internet in China, also can’t get the user by way of pure line.

Q: how little detours in the entrepreneurial process?

A: one, the spend money to be willing to part with or use, especially in terms of talent, this will save A lot of effort for the later development.

2, don’t choose to give up, and don’t easily deny their own team.

Q: entrepreneurs how to balance family and work?

A: this really is A very helpless thing. Although often with family members is full of regret, but also can only say, choose me, at the same time, it is equal to choose my career.

activity finally, guo wei on site with all people to share their team’s creed: only love and trust not disappoint, coupled with the cloud network of PALS hunting specifically for the people in the rain to come to cook for ginger soup, make the activities rich in a warm atmosphere. Our activity is not only dry share and whole-hearted service entrepreneurial intention, hunting cloud network hopes to hold more higher quality of public class activities, to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Public class activities every two weeks, we are looking forward to the participation of more people.

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