note: want to really do never leave home can get the delivery? Want to review the week and the teacher give you answer questions? Want to call to whip-round to organize activities? Or want to know campus activity information anytime and anywhere? Today is to introduce the application of four magic.

the following four new application will change people view of college life.

as a college students, parents and relatives over to tell you the time in the school will be the best time of your life. This four years of time will give you full freedom, let you to experience a wide variety of beliefs and practices all of your goals, to meet interesting new friends, the most important is that it will give you a valuable opportunity for you to find how to become an independent individual. Therefore, for students, can be in students to explore their career time, realize the self, such opportunities to make the university four years precious.

unfortunately, attain the top priority of all experience is time, and this is almost all college students lack. Reassuringly, however, there are four entrepreneurial companies are trying to change the way of ordinary college students’ daily life. Through their service, the company can be provided to the national college students what they need most: that is the free time to do some more fully college students should do.

1. Baby, don’t shout hungry mom, there are “hungry” in China, foreign have EnvoyNow

EnvoyNow is an on-demand supply food distribution application, specially designed for the university market. This service is not only cooperation with university of popular restaurants around, also with the help of the workforce to provide users with all the college student crazily speeding delivery service. Angel and, more importantly, these “take-away” shall have the right to enter any room in the school campus, whether the library or lecture hall on the third floor of the classroom. Before those who need you can leave the room, through the better part of a campus delivery day has gone, because the angel “take-away” won’t be stuck in the same way can’t go in at the school gate. By the way, almost forget to remind everybody, the middle of the night to buy a corn flour rolls delivery price is very cheap, only $2.99. Please note that price, no bargain!

2. When you to cram for the final exams, Studypool numerous experts and teachers to help you answer

Studypool is an online market, on the application, it can help students to contact the teacher, students can ask questions to the teacher and immediate access to academic help. Essentially, Studypool like let you have thousands of are expert teachers people to be your friend, they can help you to solve any difficult puzzle anytime and anywhere. But you need not to solve these problems under too much pressure to brooding, rake up out the answer to the question, so also wasted your precious time on reviewing. Studypool in hand, as you have a group of trusted adviser, they will help you understand your work and give it to the best of the correct answer.

3. When do you plan to road trip with a friend, Tilt the raised platform to help you to friends and family life “financing”

Tilt is a raise application, the application is designed to for charitable activities, social gatherings and other activities to raise money. Users need to first set the financing amount, if financing is successful, Tilt will charge a fee, and users will receive the money. If capital failed, Tilt will not charge any fee. For the student party, Tilt so that they don’t need to waste time to tell my friends to pay for the activities of the organization, they also need not to worry about to record who paid the money, because no additional costs, Tilt will help you complete all the written record of work.

4. When would you like to go to the party on any one night, the Toga offers you a wide variety of activities


is a university social calendar application, it will record according to the content to classify and manage all of the activities on campus, record activities including party, large academic exchange, or the school sports meeting schedule. The user can through the application in the campus network platform promotion own events and invite friends, also can quickly browse other school calendar to view the campus events held across the country. If you want to organize to visit other universities, that the app can also come in handy.


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