by the end of 2015, software as a service (SaaS) in the asia-pacific region market valuation is likely to reach $4.3 billion, and in 2008, the market valuation of $380 million. SaaS is currently to the customer relationship management, enterprise information, human resources, as well as A/B testing permeability, these areas are facing the number of regional competitors is growing.

according to PWC, by the end of 2016, investment in SaaS could rise to $78 billion. Although there are now more and more enterprises set foot on the field of SaaS, want to benefit from a piece of cake, but I’m here only lists the five companies. These five companies entering the field, from very early SaaS from new development to the scale today, they played.

online customer service platform Freshdesk

2010, chennai Girish Mathrubootham and Shanmugam Krishnaswamy co-founded Freshdesk, this is an online customer service platform, let the enterprise and customers in all channels can convenient interaction, including mobile phones, E-mail and social networking. This is the first to get Google Capital (Google ventures) support the company in India. From 2014 to 2015, Google’s Tiger Global Capital, America’s top hedge funds as well as one of the world’s five winds firm Accel Partners, a total of $81 million to Freshdesk investment.

Freshdesk devotes to provide personalized products according to customer requirements, it has a user base in 145 countries, has in recent year 40000 corporate clients.


Wingify was founded in 2009, its products VWO, is A conversion rate optimization tools, is also an A/B testing platform. It will website design into two styles, two versions of web traffic will be calculated separately, so you can see which one is more popular. VWO will also provide a certain technical support, allows the user to adjust the website, do some personalized Settings, website optimization. Website style is very important, maybe you change a font, can affect the sales, and then affect the development of the company.

Wingify Chopra, founder of user retention rates and product usability very seriously, he will continue to receive customer feedback, repeatedly polished products.

VWO just 18 months after launch, Wingify received more than $1 million in revenue.

last September, the start-up acquired website product Feedback platform Concept Feedback, Concept Feedback there is a group of experts, web page design and the user experience is needed for Wingify. Many companies use Wingify products to promote the site download rate, registrations and sales. At present there are 80 countries, has about 4000 users in the use of VWO.


the Singapore company, founded in 2012, by Cameron these, Bradley these and Carl Thompson co-founded. TradeGecko mainly to companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to provide most enters sells saves the management software. The company recently received from NSI Ventures and Jungle Ventures $6.5 million series A investment.

in the past three years, TradeGecko obtained from more than 100 countries, 10000 clients. TradeGecko goal is to replace the present popular enterprise resource planning (erp), do a different inventory management software. The company integrates the e-commerce and financial management software, including the best on the market at present for personal computer of small business accounting software QuikBooks, the inventory management services integrated into a platform. TradeGecko already in the field of electronic commerce and Amazon, Magento (professional open source e-commerce systems) and Shopify (enterprise e-commerce management platform to achieve cooperation. For example, if a company in the amazon to complete a sale, so inventory list is automatically updated.


SignEasy, 2009 by Sunil Patro founded, is a startup based in Singapore. It can make people through a smartphone, tablet, and network sign and fill in the file. After user registration application, electronic signature can be realized, you can choose a finger touch input, you can also use the stylus to a beautiful sign.

to secure them, has integrated the apple SignEasy fingerprint recognition system, as a part of the authentication. The application provides free download, but the user can also choose to purchase program, such as $5, can sign ten documents every year. SignEasy in 150 countries with more than 50000 subscribers.


in 2007, Ong Kok Choong created Hoiio in Singapore. The startup to the enterprise to provide communications services and applications of cloud, of course, you have to subscribe to it. Hoiio launched many applications, such as communication applications, compliance, and human resources application and so on, its goal is to allow users to spend the least money, enjoy the highest working efficiency. However, some of which application is to pay additionally.

users can subscribe to Hoiio service according to the complexity of the business. Hoiio to developers open application interface, allowing them to have direct access to voice and SMS services, avoid repeated input costs. The company also introduced a Hoiio Live, this is a cloud based service phone book, with it, the user doesn’t have to carry business CARDS so trouble. There are 5000 companies using Hoiio provide services.


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