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cloud network hunting note: black and white, dull. So people are always looking for let its lifelike, or illustration, or text color. But a foreign called Notegraphy did in the true sense of the application of text beautification, fused together to words and images, created the text is not the same wonderful.

just writing, may not be enough to express our words that exquisite and the outpouring of emotion. May you have more than once asked: why words are always so boring, not like pictures beautification editor, make them full of artistic conception? In our hearts, there are so few words, is a memory, or kraft paper, restore ancient ways, or photo of youth. We always want to find a better background images to express the meaning of the word, but in fact is the best way to express text text of self-expression.

so there is a foreign name Notegraphy App was born, it lit up the colour of the text itself.

Notegraphy, just as its name implies, is the text images. You can use this App to your text living practice, step on the paper.

first, let me briefly introduce to you the App:

1. 40 multiple templates by the top art designers design;

2. You can make like you are crazy and a little artistic companion;

3. Instant can be applied to the social sharing;

4. Your own personal customization of font pattern.

Notegraphy App graphics is very concise. After opening, the first thing you need to register, enter your name, password and email, convenient to share and exchange in the future. Then click on the design of similar steel in the top right, you can enter text you want to beautify. Input is completed, click on the STYLE icon, into the next page, there are many kinds of design STYLE, each STYLE has three different design STYLE can choose, these STYLE difference could be the size, may be in color, also could be the background. It inspired the user want to explore endless curiosity.

after finish your work, click on the PUBLISH icon, you can save. You can give your work after the completion of the tag, at the same time can share to other social applications, such as facebook and twitter. You can also choose to just yourself or share with others, so other users can watch at the same time, and can express their own opinions and standpoints. On this App, you can know others thumb up several of the images, and you have how many the number of fans, isn’t it a sense of accomplishment! At the moment of you is a literal artist and a text editor.

use experience:

1. The operation is simple, you just need to typing and choose a topic, can automatically generate layout, because is a professional designer, so most of them are very artistic sense, requires little user fees brain;

2. Can thumb up and fan, interactive sense is very strong;

3. For Chinese users open sharing platforms such as weibo;

4. By comparison, the letter is better than Chinese design, some letters to good adaptation template, and reflected in the background; As shown, “LIE YUN WANG” L is represented in the form of a swan, clever, but did not “hunting cloud network”;

5. Application of optimization is not perfect enough, will have your own photos cannot be uploaded to the situation in the background;

6. Words can’t move or change the size, color, etc., select a narrow range.

so far, Notegraphy version has been upgraded to 4.0.0 version.

by the end of 2014, according to its co-founder and chief creative officer Rafa Notegraphy grim said more than 300000 users, more than 100 works.

RafSoto think users for text beautification fully displayed their personality, or smart, or beautiful, or meaningful.

when asked about the next five years to how to develop, hope Notegraphy can be halted said text share of the wind, he said: “once produced, then the best way in the world has lost feeling. Like Notegraphy, although it is our development, but it belongs to the user. In a word, it is the lifeline of all in the hands of the user.”

Notegraphy, clear and concise, only three steps: writing, mode, have been published. Once registered, choose your own URL (hunting cloud network note: unified address locator), in his personal gallery of their own design, you can know how many people are there in your design, you have many fans. Of course, you can also go to watch the other users.

Notegraphy creative agency from Barcelona HerraizSoto& Co (hunting cloud network note: founder of the agency for Marzban Cooper and Rafa halted, headquartered in Barcelona, was established in February 1, 2013.) Design, organization work and OmmWriter and StickWithMeBaby. Notegraphy can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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