note: the author Ilya Pozin is a serial entrepreneur, author and investor, founded the Pluto TV, Coplex and Open to Me.

it is well known that the age of the Internet is one of the most people make online shopping. Move the mouse sat on the couch can buy what they want to make shopping unprecedented convenience.

as eBay and Amazon the electricity business giants continue to promote the early Internet innovation revolution, has long been considered the greatest destroyer e-commerce is the Internet age.

but large e-commerce sites like Amazon has been trying to explore a way to apply to all sales, yet this universal way cannot meet the demand of some special products and consumer experience. So today, more and more vertical electricity created all kinds of fresh and unique shopping experience, every day in changing people’s way of shopping. Here we list the five most representative and worthy of reference to study vertical electrical contractor:

Brayola: use crowdsourcing and algorithm by changing to buy underwear

this website mainly help women users friends to find the most suitable for their bra. Women’s underwear market revenue at more than $30 billion, obviously this is a great market potential. But in this market are rarely designed to improve the female underwear shopping experience of e-commerce sites.

Brayola hopes the crowdsourcing model and intelligent algorithm to help women find the perfect bra. As start-ups Pandora music field to bring change, Brayola for lingerie electricity field brings a revolutionary breakthrough.

The operation mode of the

Brayola: first of all let a female friend to share their favorite bra, and then compare with other people on the platform of preference. And most recommended platform similar, if just have two users of the bra taste the same: not only the style, more important is the size of the model, then according to their preferences, Brayola will recommend them to try the new bra brand.

Brayola special attention is not just about a small part of the audience, but also a very private and hidden products. The unique feature of this site is that it helps women with technology to find the right bra. They can search on the website and buy all kinds of brand underwear. And in this particular website recommended to the user might be good for new underwear brand, also help the user to eliminate the many concerns of online shopping. Users of online shopping often without enough confidence is a big factor in the development of limit electric business platform.

Warby Parker: never leave home can buy the right sunglasses

the monopoly of sunglasses e-commerce sites is facing a huge problem: because each people demand for the sun glasses each are not identical, most people before buying sunglasses will try to wear it. So how do we overcome this problem? Warby Parker of the solution is: users first to send a bunch of sun glasses let them pick at home, and then leave them so that a pair of, the remaining returned to the company again.

this special way to perfectly fit the demand of the company, also represents the future trend in the field of electricity, rather than to cater to a specialize in the market, not as good as another sales’ path.

Harry ‘s: skip the middleman and save money for consumers

to highlight their own advantages, the monopoly of men razor and shaving tool online sellers are focused on sellers has more competitive advantage than other traditional cost efficiency.

Harry ‘s secret is unique through lean supply chain and reduce the additional cost of retailers and wholesalers, to provide users with good and cheap products. This is a very typical way of selling, but Harry ‘s using the Internet to provide broad platform will traditional way of selling into a major bright spot in the field of electronic commerce.

in addition, focus on a particular market makes the company have enough time and energy to provide the best shopping experience.

ThinkGeek: designed for customer service to see

on ThinkGeek website, you can find all kinds of gadgets, everything has a special audience. ThinkGeek can be a classic case to explore alternative commodity market.

website, such as the ThinkGeek product of interest is the key to its success. In fact, the company’s most popular products are related to April fool’s day.

“focus” is because these sites have in common – focus on a particular area and a special consumer group, these small e-commerce sites to compete with the “omnipotent” electricity giant. This experience can be applied to all walks of life.

Jet: reshaping consumer club

the startup has won $225 million in financing, and in 2015 officially released online on July 21. The user after a whole year membership fee paid to the Jet can buy goods to cut the lowest price. Jet has its own special warehouse used to store brand goods, but also provide users with the local network of stores information so that they know best price.

the online shopping club’s unique experience lies in the real-time dynamic price. Based on the number of users shopping car goods, Jet engineer will continue to update the most efficient, most cost-effective vendors. As much as possible so the user can easily find the most economical combination of consumption.

although Jet may not vertical electrical contractor, but Jet change the way of e-commerce experience is still worthy of our attention.


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