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was born at the start of the controversial Apple Watch, now you need to bear greater pressure. Recently, the predicted Apple Watch sold the same day in the United States millions of third-party sales market analysis agencies Slice Intelligence again released about Apple Watch sales market research report. Report: Apple smart Watch Watch sales in April after the short blowout sale early, into the dormant and its sales plunged 90%, appear bluff type fall in the us market. Sales has been below 20000 piece, sometimes even lower than 10000 yuan, and profit lower movement version occupies two-thirds of the sales, which belongs to the luxury of Apple Watch EDITION sales in the United States is less than 2000 yuan.

we now come back to look at Apple Watch launch at the start of each market research agency in 2015 to its sales forecast: market research firm Strategy Analytics predicts Apple Watch sales this year is likely to reach 15 million; Deutsche bank analysts expect Apple Watch sales is expected to reach 17.6 million in 2015. BMO analysts predict Apple Watch will be sold in 19 million; JP Morgan analysts expect this year Apple Watch will be sold for 26 million; Morgan Stanley analysts predict is predicted Apple Watch sales will reach 30 million in 2015.

as we can see from these research estimates, although Apple Watch sales forecasts range from 15 million to 30 million, but its are showed on Apple’s optimism Watch sales. But from the latest sales forecast of the Slice, Intelligence and Apple change previous high-profile gestures, the Apple mum Watch sales initiatives. Prediction of optimism seems finally to fall back to the present reality, original Apple Watch seems to be the Apple over the past few years for the first time to buy product. For the original Apple Watch is, no doubt, “guilty” in Apple’s favour. Favorite apple gave it a lot, for it held only two conference, using the most forward-looking Touch technology (Force Touch Touch technology), one of the best material fuselage (sapphire, rose gold), put in the apple stores are the most conspicuous position display and the powerful marketing promotion.

we wondered, why Apple Watch in Apple reigning brand halo, and so many efforts, it still didn’t reach to subvert the current industry, not only for smart wearable market brings new change of mission; Even the analyst mouth did not meet the sales target? Personally think that the following reasons, resulting in early generation of Apple Watch with the current sales of embarrassment. which lead to the early generation of Apple Watch the reasons for the current sales embarrassed, is the present entrepreneurs learn from wearable device hardware, so that the wearable device hardware aspects make reasonable choice and planning.

a, wearable device of really coming

lei jun saying goes “on the tuyere of the pig will fly”, it is really quite reasonable. Industry tuyere of the success or failure of a product has a vital influence. Tuyere not to in the industry, many enterprises are introduced advanced products at the time, but it is not accepted by the public; And explosion in the industry, a dirty business, in a blind ginseng can also earn dish rich phenomenon is common. Intelligent wearable devices also affected by the tuyere. On the one hand, nobody denies that intelligent wearable device is one of the future trend of the development of science and technology; From the current intelligent wearable device, on the other hand, especially the performance of smart watch, and whether or not they really let people suspect the tuyere. But Fitbit bracelet 20 million sales, millet bracelet 6 million sales, seems to have said a tuyere wise experts ring is already arrived, but the tuyere smart watch hasn’t arrived. It also tells entrepreneurs, intelligent bracelet in the present than the smart watch. Of course also have to doubt ask here: Apple Watch come early or not.

2, consumers too high expectation of

jobs in the era of apple innovation for consumer electronics has again and again, its iPod, iPhone, the series of products has changed people’s aesthetic of the consumer electronics external and internal cognitive experience, even changed the world. He pushed the innovation to the peak, the apple on the altar of the innovation. ZhongXingPengYue, let apple’s huge halo overhead also shoulders the mission of bigger, so that after each class of apple’s new product we are looking forward to, to change the world, reverse current. So in the current chaos multifarious wearable equipment environment, Apple Watch as Apple wearable devices, of course want to shoulder the burden of change wearable device world; And Apple’s recent statements, also shows its is going to upset the Watch industry, whole steps of the consumer to Apple is looking forward to Watch. So when the pious cover her face, our infinite daydream, but when its pick to open the veil, let’s see, we have found that the appearance is not outshine others, its function is not simple. Apple Watch failed to meet our high expectations, but let’s have a big head. And this gap, the first Apple Watch weakens the consumers decide to buy.

