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“ali’s mission is to make there is no such thing as a difficult business, ali bacc the project’s mission is to let the world is not difficult.” This is alibaba group CEO zhang yong 16 this month in ali bacc the wireless open declaration of the core of the speech in the conference. Ali bacc the, the project was launched in 2014, still can say have already produced results: since its launch nine months, service APP covering more than 100 million devices, already has more than 10000 developers, overall more than 600 online applications. Now alibaba for its support is a step further: “not only announced it will invest 2 billion yuan to help entrepreneurs to reconstruct the enormous commercial opportunity, seize the Internet and will be members, commodity and trading, order, payment, maps, and more open out basic service ability, provide all kinds of basic services, basic components. “Open its inputs and efforts, in the country is second to none, but if its behind compared to the potential and strategic ambitions, such investment, it is pure profit.

1, the extension of alibaba platform value

ali bacc the gives a person the feeling is the most intuitive: ali plays, act in an opera in entrepreneurs, their mutual development. From this perspective, it is the extension of alibaba platform value. Alibaba will own accumulation take out again, making it the platform and pipeline, and flows through alibaba the pipes of water, will nourish alibaba to further growth. This platform type pipeline strategy is undoubtedly very successful: after alibaba platform and pipeline, after fifteen years of dedicated to small and medium enterprises, it not only from the shrimp meat to prise, but also control the people connected to the goods, the domestic BAT first of the big three. Ali now bacc the once again created for entrepreneurs to provide infrastructure, service platform, the most intuitive benefit nature and in each platform after the success of the users, can be pulled out a little from each person, together, add up. Alibaba again copy this article although successful business can drink soup can’t eat meat, predictably, alibaba in success to help others at the same time, oneself also can learn more a large number of levels of nutrition, can say ali bacc the alibaba in the future under a potentially huge revenue profit growth point. Maybe, still can make it become the era of mobile Internet public undertaking tide under the second alibaba.

2, create the mobile Internet era around alibaba’s big ecological

in the mobile Internet era, in vertical accuracy within the infinite niche service for many entrepreneurs entrepreneurship to start. This small but good service from the centralized lot, can create a new user experience, even to reconstruct the whole value chain of commercial service value. Vertical niche could create a batch successful entrepreneurs and small businesses. But this kind of vertical segment, BAT this giant is inaccessible, that they could do, or do is to provide a platform and monkey enclosure, to build their own turf ecosystems. Ma wuzhen in 2014 world conference on Internet speech also said: “IT time to DT times, small business into a key. And if you want to help small businesses, you must establish an ecosystem.”

create ecological system, in fact, BAT the big three have been dried, and essentially BAT “big three” is three ecological power on the domestic market. Race is surrounding ecological competition. In the race, whose ecosystem is strong, who can live more comfortable, more natural for a long time. Around three beside you and the amount of developers is the direct factors affecting the strength of ecological power. So attract more developers into our ecosystem, ecological become more powerful, is the BAT’s big three competitive priority.

absorb? First of all have to admit that my own shortcomings, let oneself have open altruism, rather than a closed self-interest. As Mr Ma said: “from IT time to DT era, to have the character of the altruism, believe in other people than you important, believe that other people are smarter than you, believe in other people than you can do, believe that only others success, can you succeed.” And judging from the present development, the domestic three giant BAT seemed to be doing so. These two years, tencent, baidu and alibaba in our business thinking of all the former delusion by oneself, single-handedly done any invulnerable to change, want to control everything enclosed development and admit that he is not all-rounder, face up to my own shortcomings, to attract partners into his ecological and form the open development situation go forward hand in hand.

after from closed to open, you need to do is how to take out the sincerity of the real platform to make others believe you, acknowledge your ecosystem. How to let a person recognition? The key lies in whether the ecosystem is strong, can give the help, help them succeed, take practical action to prove that the ecosystem is worth to enter and trust.

