nowadays, the sources of energy, tools and various O2O services, has a lot of manual labor liberation, but we are under a lot of disturbing mental Labour. Such as usual in the baidu and taobao search something we need, users need to constantly browsing and transitions, to get a relative of links or suitable for their goods, all of this requires a lot of time and brain power.

what the future will be like that? People just naturally describe what you need to mobile phone App, can direct access to conform to the description of products or services, realize the description can meet each other. Sounds amazing, but in fact it has been close to us. Recent focus on cloud network product duo la HD is hunting can quickly understand the user’s description, and recommend what you want, thus reducing your mental labor.

duo la HD is not subject to the goods as the breakthrough point, but will start from the service, from the perspective of people will be more accurate, committed to achieving DORA, found the people. Specifically, it is based on natural language understanding and artificial intelligence technology, can according to user’s description language, looking for people to meet the needs of users, service is achieved. Users can be through the platform can find common O2O server, high-end freelancers, also can be more outstanding in the industry, etc. DORA HD can help the user to save a lot of mental labor and time, from thousands of choose the few person to find the most suitable for the user. All professionals and industry can be zero threshold registered on the platform, platform selection and assessment of registered people do strict work, their ability to service and credit accumulation for daily evaluation by the user, such as the inspection is unqualified.

so, how is a duo la HD ai implemented? Went up from professional point of view, is the computer through the understanding of the message text and context analysis, structured information, analyze your immediate needs, by matching with the background data, combined with the geography data, introduce the most conforms to the requirements of several candidates. This recommendation is more is to understand the user’s real-time demand, at the time of data accumulated to a certain extent, instant messaging and historical information can provide more accurate optimal service.

founder’s tiger told hunting cloud network, the core of machine learning and artificial intelligence is the mental work of liberation of people, the current natural language processing algorithms can to a certain extent, and some scenarios to replace artificial, provide more quality services than artificial. Of course, some of the more complex dialogue scenes and machine can’t get to the structured information quickly, need timely delivery of artificial to complete, to create a good user experience. Tiger stressed that they are composed of ali department, department of tsinghua and ast artificial intelligence team, compared to other teams, its core character itself is an expert in the artificial intelligence. In addition, the platform for various aspects ability more ordinary people are allowed to register, all O2O server does not need to travel through the company organization this mediation take wages, but can independently enjoy the employer pay and tip directly, the platform does not charge any fees.

duo la HD in two weeks will be submitted online application, the server has been basically completed. Team is currently by technical personnel’s research and development to accelerate the product online, by promoting prompted freelancers registered in platform, background resources to expand; By increasing the software test, to ensure the user experience. Late words will increase the voice function, and to develop in the direction of the real robot.

business model building, tiger, said the freelancers and industry in the background of registration, will form a strong flow. In addition, the user of natural language understanding this model innovation has great market potential.

the company was established in April 2015, tiger is tsinghua university mba, artificial intelligence expert, who study in Europe, after returning from work in alibaba. Dr Co-founder conan tsinghua university computer, artificial intelligence expert, serial entrepreneur. Co-founder of sand weave is tsinghua university mba, baidu product specialist. Dr Co-founder is as high as artificial intelligence, the return home, in alibaba for multiple artificial intelligence and big data project. The team is currently 12 people.

tiger told hunting cloud network, at present, the company has yet to obtain financing, financing needs. (with the name above is a flower, draw lessons from in ali flower culture)