editor’s note: co-founder refers to the early founded, and respectively in the process of starting, undertake the task of specific work and certain amount of a specific contribution. People usually say entrepreneurial teams are more likely to succeed, some data seem also illustrates this point. But this really the case?

the author Dannie Hetz was the founder of the TOPRO. This article first published in the Melting Time.

this article is about the independence of the founder, and tells the story of if we don’t invest there will be much loss.

many investors are said to let them to invest in independent founder unless there is a miracle.

I am now is the founder of an independent, so actually also quite blow to hear this.

in fact, for any of the founder or CEO, select team work center of gravity, to create something of value is important, is more essential than seek co-founder.

I am not actually has always been a man, because two years after I found the co-founder. But now I actually still independent founder, after, I finally found the way to create something of value.

so, in fact, not all people are the same: we have different fingerprint, mental state, experience, and reason to make a decision. A co-founder of title and is less important than the substance, and also if co-founder can’t very well the service for the company that it is better to do an independent founder.

investment of those who can share the joys and sorrows

as an investor, if you can know exactly who will stay, and it’s advantage, because for any a start-up in the early stage of development, stability is advantage.

a few months ago, after the departure of my co-founder, I decided to not actively looking for partners. Accordingly, I just focus on creating meaningful products, because I believe that as long as the point in time by the way, the right partner will appear, company also can continue to grow.

in terms of the founder, the investment should be cooperation support promising products. If the independent co-founder has struggle together for several years and be able to manage the team of the enterprise, what does it matter?

choose potential not only see the data

since set up on the first day of the startup founder should know all the possibilities are likely to be against them. All investors, particularly in the early stage of development, should also know that this simple fact accordingly to adjust their money. There is nothing new to say. Then there is the correlation of data: it is very interesting, no correlation performance for any startup, only 2% of the likelihood of success, and correlation of only 16% in the successful startups are founded by the founder of the independent.

if the data is manipulated to limit the founder of the independent investment financing (or even reduce the number of independent founder) based on the error message?

and I am a female founder independently, not the founder of the science and technology. With these definitions, shut down for me it is a way of being wise. However, this three years I do nothing, other in have been to keep working on it () to create a better life. This is stupid? I think it is lucky.

some would say independent founder tend not to succeed, but if you persist, you will know a lot of rules.

is not independent

independent founder has often been blamed alone don’t have the ability to run a startup.

I know all independent founder is not independent work. You only need to remember in the past three years, I chose alone bear all the risks that a fact, you don’t need to remember I led a small qualified enterprises. Their salary is lower than the market average, they also know this. When I asked why they will stay in the company (they have a higher salary elsewhere), their answer is very simple, “the company I founded, it went, where we like, we believe you.”

another is founder of things to do with the rich experience, founder of the investors, traders and mentors to create strong relations of cooperation in order to learn and understand the work center of gravity. Lessons for the founder of all, learning is very be necessary, at the same time cooperation team enough feedback (sometimes the wise too much counterproductive) will probably make you ignore this part.

summarizes the past history can help us do

if you are a has a trump card in his hand (product, team, benefits, development emfs) founder of independence, that you have to guarantee to find the suitable investors trust you. If you have a lot of ace, then lost a also won’t stop you, so you just move on.

founder of independent list:

Jeff bezos, Amazon, America’s largest Internet e-commerce company)

, elon musk – capsules (U.S. space exploration technology company)

Pierre, Naomi dia eBay (online auction and shopping website)

Andrew Houston Dropbox (cloud storage network file synchronization)

Sarah Mr. Kerry Spanx (American lingerie company)

Sam Walton Walmart (wal-mart)

denise Wilson Lululemon Athletica (Canada sportswear companies)

Giacomo Guilizzoni Balsamiq (product prototype design company)

Adam Singolda Taboola (Israeli content recommendation company)

Orit Hashay Brayola ladies bra (Israel)

Merav Oren WMN

Craig newmark Craigslist (free classified ads website)

Aaron patzer’s Mint (personal finance site)

David karp bursts of light (the largest blog website)

the benevolence, xu, L ‘oreal (L ‘oreal Paris – the world’s largest cosmetics industry group)

Elizabeth holmes Theranos (medical technology companies in silicon valley)

Nick woodman GoPro camera makers (movement)

Jon Mr France Shutterstock (the famous image trading site)


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