alibaba today announced a strategic investment of more than $charm, to develop a luxury flash sales electric business platform that charm (, at the same time to light the major international luxury goods, luxury, fashion brand offers limited-time discount, quality goods sales of the entire supply chain services.

alibaba group CEO zhang yong said that investment appeal after, ali all forms, multi-level, cross-platform, retail service system is further improved. Hope charm we hope give full play to the advantages, and day cat platform forming synergies, provide consumers with more high-quality high-end goods. Charm at the same time, alibaba will help partners access to ali ecological benefit their brands, more efficient for them to consumers, marketing brand, set up the supply chain system based on Internet.

charm is located in Shanghai, in April 2010, in a flash sales model online luxury limited-time discount business, daily 9 innovation as low as 1 fold brand activities. Charm hui directly with international brands and brand designated official dealers, more than 2400 cooperation brand. It is worth mentioning that charm hui is only part of the brand in the domestic electrical business partners, such as Paris galeries lafayette, Armani, ermenegildo Zegna, Michael Kors, Trussardi, Roger took, Longchamp, Tumi, guerlain 280 brands, etc.

after completion of the transaction, alibaba group will integrate resources, in its Tmall platform set up a service team, to support the rapid development of the hui charm, help charm in user growth, brand cooperation, logistics and IT infrastructure services to expand and improve. The cat charm hui will help days to further improve the introduction of library of brand, expand ali advantages in the field of luxury goods, light luxury electric business.

charm hui, founder and CEO Thibault Villet (former Coach, greater China President) said, be glad to get alibaba’s strategic investment, the two sides have complementary advantages for customers with high quality, together with the day the cat authentic brand goods. The two sides in the future will grab the consumer to upgrade the development trend of light extravagance and luxury, provides consumers with more diversified services.

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