(text/Zhang Nanqian)

chaos data for hotel industry is a third-party data platform, through independent research and development design of data real-time interactive System (OSII ) into the PMS ( Plant Management System, equipment Management System standard “PMS/T 1-2012 equipment Management System referred to as” ) and OTA , the mediation between the data in order to realize the hotel no one intervention in upstream and downstream fully automated real-time interactive .

the hotel is not confined to the concept of “eating”, also includes a hotel and hotel, etc. This is closely related to people love to travel, but the experience of the current domestic many passengers O2O for hotel reservation is not good, often appear due to delay error and the hotel information management problems such as inefficient. On the other side of the restaurant owners often squealed, restaurants rely on distribution channels is extremely limited, through OTA points sales accounted for thirty percent to fifty percent of the total. OTA sandwiched between hotel and tourists, who is also facing the huge cost of human interaction, and many other problems.

based on the above market pain points, chengdu chaos data processing co., LTD. Has developed hotel industry OSII (meaning the open, standard, interactive, interface) – an open standard interactive platform: by batch operation data source access to the hotel, it will get through procurement, distribution information barriers in the hotel industry, established hotel interactions with real-time data of the whole channel marketing port channel (namely OSII system), to form industry data center.

in simple terms, the project USES is PMS – OSII – OTA : this model upstream supply side including China hotel industry purchasing association, with cheng, cloud the shopkeeper, etc., can be compatible with the market at present all the major framework and development language access; Booking downstream end included ctrip, jingdong, America, etc., can access to the OTA, diversified distribution channels such as OTA port. It is worth mentioning that chaos data also developed a called Unibooking hotel online management system, suitable for not by PMS OSII access to the other hotel.

“so that the hotel that one party can timely reservation, improve the efficiency of the accommodation, also reduces the cost of marketing; Users can enjoy high efficient order lived experience; PMS developers can change traditional profit model to sell software system, improve product market core competitiveness; The distribution channel can establish the two-way connection with hotel directly, reduce labor costs.” Chaos data products wang qiang, director of convective cloud network said. Chaos data in it, he thought, can help quartet to realize win-win.

in addition to OSII, chaos data team and China hotel association, China association of hotel industry procurement supply cooperative research and development of China hotel mogul data center (CNHDC), the platform will use big data can be collected by the hotel, the hotel offers value evaluation, analysis of industry data information consulting, help the hotel to realize data asset-like investment and financing services.

business model, the chaotic data product owner convective cloud network said mainly will be from the consideration on the two paths: a OSII channel profit, including hotel data channels and distributors of traffic fee; Second is profitable large data centers, including the use of downstream data using the company’s data and hotel value-added business income, etc.

chaos data Xu Chuan is a military man, chairman and general manager in the IT industry experience, hotel management experience for many years, co-founder and technology, wang qiang, head of one of mobile wireless platform operation, head of sichuan province in the original, who was involved in research and development love the purse, and fresh. Chaos data team also work with chengdu university of electronic science and technology, as well as the JIT LAB (JUST IN TIME big data interaction laboratory), big data used for research on the Internet.

it is understood that the current chaos data has formally opened the angel round.

note: this article mentioned “restaurant” is the concept of generalized: hotel (or hotels, hotels) is a major provides temporary accommodation for visitors, hotels are usually provide accommodation, also provide guests with the restaurant, swimming pool, or take care of young children, etc.