but ali bacc the return to the leading role of this article, we’ll see if he accords with afore-mentioned conditions. We can learn according to the data of the speech ali zhang yong: since 2014, was born at the start of nine months, its service APP covering more than 100 million devices, already has more than 10000 developers, overall more than 600 online applications. Now alibaba is to inject more further help factor, not only announced it will invest 2 billion yuan, more will be members, commodity and trading, order, payment, maps, and more open out basic service ability, provide all kinds of basic services, basic components. To help in bacc the mass under the framework of entrepreneurs in the era of the masses entrepreneurship, peoples innovation can with the fastest speed, the least successful. Its investment and openness, is second to none in China, and such ACTS, can also let the lack of money is short of technology entrepreneurs and small businesses have seen ali’s sincerity.

with the accumulation of the developers have various services and App polymerization, alibaba’s natural ecological construction will not become an armchair strategist. In the current around the whole ecological and comprehensive competition, ali bacc the also can provide ali with more troops.

3, in order to move the Yun OS’s larger ambitions

the front said ali bacc the for alibaba sales profits and construct the meaning of the mobile Internet ecosystem. Actually here I more imaginative thought of ali bacc the for alibaba for many years never abandon Yun OS operating system of great significance. Yun OS operating system is alibaba’s operating system, alibaba said Yun OS is based on the independent research and development of Linux operating system, it can support mobile phone, tablet, TV and wearable devices, etc.

a play-off but its since birth, at the beginning of the birth has encountered strong opposition from Google, so much so that acer had to already plans to launch the Yun OS given phone died of stomach. While the development of Yun OS since then, just in a corner in the domestic market, and partners in the domestic market is also some dirty small producers. So don’t mention it, it’s hard to think of him someone. But even so, alibaba has not to give up, or to create all possible for Yun OS development. At the end of its 2014 investment in a big way the meizu, rumours have Yun OS on the cause of the hardware with export, and meizu some phones have carry Yun OS system. This year, alibaba is Yun OS update to version 3.0, cooperate with Newman release button smartphone, alibaba has been in the construction of the Yun OS.

why alibaba values Yun so OS? The reason existing in the era of mobile Internet integration all their service, in order to better control, entrance to preempt the mobile end, making it the mobile Internet data collection containers. But I think from the point of the present, the greater ambition is to build Yun OS to participate in the competition of the next revolution mobile devices. The support area wide operating system, whether there is a chance to a counter attack?

actually present opinion, although difficult, but not completely. No chance. Before he at least has the following advantages: first, it recognised by the government departments, become the only government procurement of domestic operating system a joint research and development, the ministry of public security police system PMOS and access to China electronic information exposition CITE; In the present domestic high for independent operating system development and practical operation of environment, Yun OS can’t say that have no chance to become a domestic operating system provider. Second is the wave of the next generation of mobile devices, such as wearable equipment market, although speculation, but in essence, it is a wild market, although Apple, but Apple Wacth sales is not optimistic; Android intelligent wearable devices development, it is difficult to satisfactory. Ali and contributive meizu, cooperate with Newman and other small manufacturers, its shipments also surpassed 10 million units, it seems. Yun OS is not without opportunity. With these positive factors, Yun OS still lack? Yes, it is also short of building internal APP developers around.

it is well known: an operating system, a efforts alone is nothing can succeed. Its success or failure depends on the surrounding its side of the amount of developers, the developers of the operating system, so the ecological development prospects. And ali throw money now, export, provide a platform to attract developers to ali. Growth relying on ali, ali asked these entrepreneurs to Yun adapter corresponding OS operating system development application, also should not have refused to reason? Ali bacc the platform whether can from the side also help Yun OS accumulation developers?

epilogue: ali bacc the this project was launched in 2014, in this month’s wireless open meeting again for ali’s support, in my opinion, it is an extension of the value of alibaba, is also attracting developers into the alibaba ecosystem of the powerful weapon, but Yun OS the ambitions of the huge project of hope.

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