(article/Song Xu ran)

company information, time-consuming, induction without security has become the consensus all job seekers, skip the arduous search phase directly to find the right company is the dream job seekers. White net, combine workplace strategy and application platform, for the company and job seekers labeling and match with the story push for a position, I want to be a “obvious” job site.

founder Zhang Menglin. Two co-founder Tang Zhenshan Wang Huoyun. The former two have many years of experience in human resources is engaged in. Current college, has won the first bucket of gold. Currently full-time six. Zhang Menglin for 11 years, in fact, has been founded as a co-founder of human resources company, left two years later, the current is still normal operation, the company is successful entrepreneurs.

as white, it is straightforward to describe job search process. White network launched workplace BBS, collect published a cover story, work heart, the company’s health related manuscripts, etc, as long as real, they receive, all included in the rewards. Pport manuscript review authenticity declaration responsibility system at the same time, review the success of the manuscript can be sent in three days. Now about 100 job search strategy.

white, is simply to apply for a job. Solicited manuscript finishing company environment culture tags at the same time, for job seekers to push information appropriate position in the future, for the winner entry into the job situation record, to help job seekers to quickly find the right position. There are more than 200 enterprises, enterprise users of more than 1000, more than 2000 registered applicants for the job.

“for many years engaged in human resources, see the job the way a lot of cost of human energy, let applicants rapid induction company is the right one we want to do.” White net tell hunting cloud network. The new post of white mesh will be based on the analysis for job applicants information push, to paying customers as white net security in ten days, provide service after induction, fails to achieve a refund.

as white main security job seekers service network in the future: by asking the upload documents guarantee authenticity, the right organization job seekers to visit companies, security services after induction, regular company experience writing real strategy, etc. “What do we want from the perspective of job seekers, the company also pull into the scope of services, to provide cover all aspects of security.” As a matter of fact, white net has organized nearly three times to visit the company activities.

in the workplace speech strategy the toast, apply for treasure are doing, but the content is mixed and disorderly, no limit. Peep division, the system evaluation platform, to help users understand the information such as company payroll. Pull hook, looking for doing a job such as the third party platform. Similar as white net, only do workplace information docking with the job at the same time.

the new version will be in mid to late August, synchronous online is free in wuhan 10000 workplace security card promotion: CARDS are no longer have to work a security service. Now with the company cooperation activities. Plans to open next year profit model.

as white net have angel seed round, currently in the process of the angel round.