spirit analysis is a contact management tools, to explore the true value of the contact, solve the stakeholders information is scattered, the problem of insufficient understanding insufficiency, the collaboration within the team.

three letter and the story of a group of partners

spirit analysis into the field of NPO (non-profit organization) is very accidental thing. Senior team, graduated from Beijing university of posts and telecommunications law professionals, CEO Yi Xin had three years of volunteer work, she found the NPO organization lacks information technology support. CPO Guo Runmiao is Beijing university computer graduate student, after graduation in the amazon customer service system development. Because his wife work on the international environmental protection organization, not only is he learned Chinese, foreign NPO in the field of information technology is also very poor. Is the CTO Hou Zhengchun Guo Runmiao roommate, dragged to the partnership. Three people hold to the idea of NPO organization to provide technical services company is founded jiaxin DE. So far, the team has a dozen people.

over the past few years, the spirit analysis has been focused on areas of NPO, and has set up a profit. There are more than 3200 agencies and organizations to become its users, including the China youth development foundation, China population welfare foundation, China children’s charity relief foundation, friends as a foundation, etc.

earthquake contributed to the transition of

in 2012, jiaxin DE embellish or according to the native of NPO user needs to provide technical custom service company. The end of 2012, jiaxin embellish DE for a user to customize a volunteer management system, good user feedback, it has become a rudiment of spirit analysis. In January 2013, youcheng foundation began to use spirit analysis 1.0 products. Had just finished to youcheng training in March, April, a giant earthquake has taken place, friends was established using the system to raise money, completed the mass communications (email, SMS) processing. Spirit analysis system in the process to focus on the many details, such as replacement of intelligence at a fundraiser a fundraiser name, such as auto reply. At the time of disclosure can also follow the mail open situation, to carry out the follow up.

the outstanding performance in the earthquake to spirit analysis established a good reputation. Many institutions received the fundraising and youcheng, head of the information disclosure after E-mail, SMS, traveled to find spirit, gradually has more than ten or so for the spirit to version 1.0. As more and more institutions to seek cooperation, spirit analysis founding team decided to make the transition of the system. In June 2014, start the transition process, completed the transition to November.

domestic NPO services is blue ocean

although for non-profit organization providing information technology services in domestic is still in its infancy, but it is comparatively mature abroad, many companies have achieved good results in the field of the vertical.

1, Blackbaud has been listed on nasdaq, 2013 annual income of $400 million.

2, DonorPerfect, Salsa Labs is also very good system, but the unit price in hundreds of thousands to $one million, more expensive.

features, spirit analysis system has the contact page, bulk import and export data, contact tag role management, forms, data collecting, can drag and drop, 50000 + E-mail group, bulk SMS emails, online fundraising, statistics and report generation, and other functions, covers the comprehensive. In addition to the software, spirit analysis has a transfer site for new thinking “and”, and regularly offline, for new users of online course, for the high version of the user to provide on-site guidance services. Tools + service mode for the user the omni-directional three-dimensional technical support. Based on micro letter is convenient, spirit analysis currently supported users logged in micro letter, in micro letter to contact retrieval, mid to late August can realize micro letter. The development of the mobile client applications also in the planning.