3, using experience do not tally with the selling price of

Apple Watch seems to be the norm of the inherent experience with Apple products. Apple products before intuitive and simple operation experience in the Apple on the Watch seems to have been hard to find. At the beginning of the overhand, even you are hard to find from one App to return to an App, it’s hard to know how to quit an App, make sense of it you need to do a lot of exploring study, spend more time cost. Apple Watch on the application of fluency but also with the iPhone products such as good as a mile, caton is the norm. And more importantly Apple Watch small dial makes touch click operation, text input operation and internal App there are all kinds of congenital deficiency on the look and feel of the experience. All this leaves Apple Watch operation experience of valence has fallen dramatically.

Apple Watch in the use of valence fell sharply at the same time, the price is still high, the official price, from 2588 to the rose gold version of the sport version of more than 140000 yuan. Experience and the price of asymmetry appeared for the first time in apple products, but in today’s more demanding consumers, even if has a halo, apple’s huge brand products is not simple and easy to use and it is difficult to be accepted by consumers.

4, lack of the solution of the key pain points

for wearable devices, the range and the heat control is one of the key pain points. The original Apple Watch seems to be on these two points are not well. A weak battery life has been a Apple Watch a short board, although subsequent update several times to make it than selling at the beginning of the 18 hours slightly ascending, but still belongs to the weak life wearable devices. In weak battery life, the Apple Watch fever control Apple does not seem to be solved, a few days ago just broke the “Apple Watch saving overheating concerns consumers upload skin burns as” of news, and in the experience of the Apple store, Apple Watch sensible temperature was also higher than the iPhone, and other products of the epic temperature, it can be said to be the Achilles’ heel for wearable devices.

5, the function is to be on the addition or subtraction

the Apple for the Apple Watch specially built a Watch OS operating system, from this point on dressing equipment can see Apple’s attitude toward its function is to hold the pursuit of a lot of. Apple may hope can wearable devices such as mobile phone, as long as it can be implemented on a mobile phone function, can give in wearable devices, give it a variety of applications, make it become the all-rounder. For wearable devices into the mobile phone, of course, all of the features, no matter from reality or in theory, this is feasible. And apple and android smart watches are also doing so, but it seems to be more apple and android manufacturers of wishful thinking. Consumers really need such a complicated application? In these applications on a wearable device experience really good? Today, consumers on wearable device with the function of the most is to look at the time, record to track the movement, the sleep data. And limited by the intelligent watch screen size as mentioned petite and battery life, many applications is put on them. Consumers prefer simple, practical, efficient, accurate wearable devices, this from the Fitbit, millet bracelets sell like hot cakes are confirmed.

6, product positioning is independent or dependent

although Apple for the Apple has created a Watch Watch OS operating system, but the original Apple Watch, its location is still the iPhone accessories, it can’t completely out of the iPhone. But Apple Watch things can be done, the iPhone have no what can’t complete, can even do better. Not only can complete the iPhone and iphones third-party products can also be done well. As a parts, he lacks the essential sex. User demand for his nature is not just need. In WWDC2015 conference, Apple released the Watch OS2, let Apple Watch start down the path of independent. Can look forward to in the near future, perhaps Apple Watch will complete independence from the iPhone.

usage scenario, whether too idealistic

Apple Watch function of original idea is to create a new user demand, the user become more lazy again (won’t take out cell phones), or when we are not convenient take out mobile phone can indeed provide us timely reminder, do know and reply quickly. But in real life, how many time we can’t be on the smart phone for the first time know this information? Ordinary consumers and can participate in many occasions even can’t take out mobile phone? Apple to Apple, therefore, the role of the Watch and using occasions too idealistic, Apple Watch reality usage scenario is actually very narrow.

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