reality on Monday announced it would open battle with the hotel industry, the target for business travel demand of consumers. They recently for his business travel project has a global promotion plan, and develop a new business intelligence dashboard (hunting cloud network note: can achieve business data visualization) make reservation and computational cost more simple, the dashboard includes corporate travel planners, provide summary of billing and accounting, financial reporting data and have a reservation for the customer’s travel information.

it is hard to imagine one Wall Street analyst or sales manager would like to stay in Dallas a stranger’s home instead of traveling to the work, business people are more inclined to enjoy the comfortable nursing a five-star hotel. Growing company responsible for the hotel and strategic Chip Conley, “from now on, growing company that the time is right to occupy a position in the field of long-term business travel, or for those who want to be outside of the company set start meeting team.”

when involved in using the site of the new products of the company, employees can through an reservation and costs can be direct feedback, they will send the cheque and Excel spreadsheets to company.

this product is made up of three main categories:

1. The active directory: option to be able to register with your current or next trip details, including date, location, the number of staff in each team, and so on.

2. The report options: to help you collect and manage the cost of the entire organization, and exports of financial data and report.

3. Employee options: can manage authorization which employees are qualified through the website reservation

there is also a continuation to September 1, promotion, registration and accommodation for the first time on business employees will receive an $50 credit.

although reality is the core of the market around the leisure and short-term housing, but business travel can also provide a lot of opportunities to make money. According to the global travel association, American business travel spending more than $292 billion in 2014, is expected to reach $302.7 billion by the end of 2015, will rise 5.4% next year.

someone whose business travel project was originally released in last year, but it is limited to a few companies and experience effect and is not good enough, so far the company has 250 contract customers, including Google, Vox Media and SoundCloud. And the new business intelligence dashboard can help enterprises and their employees are more likely to reserve a room and records overhead.

these functions can be used now, so if you are looking for the company next team travel accommodation, can be sign up immediately.


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