note: investors need to deal with and the relationship between the company founder, in terms of corporate governance, investors should play an active role, to participate in the process, rather than merely intervention, founder of the decision. At the same time also must carry on the investor relations management, maximizing the value of stakeholders. The following is a Fresco “Capital investment director Tytus Michalski thinking:

this seems to be a dual problem, it runs through the whole development of the company. But every company is unique, even if it is the same company over time will be going through different stages of development, investors need to different levels of participation, have different development status.

completely passive investors who invest capital, only their best option is to investment funds, syndication consortium or day mission. Also, another extreme is those who want to participate in the company’s every decision of investors, they are with the operation of the professional knowledge of the operator not just investors.


this is has led to considerable middle, brought a very interesting question, that is: what are the factors affecting the degree of investors to participate in?

what is the result?

it is clear that every company has its own unique key inflection point. This includes the team, finance, product, business model and external partnerships such as decision, so it is not necessarily limited to a specific type. For investors, to be able to add value is not the best way to make a decision for founder, it is to help the team to think their decision-making process.

if the founder to choose what kind of business model, so investors should provide help for him. But if the founder in choosing a business card in two minds, then investors directly for him to make a decision.

uncertainty levels have many tall?

when a very important decision with high uncertainty, investors can help the team to discuss in more detail. This includes providing interpersonal environment, research background information or confirm key assumptions. Again, the emphasis is on process rather than the conclusion.

when the company access to foreign markets, investors with cross-border experience can help reduce the uncertainty. To understand the nuances of the local culture, only from media reports laid hands on him is very difficult, because the media focuses on those do not focus on ordinary ordinary particularly outstanding.

what is the right time?

many challenging decision has important consequences, high uncertainty and time pressure. In these cases, obviously do not have enough time to complete all the necessary research. Investors can add value by rule of thumb, based on the past relevant work. The rule of thumb should be based on the process rather than a final conclusion. You have to do is to make sure that investors have to quickly response, because if investors are not able to respond quickly, there is no enough useful experience.

in consultation with the important strategic partners, easily will be involved in the current situation, especially sleep deprivation. Experienced investors can help determine the difference between difficult negotiations and not a fair deal.

what investors get you anything?

important decisions is a before and after contact. Investors have different experience has the ability to identify the relevant experience and match. Major professional knowledge of the investors, whether a variety can play a role. Of course, if the investor is not related to experience, even advise a counterproductive effect. So, investors for yourself when can really add value to a high degree of self consciousness is very important.

investors generally has a extraordinary self-confidence and charm, but also often make mistakes. In general, when doubt, according to the statistical data of founder will assume that investors are given the wrong advice.

what other beneficial factors?

the founder of success with complementary skills to be able to attract investors. In addition to self-awareness, investors should be able to consider the other investors and partners to provide input and support capabilities. For companies, investors have a joint team of support set is more strong than any individual.

and, with high quality and variety of network relationships of investors can quickly find someone to add additional support.

sometimes investors like to use a coach’s founder of metaphor rather than the players. Metaphor will turn upside down, the founder as a coach, the investors as a player. Then gathered the best investors team, rather than the best individual.

every company is unique, with the passage of time all need to change. Is don’t want to participate in all the way, or do a shopkeeper of cutting, because the founders should not go any one of the two extremes. For the answer to this question is simple: they are good.