today, tutor O2O “please he taught” has once again announced that it had finished in early June 86 million A + round of funding. The financing led by surplus letter investment group, the early investors plum venture, new letter vc com, 51. com chairman all continue to vote.

founder and CEO Chen Yuanhe said, after this round of financing, please he taught key cities will continue to expand, expand the scale, and establish the teachers’ training center and system. The other Chen Yuanhe said, please he taught the grade B wheel billion financing also is expected to announced in a month.

, please he tutors teach target market, providing teachers and students and docking O2O platform, through the details of the function design and improve the quality of the offline education. Chen Yuanhe hope that through his teaching platform, please make education more plain, through O2O mode to optimize traditional education industry, to the middle to make teachers and students can benefit from.

it is worth noting, and other teachers tutor o2o enterprises to adopt the open house, please he taught to move into the teacher USES the primary, interview, written examination, teaching demonstration, such as strict process, Chen Yuanhe believes that the essence of education is to return to nature, it’s not your parents really care about the teacher how many, but your teacher is good or not.

now please he taught have opened in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, wuhan, nanjing and other 10 cities, in addition to mergers and acquisitions several small tutoring o2o companies such as home happy, and to join the team, currently has 200 employees. Chen Yuanhe said in an interview with hunting cloud network, so far has more than 400000 registered users on the platform, the tutor more than 50000 people, open in the plan this year 30 cities.

please he taught on December 19, was founded in 2014, is a well-known Chinese early adsense Chen Yuanhe learning and thinking, learning, ali, tencent’s executives and others. Project start at the beginning of the 2 million + angel rounds of financing, in early April by plum blossom venture, new venture capital letter, 51, chairman of com, famous investors Wu Shichun, sing CEO Chen and others for 69.5 million yuan A round of financing, to six months, the total three rounds of financing for more than 150 million.