(text/Zhang Yankang)

along with the rise of home delivery business, each big electricity have PK offensive on the delivery time. In the express home electricity, love is still home take set to send its products has a small scale. It for “urgent, quick, lazy” consumers, relying on the love is still home online mall resources, hand in hand with the community convenience store, provide 1 hour to home community supermarket retail O2O service.

1 hour to home, and community service

set to send orders there are four ways, in addition to relying on the love is the home of platform, the other three order modes are mobile mall (App/micro letter mall), DM call centers, neighborhood convenience store. Especially micro letter mall, as long as the attention to send micro signal (asjpls), can be registered for order. Order according to the delivery address selection, convenience stores, if in a convenience store the purchased goods is empty.

shoot send and community convenience store cooperation, especially community mom-and-pop stores. Pat made give convenience stores offer goods supply of goods, from the supply chain convenience stores according to their own requirements of replenish onr’s stock, also can have our own supply channels independently. Pat made send WuShiWu tell hunting cloud network founder: “stand for convenience store provides online sales channels, but also optimizes the convenience store chain.”

“community convenience store is further community for many years, convenience store owners and the community to establish deep feelings, also nook and cranny of the community, or even know which building which unit which the owner of a family name.” Wu wu says, “from a convenience store to delivery, as will their shopping, fresh fruits and vegetables to choose the best quality, snacks, drinks to the best quality, delivery as much as possible to run fast.”

“the customer is our god, to be in the service of god is a convenience store supreme pleasure.” Film set to promoting convenience stores to provide customers with considerate service, his first as a role model: offer goods receipt for convenience stores to choose stock, sell goods by a convenience store choice, at the same time provide convenience store commodity pricing and sales data analysis, purchase Suggestions are given. And convenience stores to provide close service to customers, can improve their added value. Have made close service to win the public praise, to repeat business. Such a good thing, why not?

optimize resources, and gradually expand the market

there are words say so, is the biggest waste of idle resources. Pat made to use idle labor resources and location, convenience stores make convenience store “warehouse” and “distribution”, completely change the meaning of the traditional convenience store, become “future supermarket”, so as to establish community life ecosystem. In this system, according to the convenience store service scope and geographical location, dividing convenience store distribution community. According to the online sales data analysis, recommend convenience stores were, reduce unnecessary inventory backlog of convenience store cost; Commodity is given priority to with daily urgent supplies, customers shop online, save queue for payment time. Share the love is the home of the supply chain, convenience stores began to profit from supply sources.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, pat made sending WuShiWu founder is with 15 years experience on the Internet, the Internet has its own unique sensitive sense of smell. Other team members also has many years of retail and supply chain management, speed, Internet sales experience. In set to send to start, the WuShiWu with team do promotion in ningyang county, went from shop to talk about cooperation. Pick the most conforms to the consumption characteristics of the community, the racquet vertical send goods source, delivery time, after-sales service and so on a consumer always explanation.

in terms of competing goods, 001 community, small beautiful life and shopping malls, supermarkets supply cooperation, jingdong home has its own warehouse and distribution team. Pat set to send its own resources, make full use of its own supply chain system and convenience stores on the items with fruits and vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, cereals, oils and flavor, consumer and other supplies. WuShiWu tell hunting cloud network, pat set to send future will join furniture home textile, home appliances, kitchen supplies, etc., items will be more comprehensive.

at the moment, take to have universal coverage all the ningyang county, including 16 street, 51 community, nearly 50000 residents. The next step in jinan, Qingdao and other places. The App will be launched at the end of July.

set to send is seeking financing, will be used for market development to promote and improve the supply chain and operation.